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Breeding an auto?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by HolyGhost23, Oct 14, 2017.


    HolyGhost23 Well-Known Member

    so I got my hands on some fast buds gorilla glue fem autos and buddah seeds magnum reg autos.

    my plan is to plant one seed of each for every grow and keep them in the same tent, if i happen to get a male magnum. im gonna let it break its condom all over the glue.

    my question is. are the seeds most likely going to be auto. and because im using a feminized gorilla. is there a chance for the seeds to be mostly female?.

    HolyGhost23 Well-Known Member

    i do plan on actually making a new strain out the two, and calling it super gorilla (Patent pending) :blsmoke:

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    I believe the seeds would be reg seeds. The only way I can see getting fem seeds from it is if the fem were self pollinated.
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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    What's a regular auto ?

    I never had a male pop from an auto ..... Maybe it could but you can extend your seed stock by hitting a branch or two on the gorilla AND magnum ..... With COLLODIAL SILVER OR TIRESAS MIST. I am growing out a strain solely to CONVERT it to a female pollen plant - the LADYNUTS that form will have viable " FEMMY " pollen to dust the flowering plant of the same strain or for another one to get them to seed.

    With yours , it would work perfectly by making pollen of gorilla and magnum separately
    THEN dust flowers of opposite strain to make ( 2 versions ) of the cross .
    AND THEN ... You could cross again .... With one of the offspring seeds.
    Budget Buds

    Budget Buds Well-Known Member

    They will be auto flowering and 50/50 male female....

    HolyGhost23 Well-Known Member

    if i was to keep breeding. being that that they would be 50/50 male female. is there a chance i could breed the auto trait out or would every generation be auto. if i was to just keep inbreeding until i got what i wanted.

    a reg auto is a female or male auto. the auto trait is either someone genitally modified the photo sensitive part out. or there actually is an autoflower land race that got bred with regular photo strains. its just odd that auto flowers were not a thing until recently. came out of the blue just like that.
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    Majikoopa Well-Known Member

    Sort of... they didn't just come out of the blue... botanists have been crossing Russian Ruderalis since the late 70s. It is not a genetic mod thing, just careful breeding with an understanding of Mendelian genetics. For years people thought autos weren't useful until Lowryder hit the scene... Ruderalis wasn't potent enough until the good doctor made his strain. It just became popular in the past ten years or so when Lowryder hit the market, then about 5 years ago there was an EXPLOSION of crosses and stable auto lines and now mostly just femmed autos. Funny, they realized if we have to buy their fem seeds novice growers will have to keep buying from the producers. Reg autos are very hard to find now... breed those so you don't have to order seeds again!

    Here's a simple breakdown on the breeding question for you:

    AutoXAuto= always auto

    Fem AutoXReg Auto= Always Reg Auto, slightly higher chance to get an occasional hermie (depending on how the previous breeder femmed it)

    Fem Auto+Colloidal SilverX Fem Auto= Fem Auto

    Auto x Photoperiod= always photoperiod. Cross the offspring again and you have a 25% chance of getting an auto in the next generation. Cross two autos from this generation....BOOM! 100% auto seeds from the auto x auto cross.

    SO if you cross an auto with a photoperiod, then cross the offspring (F1), then cross the autos from the next generation (F2), you get 100% Auto from that in F3. For a more stable strain and higher odds of consistency you can save some F2 pollen with an F3 female to get more consistent traits across the board in F4. This is called "back crossing" and is a very powerful breeding technique to make truly stable strains.

    Look up Mendelian genetics and punnet squares to see how I worked the math on this stuff, but once you learn how you can breed a bit more cleverly and fpget the traits you want, FYI Auto is a recessive trait, photo is dominant.

    I hope that helps bud! :)
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Dihybrid cros.jpg
    Dihybrid cross. The phenotypes of two independent traits show a 9:3:3:1 ratio in the F2 generation.

    In this example, coat color is indicated by B (brown, dominant) or b (white), while tail length is indicated by S (short, dominant) or s (long).

    When parents are homozygous for each trait (SSbb and ssBB), their children in the F1 generation are heterozygous at both loci and only show the dominant phenotypes (SsbB).

    If the children mate with each other, in the F2 generation all combinations of coat color and tail length occur: 9 are brown/short (purple boxes), 3 are white/short (pink boxes), 3 are brown/long (blue boxes) and 1 is white/long (green box). (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mendelian_inheritance)

    google Mendelian_inheritance

    good luck
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    Majikoopa Well-Known Member

    Love it.

    HolyGhost23 Well-Known Member

    this is why i love this forum. good scientific answers..

    maxamus1 Well-Known Member

    I do not want to hijack this thread but when would you hit a auto with cs?

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Autos are the premature ejaculators of the cannabis world.
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