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bonsai?! HOW?!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by maythejointbewithyou, Sep 2, 2007.


    maythejointbewithyou Active Member

    does anyone have any knowledge about growing "bonsai"?

    inbudwetrust Well-Known Member

    Bonzai Danielson Bonzai...Karate Kid 1984. Pat Morita "Mr. Miyagi"

    Klown Well-Known Member

    yeah somewhat... my plants are growing in a spiral (bending)
    Looks good.

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    yes daniel son whatcha need to know

    maythejointbewithyou Active Member

    i just want to know the basic instructions and good tecniques to use

    RASCALONE Well-Known Member

    wax on...wax off...

    dabull69 Well-Known Member

    get some string just start tieing down branches. just dont be too rough. and just keep tying them down as they pop up. check my grow everyone says mine looks like a bonzai lol.

    Pool Well-Known Member

    Check out the link in my signature too see my current bonsai mum.

    The first steps you need to cover is:

    1.- Find a good clone to be your mum
    2.- Grow it till it has 3-5 nodes and top it
    3.- LST, Pinch, Top, FIM that bitch like you never have before

    After a month or so of being rooted, she should be able to birth cuttings for you.

    I will cover everything I do to my mum in my thread, and will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

    P.S.- Also remember, the thing with bonsai is you have to let it go root bound for it to stay small, during this time clones are nearly impossible to root. Bonsai's can be left for months without giving their roots a trim, but they will eventually die. A quick trim of the roots, repotted into the same pot with new soil is when your bonsai begins growing at alarming rates again. You just want too keep topping and FIMing, and tieing during the plants whole life. Bonsai is an art, you can really make the plant look however you want, be as short as you want.... Endless possibilities.

    maythejointbewithyou Active Member

    thanks you sooo much!!! :)

    UnEmploymentDude Well-Known Member


    ToKeDAILY Guest

    dude when you bonsai mj you need to be ready for a pain in the ass.

    dirtnap411 Active Member

    I don't know, this one was easy, it's all genetic


    bunstinky Well-Known Member

    holy shit, never seen em like that before... i meen i know of lst'ing but thats actually like a bonsai like the leaves are tiny lol

    Moobyghost Guest

    I have grown bonsai before quite a few times. This is how I raised them.

    Find a set of seeds geared towards this style of growing. Some of the most fascinating ones I have ever seen were little red woods. Amazing!

    After you have your seeds, use a fast food paper cup and cut it down to 1 inch tall. Spread a very thin layer of soil in said cup. Place one seed per cup in the soil. Then another thin layer of soil. Moisten the soil till it is damp but not soaked. Then place each paper cup in its own sandwich size Ziploc bag. Full of air. Then place them on your windowsill that gets the most light.

    In a few days your seed will sprout. After about two weeks you can take them out of the greenhouse baggies and in to thier own pots.

    Get the right Bonsai pot of your needs. Never go too big or two deep. You can always transplant later, but the point of bonsai is to retard the plants growth. So the smaller the better. Move to a new size when you feel the time is right.

    Bonsai trees and plants require very little water, and too much can kill. Also, feeding can be hard sometimes too, to many nutes will make the plant grow too fast and the plant will not be bonsai.

    I know this is not the most in depth answer, but I am high off my ass and in pain from my ripped meniscus, but did not want to turn my back on someone needing help. Even if it is basic...

    Hope this helps

    johnnytoobad Active Member

    Finally an interesting and impressive thread....The bonsai is impressive....gonna try that here in awhile.....

    ToKeDAILY Guest

    i so want to bonsai one of my plants...i may experiment with one or two. only thing i can see that could go wrong is the fact that you start bonsaing at about two weeks and you cant tell the sex until a latter date so i guess you would have to use a clone plant =(

    ToKeDAILY Guest

    holy shit dude. so did you bonsai or was it all genetics?

    dirtnap411 Active Member

    It's a mutant:mrgreen:

    T.H.Cammo Well-Known Member

    A couple of things nobody seemed to mention about Bonsai are the "root trimming" and the "selective pruning".

    Selective pruning is needed to enhance a "natural shape and prospective". In other words, it allows the small specimen to appear more "Proportionally Correct".

    Root trimming is just what it sounds like. This is probably why square or rectangular pots are so popular for Bonsai!
    1st. The plant is un-potted.
    2nd. A thin slice (perhaps 1/4"-1") is removed from around the sides and bottom of the rootball - "Soil, Roots and all". This is much like removing the crust from a loaf of bread!
    3rd. Repot the plant in the same (or larger) pot with a fresh layer of soil.

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