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blue dream at 4 weeks flower.

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by HitTheBong816, Nov 1, 2009.


    HitTheBong816 Well-Known Member

    hey everybody, so these are my 2 blue dream clones under 150W HPS, and several cfl's the temps stay under 80 i use fox farm nutes, and molasses. What do u think??? I just "double potted" one of them today to avoid root bound issues.

    Does anybody have experience with Blue dream, im wondering how long of a flowering period i should expect...

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    guitarzan420 Well-Known Member

    looks like a sativa dom strain. they can take 10-12 weeks

    HitTheBong816 Well-Known Member

    it certainly is a sativa dom strain. 10-12 weeks will give those buds a long time to fatten up.

    Thanks a lot guitarzan

    dive1 Active Member

    8 in hydro in perfect enviro and 9 in soil. It's a hybrid, blueberry crossed with a haze (super silver haze).

    truely a wonderful plant to watch grow. at weeks 6-finish blue hues come and they really fatten up.

    HitTheBong816 Well-Known Member

    thanks for your help... I appreciate it but you my friend are mistaken... The true blue dream is a cross of BlueberryX "unknown" Haze.
    The bud ur thinking of the cross of SSHx Blueberry is called "blue dream HAZE" And was created sometime after thhe priginal strain of blue dream... blue dream is clone only. Thanks tho.

    Crew20 Member

    I just bought six blue dream clones and was told that it usually finishes in 8-10 weeks. May be wrong tho. I'll know soon tho. Ha

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    good looking plants 2 thumbs up

    SLT4x4 Member

    I have some blue dream at 4 weeks into flower I turned my lights back dec 15th 2010.Your plants look very very similar to mine.I am thinking 10-12 weeks based off of what I see in my tent and I just put them to bed.The buds arent very big at the moment but if I give mine a gentle squeeze holy crap they smell dank ! At the moment I am not very happy with them or sativa in general,it is not an indoor plant at all.I will be from now on doing Indica strains.These plants grow so large in the right light that it would take a phenomenal amount of lights to flower them as big they want to get,its totally an outdoor plant.Yours look great and healthy I hope they flower well for you.My avatar pic to the left is my blue dream about a week ago under a 600watt HPS and Humboldt Nutes.
    northern cali

    northern cali Active Member

    I have grown BD a bunch of times its good to go at 8 weeks if u want I have let it go 10 before it comes out a little better...

    SLT4x4 Member

    This is my first time with it.I did some purps this summer and I wasnt impressed with it either I think sativa in itself just takes too long and requires alot of light.Im gonna let mine go a couple weeks longer to really let it ripen.

    Scoopdizzle Member

    Good info here....Ive got a Blue Dream approaching week 5 of flower as well.. This strain sky rockets in flower though...i just tied mine down. So im guessing 10 weeks is the final verdict for blue dream?
    I think i will let my BD go for 10 weeks as well...its probably worth the extra 2 wks as far as quality goes....well 5 wks to go! PEACE!

    jdmcwestevo Well-Known Member

    blue dream you are looking at around 10 weeks it is a HEAVY yielder so get some stakes ready man i have seen dried buds bigger than my fist lol

    Scoopdizzle Member

    Quick question to all the blue dream growers.....Anyone have any specific curing techniques they would like to share? Particularly for Blue Dream? e.g. orange peels, apple slices....or anything like that....or is BEST to give it a good Original Cure in the dark.
    I know BD has a terrific aroma and taste already but i was just wondering if anyone has had success in enhancing it even further?

    DuB916 Member

    Original cure in the dark bro... Always the best way to go... But blue dream as said before is most definately a wonderful plant to watch grow... Ours is in week 10 right now, which BD by itself is generally 65 days. Get yourself a jewelers loop or a 40X microscope is always the best way to tell for sure when your babes are ready to be cut.. Back to scoop, I dry all of mine in my cabinets that are completely gutted (hung with a small fan to aerate them appropriately) Cheers guys

    Scoopdizzle Member

    @Dub916 Thanks bro! Yea i guess ill stick to the script and do a normal cure... i think im going to try to let it cure for 3 months.....ive seen subcool cure one of his strains for 9 months and boy was it danky! Opinions?? Has anyone cured that long before? Do you think i will see a significant change??

    plantherb Member

    I know this thread is old but to clarify incase someone comes across this searching true Blue Dream is 8-9 wks as stated i'm high times its one of my favorite strains I know it well. Very versatile plant and yes can be a very good yielder with minimal tech and pruning, I'd suggest topping single or duel shoot plants stretch like crazy at 4 it slows down and allows for heavy yielding to begin. They also really like big trees with many colas -peace!

    DiscreteMeat Member

    A guy who means well but has 0 experience with Blue Dream... Moving on.

    Your plants look a little behind but I attribute that mostly to 12 hour photo period. Don't be scared to take them ladies down to 11 hours now, which is what I do. But they look good, healthy, and green. You're going to win. If any advice? They're relatively small so do not over-nute them!

    randude101 Member

    Old Thread I know, but I am growing BD and found this thread asking the flower duration. Looks like more than 8 weeks and how much more is up to personal taste. I bet I take mine to 10 weeks.

    jeffthomas55 New Member

    I have been growing Blue Dream for a year under 1000w halide and 1000w sodium. 8 to 9 weeks for this hybrid of Haze and Blueberry. Sativa s do take longer but Blue Dream has Indica in it so a couple weeks less than a pure sativa. Blue Dream is a great strain. Enjoy.

    harley420 Active Member

    Not true as far as I know I am close to jordan from jordanoftheislands ans he has sent me reg bluedre seed his blueberry brosses with dutch treat or are these different strains I grow only joti

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