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Botanicare Sweet Carbo Berry or Citrus carbohydrates additive

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by R1b4z01d, Jun 23, 2009.


    Donkeypuncher Active Member

    We carry sweet and some others like it and all the youngsters that come in get so exited "ohhh thats bad ass" its really funny to watch them i dont say anything though because i'm still the guy behind the register haha, i hate that stuff smells good in the bottle though.

    Shackleford.R Well-Known Member

    right now i'm using the floranova nutrients, which are organically based and introduce a myriad of bacteria to the res. when i think sugars i think mold, i come from a culinary background, so stagnant water mixed with sugars just equals bad. i guess i didn't look at it from a botany or agricultural mind.

    goldfish?! you went aquaponic with a grow?! i have been cooking up an aquaponic ganja garden dream for awhile now. please go on!!! PLEASE!!! haha


    born2killspam Well-Known Member

    Be best if you just asked particular questions on aqua-ponics, and I'll try to answer.. I'm not the best at knowing where to start with things like that..
    I will add though that I was actually using a double res system.. One with the fish, and one with DNF.. I ran the drippers for 20min every 4hrs, and had a ghetto diy robotic arm made from a stepper motor to switch up the return line from res to res below.. Seriously I dunno how worthwhile the whole thing was.. Got relatively expected results, but the hassle, and guilt sucked pretty hard..

    And stagnant water is bad.. That facilitates anaerobic growth more than beneficial organism growth.. Most of the good guys like some O2..

    nissanchris760 Member

    Ya, molasses all the way

    anhedonia Well-Known Member

    The guy who runs the hydrro store down the street from me will flat out tell me if a product is shit or not he's probly tried every nutrient there is and we'll always burn some of his dank weed in the shop. But he has recommended I not buy several things that obviously I could have put money in his pocket but hes honest enough to say what sucks or not. But anyway, he recommended sweet or flora nectar and I bought both of them. He said he doesnt carry citrus because he said it bombed.

    RasDan New Member

    Anyone know how to make "Sweet"?
    Fallen Buckshot

    Fallen Buckshot Guest

    just use 1/4 cup of unsweetened pure unmolested apple juice per gallon water if you dont wanna buy high $$ sweet nutes

    mr.bowlsworth Member

    dank compost and unsulphered molasses in cheesecloth,tea it up 4 a few days and voila,supergoody nutes @ pennies on the dollar

    R1b4z01d Well-Known Member

    It does smell good! I will try and taste some next week when I get back.

    R1b4z01d Well-Known Member

    Using aeroponics the sweet doesn't clog my misters. I will try to make my own next time thanks for alll the post evreryone.

    pinner420 Well-Known Member

    Well I've just run the wiz bang citrus. Yes indeed it does effect overall taste and smokeability. My personal opinion is that it left a harsher after taste than my original cocktail so I dropped dosage for just the simple sugars and aminos it brings to the table and not for the taste. Like most of you have said just get the fucker some sugar to pack on some weight. My full citrus run ended up smelling worse and tasting worse than beasters. My reduced citrus run turned out perfect on taste and smokability though. Will venture out enough to say they are more than partially effected as the cocktail is just that much different. Haven't tried the berrie yet to taste said difference but not in a huge hurry to prove anything either.:joint:

    born2killspam Well-Known Member

    No no, you missed my point.. Have you tasted the product in the bottle?? I really couldn't care about anecdotals/psychosomatics.. I've stated my case on the actual purpose of carb-loading too many times already..

    Shackleford.R Well-Known Member

    trying to figure something out.. i hear these products are for carbo loading/ripening... so if i wanted to flush at the end of bloom.. would i be using one of these products as a ripener??

    i was planning to flush with florakleen.. do i mix up a solution of florakleen and floranectar (my rip-off product of choice) ??? run that as my flush for a week?

    pinner420 Well-Known Member

    No I didn't miss your point as I said there is a different taste and yes it is citrus in nature; plasibo or not taste is indeed affected. With the 1/3 reduced run taste not as evident as what they have you shoving into plant as recommended from Botanicare. I guess what I'm trying to say is after running the Botanicare line for five years there is indeed a difference and quite honestly could live with out it as production was not significantly impacted.

    NiceGrow! Well-Known Member

    um putting sugar in your plants gives your plant a constant supply of sugars so if needed the plants can use it, it helps to use carbo load in the beginning because it indeed makes your plants stalks stronger. it also makes your plant a little sweeter. i used it from start to finish and just at the end and even not at all and to tell the truth it really makes a small difference not really all that useful but ive never used that sweet shit because it has orange oils and other oils that actually make your plant taste different. for example if you gorrilla outdoor and you plant in soil next to mint plants your shit will be minty and really shitty, same with an onion.
    born2killspam likes this.

    born2killspam Well-Known Member

    The only possible mechanism for that I can think of would be aerial depositing, but that makes sense to me, and will actually go a decent distance in shutting me up on the characteristic transitions.. I still maintain my original position on actual carb-loading.. I know cannabis and other plants actually dump a signifigant portion of its carb reserves into the soil in a symbiotic fashion with microbes.. But this volatile oil deposting is an intriguing compromise to these schools of thought IMO..
    +rep for switching on this light-bulb in my head..

    Edit: Who here has smoked bud that has been packaged amongst Bounce sheets??:)

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