BioBizz Bio-Bloom Grow Schedule

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by dk1978, Jan 20, 2012.


    dk1978 Member

    Cool... I'm anxious to see how my girls will turn out! This is my 2nd grow... the first one wasn't so hot, but I'm doing a ton of stuff differently this time around.

    Looking forward to those macro shots!

    mouse Well-Known Member

    Posted in my thread, about to do an update as well : )

    MrAliens Member

    sorry peer i get this what it about used grow and bloom same time in biobizz but can i just bring up about dutchpro iav check chart it said i dont need add grow in bloom while flower???
    cheer mraliens

    Oneatime New Member

    Yo Mouse, I am about to start a fresh, just one girl under 6 cfls various kelvin, i will have the Plagron light mix soil, check it out here if you don't recognise the brand, it's just get light amounts of nutes and perlite already mixed and I will also be using Bio Bizz grow&bloom, it's an auto and I'm not sure how to use the nutes, can you help me please?

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