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Can you smoke weed if you live in an apartment complex?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by skateandtoke, May 1, 2009.


    skateandtoke Member

    Ok this isn't the smartest question but I recently moved into a new apartment and I wanna smoke a little bit maybe on my porch. I know lots of people smoke in their apartments but I am worried that my neighbors might smell it.

    Is it possible for me to smoke without them noticing?

    stopcallingmedude Well-Known Member

    i got three ideas:

    1) expensive: get a vaporizer if you really want to cut down on smell.

    2) less expensive: get a charcoal filter and blow your smoke into that.

    3) least expensive: get some activated charcoal. put it in a cardboard tube. cover the end with a dryer sheet and a rubber band and smoke through that.

    give one of those a try. :peace:
    Zig Zag Zane

    Zig Zag Zane Well-Known Member

    man smoke your weed like its legal, nothings ever stopped me from lighting up anywhere i wanted except for a cop. If anyone bitches about it, then just tell them your a med patient...

    lbow89 Well-Known Member

    roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it!

    twnty8gramz Well-Known Member

    smoke smoke smoke..... hold that shit in till you dont blow out a fuckn thing bro!! you'll get so fuckin high off 2-3 hits and you wont end up smelling your whole place up. the smoke will also be at a minimal since you inhaled it all! Invest in some aresol spray next time at walmart 99cents. I use cinniman spice scent because i find thats the only spray that really covers the scent

    bigtymer420 Active Member

    haha excatcly get yourself a lysol can and every exhale give it a lil spray... kk k all jokes aside well before I lost my job and had my own place i was in a apt complex lucky for me i was on the 3rd floor so I really got lucky and was able to light up every morning b4 school on my lunch break and before i went to bed and i had a nice view but yea most people mind their own business so if you really want to be safe wait to toke up at nite and im sure there shouldnt be any worries besides that keep a good eye out for apartment workers.

    Worse comes to worse I have also practiced and perfected the bathroom hotbox method. Turn on you air filter that most bathrooms have smoke about half your joint, blunt w/e you may be enjoing that day and turn your shower on hot to get some steam going.... For me the smell goes away the next day as long as you dont do it consecutive days and the apartment does not smell.
    Chase the Bass

    Chase the Bass Active Member

    My good friend has an apartment and we have been smoking on his porch for more then 6 months. Smoking a lot. The guy below him is cool with it. Never had the cops called o anything. I imagine that people may notice but they just don't care.

    happysnowman123 Member

    ya man just cruise it. ive done some recent college dorm living with RAs (resident advisors) lurking the halls on lookout for weed smells. Had a drug dealer friend in the freshmen dorms, the ones with the most RAs, and theyd light up 6 or 7 times a day, sometimes with as many as 20 people. If they smell it from your porch theres no way they can pin it on you cuz it can come from anywhere, if it seeps into the hallway towel the bottom of your door and when your through go out and lysol the place. If youve got a window prop up a fan next to it and exhale into that, just funnel it out. friends didnt get busted a single time the whole year using those techniques

    Purplekrunchie Well-Known Member

    Can you smoke weed if you live in an apartment complex?

    Smoke away, id be carefull about growing there though, buddy of mine did a grow in an apartment and he was a nervous wreck until harvest.

    snyder007 Well-Known Member

    I have lived in my apartment for over 3 years. The guy on the left of me is old as fuck and I'm cool with him and he's cool with me. The right apartment keeps switching tenants every year. Have yet to have a problem and I am a daily, extremely heavy user. I usually just burn incense or blow my smoke out the window that I sit beside as I talk to you guys. Never had a complaint or landlord inspection.

    twnty8gramz Well-Known Member

    I got a great idea that my significant other just told me she used to do! you can get oil refills for like those hot oil burners that have candles under them at walmart for cheap cheap cheap. Turn on a lamp with a regular filament bulb. After it gets hot( and regular bulbs get HOT, HOT unlike cfls) open the vial of oil and put 1-2 drops on the bulb. I just tried it and it is so fukn powerful smelling after 3 drops. You prob only need one drop and you wouldnt smell a thing. Cuz everytime i smell an incense i know whats goin on lol.

    Gblink3 Active Member

    If you blow smoke into a freezer it kills the smell and the smoke, you have to open and close the freezer door with every hit so it kind of gets annoying.

    dontcopnone Well-Known Member

    1. Make one of these:

    2. Slap a PC fan on the bottom, 40-50 CFM should be plenty.

    3. Blow smoke at it.

    Plan B: If you don't mind the smell of dryer sheets you could substitute them for the carbon filter. I for one think the dryer sheet smell would also raise questions.

    Plan C: ONA gel or similar. I currently have Odor Killer Gel (All natural!) to catch any stray smells that may emanate from my room.
    I actually like the smell of this. It's very potent if you put your schnoz right up to it, but once it dissipates into the room it's easily mistaken for one of those plug in air fresheners.

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    hectik Well-Known Member

    smoke it in the living room and open the windows and put a fan near the main door to intake fresh air .....well thats what i do oh yeah then spray febreeze

    J.Ruhland Active Member

    What i did man i live in a duplex. Get cool wit your neighbors man becuz they can be super cool but if your not they can be a HUGE pain in the ass. i actully had one of my neighbors roll up to my bedroom window to buy sacks. Drive threw window homie LOL Anyhow it should be fine man i would think

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    you can but dont over due it and a simple item like a filtger queen defender air cleaner can help

    itsgrowinglikeaweed Well-Known Member

    Lots of good ideas on how to combat smell. But to the question "Can you smoke weed if you live in an apartment complex? " I say it depends on where you live.
    I always loved to say Schenectady. LOL Anyway, dude your in NY , they have de-criminized marijuana.
    Everyone can go here to check the marijuana laws in your state http://norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=4516
    Yikes! Dont get caught growing in Rhode Island!

    KroNiKinG Member

    Jeez im in Florida and I figured under 20g was just a ticket, but that shit is up to $1,000 fine and up to a year?

    And then the 25 plant rule as intent to distribute? Holy fucknugs.
    grow space

    grow space Well-Known Member

    13-hahaha-soon to be banned man....
    dont smoke it kid, wait a year....
    grow space

    grow space Well-Known Member

    this 13 year old kid has removed his post where he says hes 13....fucking kids on the RIU!!!

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