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Buying a lot of Salvia, what extract to get? (20x, 25x, 40x)

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Sr. Verde, Jan 7, 2010.

    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Guest

    So I'm thinking about getting like 10g of some salvia for recreation and to pass around to friends.

    The problem is I'm not sure what extract to get

    10x is too low, 20x is solid, and 40x sounds appealing

    The trips I'm looking for would be somewhat relaxed, repeatable trips that wouldnt mentally exhaust me... The last salv I had was the Salvia Society 40x which was pretty good but maybe a little too strong.

    Also, comes the whole money saving thing, if 40x is slightly more expensive you theoretically use half of the product and therefore save a lot of money by going more potent...


    Maybe flip it for $30 a g? and maybe like 20 a half gram? Would that be reasonable?

    I could also sprinkle it on some lettuce, and maybe charge slightly more for the lettuce? Would you ever buy lettuce that has been spiked with a scaled dose of salvia? Not enough for visuals but enough to give you a solid body high with laughs for a few minutes after toking a bowl, you know what I mean if you ever mixed some salvia with lettuce

    Thanks for the thoughts, and I've probably tripped hard like 8 times on salvia, 20x-40x

    Reputable websites with wholesale prices welcome

    liblah Well-Known Member

    get 40x, make an impact! 10 minutes will hardly exhaust you.
    homegrown lettuce?

    dirtnap411 Active Member

    I keep thinking about trying salvia, but the smoke shops around here charge like $40 a gram for 40x, and I think that's a little steep for such a short term high.

    CJ7 Member

    not a fan, but more power to you.
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Guest

    Yeahh thats kind of what I was thinking... Im usually a balls out kind of person

    And no lettuce I find on the street that gets moved for some extra $
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Guest

    Okay, I just ordered 10g of 40x.

    I will return back when I get my order and tell everyone how it went (thinking MAX of 10 buisness days)

    Uk.Cobra Active Member

    well for my first trip i tryed 20x and well that was enough to make me not wanna do it again...

    i was like falling into a door way on the floor and i kept going threw the door over and over and over for 2 minutes... till i pulled myself out drooling lol

    well after that me and my buds wanna try something way stronger now lol he tryed 20x and got stuck to the table and thought he was becoming the table

    erock7789 Well-Known Member

    Not to brag but i hit 2 bowls of 40x salvia and nothing hit me..Than i tried some it a couple of months later and still nothing..So you might just waste you're money.Something is wrong with my brain i think. lol

    BlueNine Active Member

    20x is where I started and where I returned to after trying 60x and 10x...I find it's a good middle-ground for me.

    I'm not sure about the using less of the stronger though, should work in theory...I always just filled the bowl and blasted off!

    growwwww Well-Known Member

    You cant hit it like a normal bong hit, you hold it in carry on breathing in for like a minute or until ur reality just melts around you...

    Id go for 20x its goood shit
    UnKlE SaM

    UnKlE SaM Well-Known Member

    i can get 120x :) get the strongest stuff ya can!
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Guest

    Yeah take a full hit with a butane, hold it, load the next bowl, blow out your hit, HOLD THE FUCK ON* take your next rip, hold it as long as possible, as soon as the tinyest bit of smoke starts leaving your mouth your gone

    Salvia Cult said it well.

    Salvia is balls out or nothing, like either you trip nuts or just feel uncomfortable

    My friend took one bong rip and I loaded the rest and put it in front of him and he refused to do it because he "felt weird", if he would have taken the rip the weird would have left and the trip would have set in

    Consider that first rip like cocking the gun, and then second like firing the gun into a different dimension

    And yeah I like to think myself experienced with salvia, I really like it. I like that you feel basically normal after 25 minutes, it lets me get into my trip, I really want to start controlling what I see and interact with - I guess 10 grams should be enough LOL

    BlueNine Active Member

    I've never done a 2-hitter tbh...but then I really push my lungs to the limit when taking a salvia hit, half of my effects probably come from oxygen deprivation!

    Never been able to control where I go on the trip, but I have started to notice a familiarity to where I go each time...apparently in the "I'm back...oh wait I'm not" haze I was once asked where I went and I said "just saying hello to [unintelligible word] again"

    Sakca Member

    :lol:Dude, 5x will make you slap yourself. Go for the 5x and do it with friends or in a chill smoke in front of the television or not. Some people don't like the T.V. on.?

    thetrollsmasher Well-Known Member

    salvia has a very wide range of effect on different people. I can tell you from personal experience i have never thought that a drug could do what 20x did to me. Absolutely blasted me into another dimension, a life changing experience
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Guest

    Hell yeah, I remember the 2 days after my trip I was just thinking deep into the mechanics of life... It was life changing :P

    I like some really quiet music, a very low lit room and a few trip sitters
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Guest

    Yeah but how much does that cost you?

    Technically im getting a 120x dose for $54

    40x * 3 = 120x

    Doses become too difficult to control when you get up that high, id rather just two a double hit of 40x instead of using 80x
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Guest

    Okkkkay. Well my stuff went out on Tuesday, its now Friday and still nothing. The last status is "Processed through sort facility, Sacramento, CA"

    It should have been here by now, I could have driven up to the facility in 15 hours

    And this sucks because all my extra cash is already spent on this, so right now I have nothing. No lettuce.

    Oh well now is the time to break a tolerance, 3 more days till I toke with my buddies on a trip, then I dont know. Hopefully Ill get this saliva either in a few hours, or early next week...

    I was really thinking USPS would get this shit to me faster, I'm wondering if it got lost in the mail or swiped? It's a pretty valuable package - I have insurance on it at least

    Priscilla420 Guest

    I've been curious about trying Salvia. But I'm scared to because of all the crazy stories I've heard..
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Guest

    You can always test the waters with a low dose first (5x, 10x)

    I mean I'm pretty used to 40x

    It aint all that bad, just get some friends who wont laugh at you when your tripping (most do, mainly those who havent experienced Salvia lol) because that shit can be freaky, dim the lights, kill the music (think about what can be seen in a scary way) and just take a few hits and chill

    Think about it, worst case scenario your having a bad trip for 5 minutes and you have people around you (that if you trust) that wont let any thing bad hapen

    Those Youtube videos that make people look like they have down syndrome are like first timers on 60x or more... Salvia is "weird" in that your body works differently, its hard to express thoughts, and shit is just SO funny you can help but burst out laughing, like Nitrous Oxide, but a lot more potent for a shorter time

    Even if you do a lower dose you will still have this nice afterglow effect, your just happy, life is good, you feel ALIVE!

    I don't think salvia can really be compared to any other drug

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