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Can I flower with a hps and a metal halide?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Mungo, Nov 1, 2008.


    Mungo Well-Known Member

    I've heard pot grown with a mh during flowering is usally better than pot grown under hps during flowering.. but there will be less yield. So if you flowered with both could you get the best of both worlds?

    and how many more lights can I add without the electric company getting suspicious?

    I have a 400 watt right now.. but I'd like to add a 1000 watter if not two, if I can.

    gogrow confused

    it would be best to use both as you are getting as close to a full spectrum as possible, but either is fine.... i think the yield/quality difference is bs.... btw, i grow the whole way with mh

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    There will be less yield as there is less overall light.
    I would say you can add about as many lights as you want as long as you pay your bill the power co doesn't give a fuck how many you use. I have heard of hundreds of grows where the power bill was 2-3 thousand dollars/month. Power co doesn't care, pay your bill, all they want is money.

    gogrow confused

    you mean with the mh there is less light than an hps? or am interpreting wrong?

    Mungo Well-Known Member

    Can I use both for veg too????

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Yes there is less light. a 400 Watt MH puts out 36,000 Lumens VS a 400 Watt HPS 55,000 lumens. About 20,000 less lumens for the same amount of power used. Both can be used for veg, but the MH tends to do a better job as it has the correct color temp for veg growth. HPS is the better flowering light due to its red color temp. If you used both together you should have an even better yield vs 1 or the other, and I guess thats what you were really asking. Guess i read too much into it. it happens.
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    mikegreenthumb Guest

    im using mh and hps 400 wat in 4/12 by 3 m 1/2 grow room ill let ya know how it goes btw only mh in veg thou

    billybob88 Well-Known Member

    In my 2nd grow I ran 2 600 hps's and a 250 mh in the middle over 12 plants. Everything turned out great, Dunno about the difference in yeild/quality. I know I got great yeilds and great quality.
    Mr Bomb

    Mr Bomb Active Member

    I definetly agree.
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    mikegreenthumb Guest

    (this applies to flowering not veg) this is how it goes from various sources ask ed dj short etc mh promotes thc production due to uvb hps has no uvb what this does to the plant is make more dank thc packed dense buds hps promoted bud growth are you looking for a bigger number yield wise or better bud from the above info you can then choose your light however my opinion is that you should use both i am using a 400 watt mh and hps right next to each other in a 13 sq foot grow room and i got thc all the way out to fan leaves and only in 4th week of flowering

    NorthernG13 Member

    No Drama. You sound like you know whats up with growing. How bout not shoving your political views down everybody's throat. Lame Bro. Whether you are right or not... keep it to yourself, or go join an anti american forum.
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    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    i can't remember the name of it, but there's a hood out there that has a mh and a hps in it. it's growzilla i think. i haven't seen one in a while, so they may be extinct...

    radrolley Well-Known Member

    hps puts out more lumens per watt. hps is also a more proper spectrum for flower. mh is better for veg. for proper spectrum i prefer to just add blue t5s and cfls along with several 600w hps. i like 400s but 1000s from my experience are just not as efficient. better off with 2 600s than a single 1000. not so much for the 200 extra watts but more even lighting on the canopy. also the new leds are awesome but expensive. plasma lighting is nice too, closest thing to the sun. i've actually seen some killer grows on youtube with just t5s. not bad if you have heat issues and dont want to pay for an ac.

    electrical company depends. i went to pay my bill once and they asked me what was going on. i just told them i had electric heating. ever since i paid my bill online so i dont have to talk to them. electric companies are not stupid. a 12 hour spike is very obvious with a lot of lights. i would think u could run a 400 and a 1000 and be safe unless your bill is already very low. if you're growing legally then don't worry. i do it legally but did not want them to know. you never know who they know and im sure getting robbed sucks. a lot of electric companies don't give a shit and just want money though. where i am they just dont like the medical laws but nothing they can do about it. just be sure to pay your bill on time all the time.

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