Blue dream outdoors,what is finish month from experienced people that grown it

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by greenhydro420, May 11, 2013.


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    Dr. Greenhorn, are you really between 19 and 22 degrees latitude? I've been thinking it might help to go with a more sativa dominant variety. It's hard to find out the % though. Do you know a reliable place to go to find out this information? What are a couple of varieties your recommend that won't flower so easily?
    Dr. Greenhorn

    Dr. Greenhorn Well-Known Member

    Yes i am. I live in hawaii, gotta love it :D

    I haven't ordered beans in awhile so I'm not sure what's out there now... my good friend goes thrugh GG gage green. He is a tester for GG genetics and some of the strains he's grown, turned into monsters. Try looking into GG. He got columbian crosses, willie nelson crosses. Etc..

    I'm growing out frost right now and it's made for this latitude. That thing grows into monsters.

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    Fantastik,im curious to know how tall your Blue Dream is currently.Ive got paradise seeds new strain Atomical Haze growing by my blue dream and the blue dream is outgrowing it,kinda worried that its gunna get too big.

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    Haha my dream are all 5-6 feet right now and starting to flower maybe early harvest than expected. :) as for your haze man never heard of the strain but the dreams probably won't big of a pot is it in.

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    My Blue Dream is an outdoor planted in the ground grow,I supercropped mine & its 4ft tall,the haze is a new paradise seed strain & thus far thiers no info on it,I supercropped it too and its growth is keepin up with tha Blue Dream

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