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Canna soil ph at 5.7 out of bag

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by theTinker, Dec 17, 2012.


    theTinker Member

    Hey care givers,

    I was surprised to find that my Canna Pro Plus Soil straight from a bag Ph's at 5.7-6.3. My bags seem to be at the 5.7 scale.

    What the deal with this? Was it always like this? It seems the international depot is 5.7-6.3 while some other depots are ph at 6.0.

    It took about 30 liters of PHed nutes at 8.0 to bring the run off up to 6.5. Multiply this by a garden full of pots and it took a whole day.

    Is everyone running this much through their soil before use or am i missing something obvious? Am i suppose to ph the soil to 6.5 before use? Why is the soil Phed like this and not at a more amenible 6.3-6.5?

    Thanks Guys


    theTinker Member

    The plants look like they are doing well in thier new soil. I'll let them dry up a bit and then retest the PH of the soil. I hope it stays where i left it and its not gravitating back to 5.7 as a natural state.

    Does anyone know why the soil comes at such a low range? Its on the back of the packet so i'm surprised no body has mentioned it before

    Becorath Well-Known Member

    Mix a bit of lime into the soil.

    LIVE2GRO Active Member

    u talking canna coco or ?

    sencinitas Member

    ^Ya what he said. I found that a lot of soils cause problems if used straight out of the bag. Add lime to the soil and maybe some epsom salt or just make sure to water with molasses so you don't get cal-mag issues

    theTinker Member

    Canna pro plus soil, not the coco.

    So do all the soil growers further prepare out of the bag soil for growing? I always thought out of the bag was so I don't have to do any prep work on the soil.

    Might aswell reuse the soil in that case after a good flush and ph.

    Becorath Well-Known Member

    Like was stated, Just mix a bit of lime, epsom salt, perlite, or other chosen amendments into it.

    You can do this by the bag, or directly into the container. When I do just a couple pots at a time, I'll scoop all of my amendments and soil into a bucket, shake it around a bit and pour it into the pot. (using 1-2 gallon root pots). It works for me. But i love spending time in my garden. With my Veggies and herbs too...

    theTinker Member

    Bought some lime today. Will be making a batch of soil in a few days.

    Will ground the lime up and mixed it into my perlite and soil. Hopefully this will help ph the soil a little quicker. If i have to. Im very disturbed that the canna soil is now coming at 5.7ish.

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