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Bulk Grow?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Zaehet Strife, Oct 12, 2012.

    Zaehet Strife

    Zaehet Strife Well-Known Member

    Just wondering if anyone has some good links on how to do a bulk mushroom grow with simple steps, or if there are any past threads that have to do with a bulk grow tutorial, with lists of required items that i will need to purchase.

    Thanks for the time taken to answer my question, much appreciated.

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    its pretty simple but reading about the mushroom life cycle will help a ton learning about what innoculaion spawning and casing the differences and different approachs will also help.

    there really arent too many links that just lay all it out and explain why and how this and that is done, some time it can seem overly complicated but it does not have to be.

    the list of this for the most basic appoach to a bulk mono tub is

    pressure cooker
    distilled water
    x3 totes(one for glove box/incubation x2 for monotubs)
    coco coir
    vermiculite(50/50 coco/verm for casing and for bulk substrate, to different processes, uses the same media)
    spray bottle
    warm place in house
    CFL light 26 w for each tub
    canning jars
    RTV silicone sealant
    1)make you jars(1 day)
    2)basically prepare incubation substrate in pressure cooker.(1 week so you can be sure your jars are sterile)
    3)inoculate/incubate(2-4 weeks)
    4) prepare bulk media via pasteurization(1 day)
    5)spawn colonized jars into pasteurized bulk substrate and inoculate(2-3 weeks)
    6)case colonized bulk substrate with pasteurized media(1 minute)
    7) expose to light, spray lightly with water, increase fresh air and wait for mushrooms.(2-3 weeks)

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    in number 3 you mixing your popcorn to substrate inside of tote then you can basically put the tote in a trash bag for a couple weeks to incubate it. check it occasionally for contam and hydration but other than that its like a big jar.

    canndo Well-Known Member

    What is a "bulk" grow?

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    mono-tub same thing

    unless he trying to set up a room than....
    "you out out of you element Donnie!"
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    Zaehet Strife

    Zaehet Strife Well-Known Member

    Dude poly, thank you so much for such a quick and precise reply. It means a lot, plus rep. Ive been growing for a while, but ive been doing the BRF tec with 1pint jars using a clear tote with holes drilled in it on all sides, about 1inch of perlite on the bottom, and i hear that bulk grow you can get much more and much faster, is this correct?

    Is there a way to get "flushes" out of a bulk grow?

    I just inoculated about 25 1pint jars [Edit: maybe they are 1/2 pint jars, i cant remember atm], and it'll be a month or so until the colonize im sure, but i have them all in the incubation chamber at the moment, its day two. Is this the first step to doing a bulk grow anyways?

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    yes bulk is somewhat faster but you definitely get more for the space doing bulk and its more natural to he way a cubensis mushroom grows just making for an all around easier grow. im glad your upgrading i did PF when first started with good result. my first attempt at a mono-tub or bucket (hav not quite decided what i will make my fruiting chambers out of) will be started in the next week or 2 after i get my spores and germinate them.

    you get flushes just like on PF cake you pick all the mushrooms then they grow back, how many flushes and how big depends on the saturation of you substrate.

    if you inoculated 25 PF tek jars you can use them for a bulk grow but you will have to use more jars of mycelium to your bulk substrate because BRF cakes dont spread thier mycelium very fast you will want to break them up some what and mix with you bulk substrate and incubate for a week or 2 with the PF cakes if you use enough it should inoculate very fast, but because the amount of mycelium you will have to use its pretty inefficient. this is why people use grain the mycelium grows differently and has more point to spread from so it takes less jars of grain mycelium than it would BRF cakes.

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    im am honored to get a rep from you zahet, you openmindedness and understanding of philosophy are rare

    DaSprout Well-Known Member

    Just watch out for overlay. Popcorn can surprise you by being alot faster than you would expect it to be. Check out Choempi's thread on bulk monotub. Also check shroomery's on "how I do coir". Check around. Ask canndo. And check out Batcave and his stuff on RIU. Damn. Poly went all out. Nice one.
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    DaSprout Well-Known Member

    You can also crush up colonized pfjars and put a spoons worth into to jars of popcorn prior to spawning to coir. This way they start to eat up the popcorn faster. Check out the easy popcorn tek to learn how to prepare popcorn.
    Zaehet Strife

    Zaehet Strife Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much guys, it means so much.

    testtime Active Member

    It doesn't get much easier than this:


    Add a cup of gypsum.
    Use a pot of coffee instead of equal amount of water.
    Some use coffee grounds, I prefer not to, simply paranoid on contams from them since this is pasteurized, not sterilized, and they were wet growing things already.

    Less water is better. It is very difficult for me to judge when "squeezing", and more water is higher contam possibility. Before using this tek, I usually ended up with too much water. Now I just use 4.25 quarts total and it is perfect.

    Some people tape a black plastic bag on the bottom of clear tubs to block light to avoid side pins. It also hugs the side of the myc block so it minimizes the moisture crevice. Others put a layer of duct tape on the outside. I like to be able to see the side, and like side and bottom pins and so I leave it clear. I also flip the block later, so it is good for that surface to be primed with light.

    This is not the talked about 50/50 substrate recipe. It has a lot less verm than that one. I find this better for spreading out without having wet lumps. 50/50 has too much water for me. Also, myc eats coir faster than verm, so it grows faster.

    This tek does not include casing. As canndo has pointed out, casing almost always increases your flushes. It does this by giving water, a layer of microclimate for pins to generate, as well as give an area to harvest from that does not end up ripping up the myc base during harvest, which in turn makes later flushes better.

    On the other hand (sorry canndo), you may find your particular myc fruit well and recover well (enough) to do without it, thereby saving a pasteurization step. I suggest you try a tub with each (using the same myc base, hopefully from an isolate or clone) and see if it matters to you.

    If you are in the US and have a Staples, they are having a sale on semi-clear 60 quart stackable tubs for $7 a pop.

    Go to a craft supply store. Buy a "hot knife" for $14. This is an exacto blade in a soldering iron base. Do NOT get the "hot knife" from a Radio Shack. They look like dull butter knives and suck.

    Use this to cut your holes in the tub. If you use a razor or drill there is always a chance for splitting or shattering the plastic.

    Go get a box of contractor clean up bags. These are huge thick plastic bags that you can fit a tub in.

    Get a big bottle of h2o2. Get used to spraying it on everything all the time. The myc will eat it (well, not in strong concentrations, but anything left over from this process won't hurt it), and it'll kill mostly everything else. After cleaning the tubs with bleach in prep mode, rinse, then rinse again with h202, sealing it up with the lid until you are ready to work on it.

    Contams in this stage SUCK. There should be NO standing water or wet mush on the bottom of the tub when you are done. Put the tub in a bag and LEAVE IT ALONE for 2 weeks. DO NOT PEEK!

    You will be showering, cleaning yourself, doing clean prep, etc. And then you will be isolating yourself and then you will attempt to shake the fuck out of your jars in a tight warm space, possibly over clothed. Do not do this,. Shake up your jars BEFORE you do your clean prep, out in the open area. This will give you room to move around without disturbing a clean space, and a chance to cool down. Spray your bottles with h2o2 before moving them into the clean area.

    Use gloves and mask for all work that has exposed substrate (post pasteurized) or exposed grains. Watch it, the h202 overspray will burn you.
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    testtime Active Member

    Add a pasteurization step for that (and timing).
    Other than that, perfect.

    DaSprout Well-Known Member

    Good luck and God speed.
    To boldly go where many, not all, have gone before.

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