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Big Bud gone hermaphrodite... help!!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by msdsm39, Feb 28, 2008.


    msdsm39 Well-Known Member

    Check out my baby... she has the fattest buds, but now the buds are sporting pollen sacs. Anyone have an idea why? I will put up my nutrient schedule. I measure concentration in CF so 10 CF = 500-700 PPM 30 PPM = 1500-2100 PPM, depending on the scale you use. I am using less nutrient than recommended by GH. I need help to make sure this doesn't happen to her clones.

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    southfloridasean Well-Known Member

    I know Earl recommended Dutch Master Reverse & Penetrator to someone else in a different thread. It is good to stop male traits in plants. He vouches for it so you may want to try it. :peace:

    msdsm39 Well-Known Member

    Definitely ordering some for the clones, but is there anything else? No one has comments on the nutrient level as a shock?

    BIGMIKE13 Well-Known Member

    damn, sorry man thats a lot of balls. that bitch wants to be a man !!!

    not much you can do. im afraid its the genetic make up. one or two pods here or there i think the reverse would work, but that is more than a few. is this a bag seed grow ?

    good luck !!

    edit: try and get them off now if you want to smoke your grow. if you see pollen, spray the plants with water first to control the spread of pollen when cutting the pods off.

    ace1059 Well-Known Member

    its def. something with the genetics, thats a fuked up strand lol

    LoudBlunts Well-Known Member

    fem seeds???
    It's 5 o'clock somewhere

    It's 5 o'clock somewhere Well-Known Member

    It's A Hermie...... When you clone a hermie you get a hermie..

    MsMILFweed Well-Known Member

    That doesn't look like a stressed hermie, it looks like it's hermie from genetics.

    Get some Reverse and Penetrator, and that will neutralize the pollen from producing any seeds.

    msdsm39 Well-Known Member

    The seeds were from Sensi Seeds in Amsterdam. I'd think the genetics should be good

    toocoolo Well-Known Member

    I just discovered that my girl's also a hermie. First plant I grow and turns a Hermie :P Looks just like the ones in the pictures.

    So, Big Mike, should I cut it before it auto-inseminates herself? Will the resulting buds be potent enough? Hairs are still mostly white.

    what to do...?


    cr4zy1w4n Active Member

    lol iv got the same problem with big bud m8 from 4 plants 3 were hermafrodite.. seeds from nirvana anyway u can try to castrate them but if u mist one ur females are pregnant :) i just trow them away

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Agreed,ive done 2 big bud grows now & both were a constant fight to watch for hermies,luckily i read up on the strain from a bunch of different sources before i started growing in,the strain has bad genetics some where down the line that cause hermies to pop up all through the.

    Ive made my last grow with big bud & replaced the strain with top 44.

    toocoolo Well-Known Member

    In the end I chop down my hermie and dried it. It wasn't the most decent smoke, but If tried worse. And it gave a light buzz. Better than throw it away, right?

    msdsm39 Well-Known Member

    hell yeah... I used DutchMaster Reverse on my hermie.... but in then end she was too much drama for the grow room so I got rid of her. If you have any seeds you should grow them. They will all be either female or hermie... no males!!!


    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    I also have grown BB with hermie traits, I found it fairly easy to just pinch off all of the "Balls". you really have to go through the plants with a fine tooth comb though and make sure you get every pollen sack you can possibly find. Plant will probably still make a bit of seed here and there, but 90% of it should be sensi.

    themaub Active Member

    i just found a couple sacs on my plants, they are about a month into flowering, can i just get rid of the balls or will it pollinate. Doesn't the plant not produce anymore THC if pollinated

    msdsm39 Well-Known Member

    Try and cut as many as possible. You should try and catch the pollen in a little baggie so it doesn't blow around and pollinate your bud sites. You won't stop all of it but you can keep it to a minimum.


    themaub Active Member

    well i bought some of that dutch master reverse, not sure if it is too late though, i only had a couple of sacs that were quite buried because she's so bushy. Lack of experience i guess, first grow. but i sprayed it on friday morning and sunday i noticed that the sacs looked like they may have opened. not really sure though, i couldn't find any info on what that reverse stuff does physically. any suggestions.
    sikwidit bay kid 650

    sikwidit bay kid 650 Active Member

    look on the bright side. herrmiees make feemale seeds dont they?

    themaub Active Member

    silver lining....... will the bud be any good, still have about 4 weeks flowering?

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