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Busted, police took evidence what will happen next?? HELP!

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by E121bizzy, Jun 5, 2013.


    E121bizzy Member

    Hi i was renting out a property and towards the end of the tenancy i left but left SOME of my grow equipment there, this was (3Tents, Black and white sheeting, plant feed, 1carbon filter, 34 used Empty plant pots ) the landlord let herself in while i was away and discovered this and phoned the police who have now taken the 'evidence' other than this there was some fan leaves which must have been brown and crisp by now. There is also £90 left on the electric key meter and i was using £15 electric per day which im worried they may check. The house also started getting VERY bad mould/damp issues and the landlord says its obviously down to what ive done. The police have not been in touch with me yet and this happened yday, What is likely to happen next?

    dl290485 Active Member

    It's likely they are looking in to you. They will probably try to find anything to get a warrant to search you in hopes to find something. I'm not expert but maybe if fan leaves were there (crispy or not) then that is probably enough to get a warrant to search your new residence. But if you get taken to court, there isn't a whole lot they can do to you because they have no evidence- as in no drugs or living plants. It's not illegal to own the equipment so that's not a problem (other than bringing you to the cops attention).

    Don't do anything for a while and keep a very very small stash to smoke- or if you aren't a big smoker, go without for a while. That way when they come for you (and they will want to) they find nothing and the investigation goes no where an you are free.

    phyxel Active Member

    Run...run far run fast!

    Jimdamick Well-Known Member

    Personally, I don't think this guy's misfortune is a funny matter. What are the penalties for cultivation in GB? I know here in the US it is no joking matter. I would talk to a lawyer now if you have the money, or search out free legal aid so you can get an idea what you are up against. Good luck brother. Peace

    Novicehomegrower New Member

    IF you get charged for intent to supply then you will get community service max so long as you have no serious other offences

    Novicehomegrower New Member

    especially if there wasn't even mature buds on a plant
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    I would personally be more concerned about what will happen next with regard to the landlord, as opposed to the police finding a few fan leaves. That mold was caused by you, it would not take a very good lawyer to have a judge agree with this, and you will be looking at potentially HUGE repair costs depending on how bad it is, not to mention most likely being liable for their loss of income due to not being able to rent the flat while the maintenance is going on, which again, depending on how bad it is, could be quite some time.

    dirtyho1968 Well-Known Member

    Next time, try a dehumidifier. Your buds and landlord will thank you for it too.:weed::weed:

    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    should have listened to your mother" clean up after yourself". now you know why.
  10. There is another important side to this rather sad story. yes 5.0 smacking your hands ,and the landlord,s potential legal action.
    But i see the main issue being how you going to rent another grow house ??? references are going to be hard . I would be looking into whether the landlord had any right to invade you space check to see if the usual notice was given to you , to let the landlord gain access or did they just let themselves in .? The best defense is an offense .
    Good luck !
    smokin away

    smokin away Well-Known Member

    I had to move out of my old apartment in the city to a country location. The law in this country states a landlord may not enter a paid renters abode unless there is fire or flood. GB may be different. Law sites online can outline the laws in your locale as they are usually general.

    Since I have moved to the country I feel easier about it but I still worry. The space really helps but as my friend stated it only takes one spotter and you go down.

    The mold thing can be caused by a variety of issues. If your grow area was clean with no water escaping and well ventilated it's possible other plumbing problems exist. Apartments are full of them especially if it's and older project.

    Next time you plan a move try the local locksmith and have the locks rekeyed. Plus when you move remove every single item from the place and then turn the keys in. I think that single move is what saved me this last time.:wall:

    ShazMo09 Active Member

    Mate, lawyer up now so your prepared. I agree with others...They haavnt got alot to go on. Just say its your hobby.. Growing tomatoes :p! I really hope this works out for you buddy, I really do. With 34 used containers im sure the police are going to want you bad because its quite obvious this was not a 'personal' grow!

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