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BioBizz Bio-Bloom Grow Schedule

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by dk1978, Jan 20, 2012.


    dk1978 Member

    I recently picked up a bottle of Bio-Bloom (NPK = 2-6-3.5) to use for my plants' flowering cycle. The instructions that came with the bottle say to use between 2-5 ml per liter of water. Sounds easy enough, except that 2-5 ml is kind of a large range, so I found a grow schedule for use with BioBizz products:

    The problem I'm having is that this schedule seems to be designed when using ALL of these products at the same time. Nice marketing trick on their part... but I'm posting this thread to find out if anyone else has experience using just Bio Bloom for flowering, and not all of the other stuff (I'm not using their soil, and did not use their grow nutes or any other additives). Anyone?

    My plan as of now would be to start using 1 ml, then switch to 2 ml for a couple of weeks, then gradually increase to 5 ml at around week 9. Any opinions on this are welcome.

    Also, I know some people use regular water once without nutes once in a while. Any idea how that would fit into the watering schedule?

    mouse Well-Known Member

    Which nutes do you have from bio bizz ? you need at least grow and bloom to bag yourself a decent harvest IMO.

    Tell me whatcha got and I will give you an idea of a feeding schedule to use.

    I have bio grow, bloom and bio heaven in my selection of nutrients, excellent stuff you just have to know how to use them.

    The bio grow contains B vitamins and sugars that are necessary for flowering hense 1ml is used right the way through the schedule.

    Gimme info I give you schedule ;)

    mouse Well-Known Member

    Also what soil are you using ?

    dk1978 Member

    Hey mouse, I've only got Bio Bloom. I was using a chemical nutrient mix for grow, which is rated at an NPK ration of 7-3-6 (it's a Bulgarian brand, doubt you've heard of it). There are plenty of micro-nutes too....

    The soil brand is also an unknown, but it's good quality. It has between 100-250 ml of each of N,P, and K per liter of soil, and my containers are about 5 liters.

    As far as sugars goes, I thought that Bio Bloom had plenty of sugars in it already (i.e., molasses)... is that not the case?

    mouse Well-Known Member

    Kinda but the grow and bloom together make a complete feed and its organics so you cant mix them with chems really, they don't play too nice together.

    Can you get your hands on a bottle of grow ?

    dk1978 Member

    I probably could, yes.... but is it critical? I'm also afraid of nute burn from using too much stuff.... I should worry about mixing in too much?

    mouse Well-Known Member

    Yeah massively, overfert will be your biggest problem being still new to this game :)

    I would say you need it. But different people have different opinions.

    If you follow the advice here I think you should be ok :)

    Get a bottle of grow ! Its important !

    Only feed a hungry plant, never feed something that isnt hungry.

    Don't chase a million different deficiencies if you are using a balanced food its either too much or too little thats it.

    Veg - Do not feed IMO but it is dependent on the size of the plant, if I am in a 10-20 litre pot of good soil I don't feed for the entire of veg (sometimes up to 3 weeks). I would not go over 3 ml if my plants did need feeding during this period. I do however feed additives for root growth, and beneficial fungi and bacteria.

    First week of flower maybe start the plant on 1ml of grow ( they don't need flowering food til they have basic flowers) up this to a maximum of 3ml ish over the next couple of weeks and then drop it down to 1ml of grow and 1ml of bloom on your third week of flower you might want to up the bloom to 2-3 ml (keeping the 1ml of grow).

    Around this time (week three) you may get a mag def using just grow and bloom, treat with epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) and that will be the last you see of mag def :)

    Keep upping the food to a max of 4ml over the next few weeks but only up it when its hungry. A large plant (1 - 1.5 metres, multiple heads) with heavy bud growth will happily munch its way through 4ml of bloom and 1 ml of grow. A smaller plant will drown and die in an unpleasant overdose of food. Bear this in mind.

    Towards the last couple of weeks drop the 1ml of grow (this is IMO I think it tastes better with less N towards the end and it also helps to bring out the colours).

    Last week before flush pure bloom food, possibly drop the dosage to 3ml (maybe up it, its all down to the plant).

    Final week pure water for a week :)

    If you over do the nutrients at any point it will be fucking nightmare, just always keep them hungry. They grow faster like that as well :)

    I hope this helps and do not hesitate to ask any questions.

    Also check my journal out its in my sig :)


    dk1978 Member

    Thanks Mouse, that's very good info. What I've done so far is sort of consistent with what you're prescribing. I actually used no nutes at all during veg, which was a 6-week cycle for me (actually after week 1 i saw minor nute burn on the leaf tips, but that went away once the plants grew big enough to handle the soil mix). Then in week 1 of flower, I used 50% strength veg nutes. Then yesterday/today (week 2 of flowering) I watered with 100% veg nutes.

    My next plan was to start the Bio Bloom 5-6 days from now, which is roughly how often my girls require water at their size. Sounds like I ought to consider getting the Bio Grow as well though (epsom salts I have, just haven't used them ever).

    In your opinion, what potential deficiencies could I run into if I just use the Bloom?

    I'll definitely be checking out your journal as well :)

    mouse Well-Known Member

    All kindsa stuff look at the ingredients and NPK of the grow.

    You can't really mix organics and chems they work very differently.

    Chemical ferts are highly chelated chemicals that are readily available to the plant, organics work by having the microherd break the nutrients down and feed them to the plant, in turn the plant produces sugars excretes them from the roots and the microherd eat them.

    Basically if you are gonna try and use those veg nutes with the bio bloom its not gonna work very well. Bio bizz produces awesome green, may not be the most potent but it tastes fantastic and smells amazing.

    Bio grow and bloom absolutely rock, I would buy the grow and use it. They are not a global brand for nothing.

    PS how big is your plant ? I don't think I have ever fed full strength nutrients to a plant. Sounds like your already on track for nutrient burn. Be careful man, keep it on a quarter strength every watering then work up.

    dk1978 Member

    I have 4 plants, each around 3 feet tall at the moment. Nute burn would show up pretty quickly right? I saw no issues at all with last week's half strength, but prior to that I was seeing signs of an N deficiency (minor).

    mouse Well-Known Member

    Stick with the half strength then :)

    Also consider the biomass as well as height when working out your feeds :)

    If it was ok at 50 keep it on that and don't go higher, thats how you get nute build up in the soil, PH issues and lockout/lockup.

    It takes about 3 days to see the full results of what you have changed.

    I hope this helps :)

    dk1978 Member

    Thanks, definitely helpful. I'm actually not so worried about pH, as I am measuring that before feeding (and using pH+ as needed). I'm watering them with a solution of about 6.5-6.7. Nute burn though is potential at this point since I went with 100% yesterday... I'll be on the lookout for any issues.

    mouse Well-Known Member

    Ok cool, use as little PH+ and PH- as you can get away with.

    PH+ isnt even on my shelf anymore because I just don't use it.

    They are technically food to tread carefully with them.

    Shout me on my thread or here if your stuck. If they look good after the feed maybe give them a water and then go 100 percent again.

    There is no set way, every plants genetics are different. Just find what works for you, I hope I have pointed you in the right direction :)

    dk1978 Member

    Thanks much. For the record, I'm using literally 1 drop of pH+ (pretty sure this one is mostly potassium), and only because without it the pH was dipping below 6.0. I'll definitely reach out if I have any problems - I appreciate the help!

    mouse Well-Known Member

    Whats your water PH ? any idea what EC or PPM or water/nutes are ?

    It only takes a drop with PH stuff. I use about 1ml for 20-25 litres of feed to take it from 6.8 to 6.2/6.3. I run house and garden nutrients and I also run my PH a lot lower than most (I wouldnt play with the numbers most people use until you really get your nutrients nailed).

    I hope to see some bud shots from you soon :)

    dk1978 Member

    The natural tap water pH is around 6.8, after I run it through a brita filter. I honestly have no idea what the EC or PPM is...

    I hope to have some great bud shots to post!

    SkunkGuy Active Member

    good write up mouse i was going to use bio and switch to canna but after reading that info il give ur way ago and see how things go and also im using bio-bizz all-mix soil

    mouse Well-Known Member

    Biobizz is really good stuff :) But growing organics you have no idea what is in the soil at any one time. There might be shed loads of nutrients with nothing thats available to the plant. It will never yield like a chemical nutrient, but oh the smell and flavour man its simply gorgeous....

    Canna is really good stuff too, I use house and garden pretty much their full line up and I swear by it. It's hard to use but it fucking kicks ass

    dk1978 Member

    That actually raises a good point. I had started a previous thread asking for recommendations on flowering nutes. I was comparing between Biobizz and another brand (Plagron Terra Bloom) which was chemical. For some reason no one mentioned that yield/potency would be affected by using organics. If I had it to do over, I'd probably have gone with chemical. Maybe I'll eat my words though once I see what my current harvest looks like :)

    PS - No sign of nute burn after using 100% veg. That said, I won't do it again... a few leaves are showing too much N (curling down a little on the sides). I watered with plain water today, which hopefully will help.

    mouse Well-Known Member

    It's possible to match chemical yield with organics, I have never managed it :(

    I did mention it may effect potency earlier but IMO you can't match chemicals potency and yield with organics (many other people would disagree).

    But that's not to say that weed grown using organics isn't better in some ways, the smell and flavour tend to be much better and don't think the yield and potency are gonna suck because they won't.

    Keep doing it right and you will get amazing green that will get you smashed and taste brilliant ! You can't really argue with that :)

    I switched from organics to raise my yield and it worked ! Big time !

    To maintain smell and flavour I use a massive number of nutrients, beneficial's and fungi. It's a lot of work. But at the moment I have a lot of free time.

    Pick your poison man :) Many people favour organics over chem's and they do it for a reason.

    I grow for a close circle of my friends so yield is important, we smoke a hell of a lot of green so my goal is to get as much of the very best as humanly possible.

    I'm throwing up some macro shots in my thread today you should check it out :)

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