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Bud price vs hash price?

Discussion in 'The Black Briefcase' started by lickalotapus, Mar 24, 2013.


    lickalotapus Active Member

    I had a lot of plants die outdoors this year due to too much rain , they were halfway through budding so il be making a shitload of hash , and nobody sells hash where I live ,(east coast of aus) so bud goes for $20 for 1.4 g $50 for 3.5g how much would I sell hash for?
    Il be using hash screens with ice water , and I realise there wil be different grades of hash but il probably mix them together, cheers in advance for the responses guys

    Bonsai Well-Known Member

    I've bought hash in Brisbane before for $20/g sold in 10g lots for $200, i'm sure 90% of the people you know will be happy with hash too just let them know it's the same strain and say you've run out of bud.

    Wholesale - $12/g.
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    lickalotapus Active Member

    Cheers mate

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