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Big bud/White widow (the widow)/Hercules hybrid outdoor

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by tomryder, Sep 16, 2013.


    tomryder Member

    green manalishi.jpg I sprayed colloidal silver spray on three plants in my growbox last year and all of them produced female pollen and seeded,will they all have a bit of each others genetics? not sure of how it works...Anyway i've grown with the seeds from this little experiment outdoor this year and one particular plant has really impressed me no mold at all/amazing fragrance/finished mid september/huge buds (probably 5 oz + on the plant) i want to keep her genetics, am i right in thinking if i uproot her snip off the buds and reveg indoors then take clones and put them out next april that next year that they will all have the same characteristics?

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