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blackstrap vs. regular unsulphered molasses?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by mixin, Dec 15, 2008.


    mixin Well-Known Member

    currently i am using grandma's unsulphered molasses that i picked up for $3 at the grocery store. after reading the molasses wiki i still don't know just how much more beneficial blackstrap is over regular unsulphered molasses.

    currently i have been feeding my three nyc diesel girls one tablespoon of grandma's unsulphered molasses with every watering, different nutes, stimulants and additives also added with individual waterings to keep everything balanced out. they have really been bulking up lately and i just want to see how often i should continue with molasses? i water every two days with moderate levels of nutes.

    what benefits does blackstrap molasses have over my unsulphered? looking for some guys/gals with experience using different types of molasses.

    thanks in advance!!!! :canabis:

    HowardWCampbell New Member

    I'm pretty sure the blackstrap molasses has a higher nutrient content. Most folks around here use the yellow label Grandma's brand because a lot of stores carry that brand so it's easy to find. I don't know if anyone has done a side by side comparison with/without molasses, but most say it increases bud size by about 20% or so. It will also feed the microorganisms in your soil. It's most commonly used during flowering, but it shouldn't cause any harm to use it throughout your grow.

    mixin Well-Known Member

    i also use advanced nutrients voodoo juice and piranha to get the mycorrhiza fungi feeding on the molasses. honestly this is my first time using all of these but they seem like such a knockout combination that i would be stupid not to try to maximize my nugs with them.

    i am really into the whole organic thing now and don't ever plan to turn back. i have my pro-mix based soil-less mix all mixed up (live earthworms included) and just have it composting with extra trimmings from white berry, opium, and nyc diesel clones. i read somewhere that the earthworms like eating decaying weed leaves so who am i to argue?

    the more good info on organics i learn the better. its truely awesome to pick all of your brains and learn about growing. i think that the next best medicine besides smoking weed is actually growing the weed you are going to smoke. very relaxing
    Doctor Cannabis

    Doctor Cannabis Well-Known Member

    True, molasses will really make your gal's bud size increase...even by 40% in some cases, and get them smelling better than an angels butt. I've tried both types of molasses on the same strain and I can honestly say, I saw no difference. I've even used unrefined black sugar with the same endresult.

    Molasses has such a great effect because the complex carbohydrates (suuuugar) serve as food for the microorganisms in the medium, the ones that break down all the nutes into absorbable elements for the plant. A less significant effect is caused by the high content in calcium, iron and other minerals. There are more minerals in blackstrap molasses though. It's less significant because soil is supposed to have some minerals. Any added minerals will not make a whole lot of difference.

    Keep on growin' organically... since I've started growing organic my yeald has increased by 15-25%.

    mixin Well-Known Member

    awesome! i honestly don't know if the buds just kicked into overdrive themselves the exact time i started using molasses or not, but for $3 for the jar of grandma's molasses and an estimated 30 - 40 tablespoons per bottle... its a no-brainer to keep using maybe the most cheapest most cost effective organic additive ever...

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