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Beware Agromax grow tent HTG supply!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Nightmarecreature, Jun 25, 2012.


    endepth Active Member

    I just got the windowed version of this tent. I will update this thread if I have any similar issues.

    organicness Member

    Ok, so this is exactly the same thing I'm experiencing with the same model Agromax tent. I was growing great in my basement and then I wanted to section off part of it for veg and put this tent into basement instead of building walls. When i first put the tent up and put a single 1000w, air cooled, and all this started happening, I thought maybe it was the light. But it was about 2.5 feet from the canopy, so I didn't think the intensity could be too much. I thought it was then an iron deficiency, so I foliar'd some Fe Sulfate... nothing worked. Then applied some Calcium via foliar... nothing. Thought, well, damn, maybe it's K deficiency. Then I started reading on a local forum about people having a problem with their agromax tent and returning it to HTG. That led me here.

    The leaves just look like crap and the growth pretty much has come to a complete halt. I have plants in there that havne't grown an inch in over 3 months. They have very little green on them. I just, 2 days ago, took some ones I didn't want to lose outside and they seem to be greening up a little on the new growth. Shit, could this have been from the tent?

    wyteberrywidow Global

    That blows for sure. I'm using the large model which is just 1 step down from this one and I am not having a gas problem I already harvested 2 rounds going on my 3rd..

    organicness Member

    This is what a leaf off a plant is like in another room, and a leaf of one in the tent. You can tell which is which.... the crappy one is from in the tent. Both getting fed from the same reservoir, both in promix from the same bale, one is under a 400w (small room) and the other is a 1000w a 4x8 agromax tent. This has been baffling me like crazy for the last few months, and if this might be the problem... my god, wouldn't I be excited. I might have to go take this tent down right now since there isn't really much inside it now anyways.


    organicness Member

    Tearing down the tent now. I just pulled up that floor protector piece and saw this underneath it. Once that was lifted, it REEKS of paint thinner.

    I thought it was mold at first, but the black is under a thin plastic film that I can pinch with my fingers.


    gagekko Well-Known Member


    Don't know why some people have problems, my tent is working just fine... In fact, ordered another one from HTG. Pics to follow, tell me if you think my tent is hurting my plants.

    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    My plants are doing awesome out of the tent! When I used the tent, I started having mysterious problems. Clones wouldnt root, stunted growth, dying leaves. An eight month old plant that was three inches tall. The plants always start out looking like organicness plants. It looks similar to a nute def until you realize it's not. I did post pictures of the gassing off and accidently removed it. I don't think all the tents gas off. I do know that HTG sells a lot of crap. The Aggro Max is well made but if it is gassing off, it's worthless. Without the tent, I have been using syrofoam cups and not having any gassing off issues. No tent should reek of paint thinner!


    WITHOUT you can see the gassing off damage on the lower leaves

    [​IMG]! You can see the

    O'Shit Active Member

    just my 2 sense from growing in small areas humidity problems and or two much air. i would have to spray things down with water constantly when i grew in a closet with high air flow. hope this helps

    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    What's that have to do with anything?

    40%-60% humidity is fine. I ran a humidifer to keep humidity up and my plants died. It's the tent dude! I tried everything, I mean EVERYTHING! The only thing that made a difference is not using the tent. Light,humidity,nutes, strains, temps, air flow, RO water, pots, soil, hydro, coco coir, TDS, pH meters were all messed with. I should have known it was the tent after 6 months and some serious money dropped on strains that are now dead.

    resinousflowers Well-Known Member

    exactly,its just that new tent smell,its nothing to worry about,secret jardins are legit.they are not perfect tho.they still need a few tweeks here and there like all grow tents,just to make them 100% light tight.but i suppose 98- 99% is good enough.

    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    Well if he just ordered the tents, he recieved the newer model. I have last years model. I have friends who have other tent brands and they have that new smell at first. Putting my Agromax tent together, I almost passed out inside!

    JJFOURTWENTY Well-Known Member

    Geez already, it's a cheap shitty tent for crying out loud! Just give it away on CL for like twenty bucks and buy a Jardin or GrowLab.

    One thing about this hobby (well, at least with hydro anyway) is that there will be a lot of lessons learned along the way, and those lessons usually hit pretty hard in the pocketbook.

    You're on the right track though... Tents are definitely the way to go for sure. But get two - one for flower and a slightly smaller one for veg and possibly clones as well.

    FreeCableGuy Member

    Gastanker is mostly right. In my past life, I was in the hydro-shop business and heard and saw every excuse for a plant dying, other than human error. The light bulb killed my plants, the pot killed my plants, the soil killed my plants, the tent killed my plants. Regarding the tent issue, just an FYI, every tent you can buy is made in China, not Germany or France or whatever bs marketing a tent company is using, and they are all using the exact same fabrics. In China there are a few factories that make the tents for every supplier, growlab, secretjardin, htg, hydrofarm, agromax, whatever, go to your local grow shop and look, they are the same thing, just a different design. When tents first became popular a completely different type of fabric was used compared to what is used now. In the "old days" (over 3 years ago), most of the tents were made of a pvc lining attached to a canvas outer fabric, these were the "white interior" tents. There was a "gas off" issue with these tents, especially when they were heated to unreasonable temperatures, and ever since then, anybody who has ever had a problem growing inside a tent has blamed it on the tent. All manufacturers have switched over to the new mylar type of material now, which is a metal coated foil and is a shiny silver and has eliminated the pvc. The only problem you will find with the tents is a temperature related issue. I recall somebody coming into the shop and swearing up and down that it HAD to be the tent (new mylar type) that was killing their plant. We went through everything with the grower, even supplied him with 2 brand new Can Carbon filters to completely remove any supposed toxicity that was coming from the tents, and after a few weeks, he just happens to say "that when temperatures reach 100 degrees in the tent it begins to emit odors and the plants start to die". Well of course the plants are going to die when it is 100 degrees, and the odors were caused by everything getting overheated. So if every tent is made in the same factories, using the same material, and just stamped with a different brand name, how is it that less than 1% of the people ever have problems with them??? Literally thousands of these tents are sold and only a very few people ever have issues with them, unfortunately, many of these 1% are the people who blog about their problems and incorrectly steer people away from otherwise good products, be it tents, soil, nutrients, etc. So if it was truly the tent killing the plants, why isn't every person having the same problems, as the tents are all made from the same fabric, in the same factory?? And just with this post, it is reported that the tent is used for 5 months and then there is a problem--very suspicious. Yes, I see the pics that show when that when the plants are out of the tent, they recover... again, you have allowed them to be at a more reasonable temperature. Yes, the tents are stinky when you first set them up, but that is not a "killer odor", just like you do not die when you are riding in your new car and it has the "new car smell". I wish everyone who has had good experiences with the tents would write on the blogs, as I am sure it would outnumber the bad experiences 100 to 1. So, my final advice, check the temps in your tent!! If you have a "smell" problem, buy a carbon filter....duh.
    The Count

    The Count Active Member

    Gorilla grow tent... made in the US in San Fran.. not china!

    organicness Member

    My problems started within days of adding the tent to the room. I fought for months trying to figure out what the problem was. Now the tent is out of the room and I have temps in the mid-90s, bare bulb vert & Co2, and things are bangin'. The plants that I took out of the tent have all recovered now. HTG has recognized this is a common problem with the tents. The salesman I spoke to said lots of people have been calling in with this issue.

    So, you can't say that when temps are 100 degrees plants die, 'cause that's not true. And did you see my picture of the black blotching on the silver bottom of the tent? That's not right.
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    organicness Member

    View attachment 2303304

    That is exactly what my plants looked like. I actually bought the tent from a friend who thought his water was bad because his plants were doing this weird crap. Sold his $600 r/o system because he thought it was bunk, sold me the tent because he didn't need it anymore, and then I had these issues. I told him and he said ... crap, that's what was happening to my plants, too!

    So, yea, not the environment, not the medium or nutes... it's the tent. 2 people having the same issue with the same tent, and the above picture showing the same problem happening to others with this brand of tent... can't deny it.

    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    Obvious you didnt take the time to read this whole post. I'm not some noob who keeps my temps high. My temps in the winter were in the 60's and my plants were dying. Out of the tent I can run my plants into the 100's without any ill effects.I went through everything. Now that I'm not using the tent, I don't have one sick plant out of hundreds. It's the tent, I went through and checked everything one by one. Everytime I changed something I waited a few weeks to see if the plants improved, that's why it took so long to figure out. EVERYTHING was changed out but the tent, I mean everything including all new plants, different pots ect,ect. Why it took so long was because I refused to believe it was the tent because HTG said it wouldnt gassoff. I even had a few people check my grow out that have been doing it 20+ years and couldn't find anything wrong. I'm just using the metal frame and everything is great! Stop throwing around bullshit numbers like 1%. Many people are having issues with this tent. I dont believe it's every tent but some of them.
    I blamed myself long enough and wasted a great deal off money on seeds to only have them killed by the HTG Agromax tent. What pisses me off is that you come on here and blame it on human error, yeah human error as in making toxic tents.

    You must work for HTG! HTG you can fuck off with your shitty products! Bunk grow tents, Grobright products that have the quality of gumball machine toys. Lightbulbs that catch fire and you lie and say it's a first when there are pictures all over the internet with people showing their melted grobright bulbs. Home made air duct silencers, the shitty products go on and on. Keep the good stuff and get rid of the cheap garbage you sell.

    I will be ordering The Secret Jardin when I can afford it.

    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    WOW! Mystery solved! I'm sure more people are coming forward.

    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    I've run 12 plants in a row successfully through my agromax tent, with temperatures all the way up to 95F inside with no problem.....bought mine in February 2012....I see no PVC anywhere inside...clear windows.....everything else is just mylar. Huge yields each time and no yellowing until 2 weeks before harvest like a plant is supposed to do. I use Super Soil. Guess you either got an old tent or else you are using miracle gro or something.

    Nightmarecreature Active Member

    You didnt read the thread obviously either. I ran Happy Frog soil, I ran hydro, I ran coco. Same result. My tent does not have windows, which makes it the older model. I have not heard of any gassing off in the tent WITH windows.

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