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Blue Dream

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by 1252life, Jun 16, 2008.


    1252life Well-Known Member

    hello fellow stoners,
    i recently picked up some blue dream from the pharmacy. It was very tasty, smelled delicious, clean high and smooth hits. Blue dream is one of my new top favorite strains.

    Has anyone else ran into blue dream? if so how did you like it?

    is anyone growing blue dream? please if so let me see your beautiful females!!!

    greatdayn19 Well-Known Member

    i just had two eigths of that from different pharmacies in oarnge county.. The genetics are haze crossed with blueberry. Its deffinately one of the best sativas ive had.. Where did u get it, and if you hear of any clones available let me know..

    1252life Well-Known Member

    I'm up here in L.A. and there is a pharmacy i have been going to for a few years. recently they have got this strain a couple times and I fell in love with it. never seen or heard of any clones, I don't grow, just smoke. I also got some blue moonshine. very sweet.

    purplehaze2 Well-Known Member

    yes you need too check DJ shorts they have the blue moonshine and sweet blue

    edux10 Well-Known Member

    I just had some outdoor blue dream supposidly. It tasted like trainwreck to me though

    sdriding Active Member

    i just tried some blue dream tonight. 1 bowl and i was floating. then we smoked master kush in a grape swish (great taste). and i just vaped some jedi, that stuff tastes excellent as well

    geez what a night haha. snoop dogg concert tomorrow so i gotta do even better!
    tree king

    tree king Well-Known Member

    does anyone sell seeds of blue dream?

    ta2drvn Well-Known Member

    Yes I have seen seeds online at a few places, I'll see if I can find a link or two forgot the breeder. Yes this is a VERY tasty strain, I really like blue strains even better than the taste of purples. Try Blue Dragon if you ever run across it, nice energetic high with that unique blue taste.

    sdriding Active Member

    yeah its really all about the blue. after i do this quick auto akxkush grow for my 1st im going to buy some blueberry seeds and do it right. the taste plays such a big part in smoking

    KushKing949 New Member

    of course taste plays a big part cuz i sure as hell dont enjoy smokin good tasting bud even if it gets u high as fuck. probly dont taste goood cuz it wasnt flushed or cured properly......i had some white rhino a month ago and it tasted kinda like they way manure smelled my first experience of white rhino wasnt what i thought it was gonna be....

    Lumburn Active Member

    My Pharm last had some "blue Balls" then The "blue Dream" Love them both ! the Blue dream makes my mind go a little to fast !ha ! but agreat stuff, burned a bowl as I typed this with some Train wreck Kif on it to balance it out !!

    Dankwise Well-Known Member

    my buddies have recently fell in love with the blue dream, my favorite club in oarnge county has had a bunch of it lately along with bluebonic, ive been searching for this clone forever, but i found some green crack clones so im not to depressed

    sdriding Active Member

    for the guy a couple posts back no you cant get seeds for it. although some company has Blue Haze which is probably about the same, if not identical. DJs shit finally came back in stock on the doctors site so i ordered the true blue so i can get the more sativa high. im fuckin stoked.
    mount vernon

    mount vernon Active Member

    Hey fans of the blue dream strain! ...... if You are looking for true blue dream, then check out mount vernon natural apothecary!!! They are based out of riverside county ... but more importantly (blue dream = 445.48 plus tax per oz. (all the way down to the 8th they will deliver)

    Also OG Kush is in the house !!!!! ( 64.97 plus tax per 8th)

    Mount Vernon Natural Apothecary


    ta2drvn Well-Known Member

    WOW really!! such a non-special price!! welcome to the site :spew: we love spam all over this site. If you want to promote your delivery service, there is a section called 'medical marijuana' and you will probably get better responses and more people actually looking at your spam... um I mean information.

    OH yeah... OG Kush.... is a Hybrid, you might want to change the description on your site menu it might help you look a like you know a little more about the herb you sell. Lot's of good info on this site that could help you with descriptions of the herbs you sell... if you take the time to run a search.
    mount vernon

    mount vernon Active Member

    kush is hybrid now, thank you! what do you suggest for the blue dream?

    rastaman42010 Active Member

    sorry to inform you guys but the true blue dream is only available in clone form and it is a very hoarded strain. I happen to have six clones right now that have just rooted. i had to drive 12 hours to get them but it is well worth it. It is a cross of DJ shorts blueberry and a strong haze. I will post some pics as soon as they are big enough for everyone to tell what they are. My advice is to check out some of the clinics around lake forest in about 3 months. I can't tell you exactly you will have to find it for yourself, kinda like a scavenger hunt but that specific clinic is run by a close friend of mine who i will be giving clones to. Maybe if you are lucky or you happen to know this guy you might be able to get him to come off of a few. That all depends on your determination to obtain this magnificent strain. until next time, yast denotes. Rastafari:weed:

    Dankwise Well-Known Member

    i found some bomb looking seeds from seedism seeds, its called neville berry, nevilles haze crossed with the dutch passion bluebery im guesing
    bicycle racer

    bicycle racer Well-Known Member

    im about to flower a blue dream clone i picked have not smoked any though well see in 9 or 10 weeks.

    sdriding Active Member

    my true blueberry seeds never came, sucks so much...... i guess i'll be looking to get blue dream now if its a dj short cross

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