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Can you make hash oil out of kief?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by LD399, Apr 25, 2011.


    LD399 Active Member

    I have a lot of kief and i got tired of smoking it a long time ago and now im getting REALLY tired of baking with it. Im pretty much just looking for something creative to do with it

    TruenoAE86coupe Moderator

    I imagine you can, could also use it to make some really good bubble hash......

    Sk306 Well-Known Member

    I can't imagine the BHO from pure keif
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    i can't imagine having so much kief that i got bored with it. that's gotta be a roomfull of kief. i'll take it if you don't want it.

    Beansly RIU Bulldog

    Man you must have a lot of fucking keif.
    Your an outdoor grower right?

    anonymuss Well-Known Member

    take QP sack of bud, sprinkle oz of keif all up in there and shake it up.

    LD399 Active Member

    Yea lol I have about a qp of kief and I started with more. I just have the right friends Im actually only on my 2nd grow ever lol :leaf:

    canuckgrow Well-Known Member

    Make hash with it man....It will keep for years and years if stored properly....sooner or later your friends will dry up or you'll dry up and you will thank me.....PM'ed u my home address for you to ship some of aforementioned hash as a small but effective token of your appreciation for my humble but very solid advicebongsmilie

    J/K :peace:

    Benassi Well-Known Member

    Yes you can make BHO from it, and it's amazing.


    PussymOneyWeed Well-Known Member

    As soon as i saw the title of this thread i went to youtube and got that link haha! Normally when you run BHO with buds or trim you get around a 10-20 percent return on average. But when you run keif you can actually get around a 50% return, which is really nice. So if you put in 14 grams of kief into a blaster, you'll get around 7 grams of oil. There is a few things you have to do though cause when running kief you risk a higher chance of a blowout. This is due to the kief being so fine and compressing together from the pressure coming out of the butane can.

    So Step 1 in preventing this is too make sure you throw in a few tiny buds(that are the size of a dime or so) thru out the extractor to allow proper airflow, Mainly by the tip where you're blasting in the butane. This basically acts as perlite does too soil. Allows proper airflow and prevents major compacting.

    And Step 2 is NEVER UNPRESSURIZE THE BUTANE TIL YOUR DONE WITH THAT RUN. Don't start blasting the butane thru the kief and decide you need to regrip the extractor and stop spraying for a second. This will pretty much guarantee that you will have a blow out and ruin your kief and oil. The tip where you are spraying the butane into will shoot out of your hands like a rocket, taking the butane bottle with it. So get a really good grip on that extractor and spray til you've ran the desired amount of butane thru it.

    VoodooMagic19 Active Member

    Compress it the old fashioned, natural way.

    poplars Well-Known Member

    I say compress 1/4th of it, then make hash oil out of the remaining 3/4ths ;)

    LD399 Active Member

    fersure thanks for all the ideas guys. Im gunna think about it and i'll let you know what I decide to do!

    Superstrainz Member

    Does anyone have a link to a version of the video that works? I'm really interested in making BHO with Keif!

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