Best yielding Autoflower strain?

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    I run some autos. The Nirvana Short Riders always yield about 1 - 1 1/2 oz cured... consistently. I've grown quite a few. Very stable. Afghan Kush Ryder yielded about 2 oz cured. I'm trying some Paki Ryder next.

    You hear all sorts of BS about autos. Ignore it. They are great to grow and yield good solid smoke. Now that it's summer I've got mine outside.

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    I just got done growing Kannabia Afrodite Autoflower under 600w hps with miracle grow soil(Yes i know it sucks Im using fox farm now with grow big, tiger bloom and big bloom) Just weight it the other day, weight was 205 grams wet. was about 18 inches tall and grown in a 1 gallon pot. Had an extra pot and seed so I tried it out and stuck it in the corner of my grow tent and still did amazing. Very Very crystallized and smells kinda like peppermint mints. Only autoflower I grew other then Himayalan Blue Diesel which was done under cfls so I won't count that. Hope this helps.

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    Pandora from Paradise seeds is by far the best auto I've grown so far. Even better than Easy Ryder. Started off a little stretchy (for an auto) but filled in nicely. I grew it along with AutoMaria II and while the AutoMaria II was garbage, the Pandora really impressed me. Picked one at 10 weeks from seed and the other at 11 weeks. I feel the extra week was worth it, but still a fine plant at 10 weeks.

    Oh BTW I did these outdoors and pulled about an oz dry from each plant.

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    yo! I have recently grown 2 pakistan ryders from world of seeds, which are auto flowering. I used a small tent, 160x160x140 which is the smallest u can buy. I grew in canna coco & vermiculite, veged for 3 weeks using a blue 160watt cfl, then i switched to a 250hps. was amzed with the results, i checked the ph every day & also kept the lights on temp 25.28 degrees, ph 5,8-6.2. they finished on week 9. total dried crop was just under 6oz. I was expecting 3 at the most, but ended up getting almost 3oz per plant. I dryed for 1 week & cured in jars for 3 weeks. now i have the most amazing smoke, very devastating. check out the picks
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    I've been able to achieve 2-4 oz on Mi5 outdoors in the past, in 5 gallon pots FROM SEED using myco and rhino skin for getting that taproot deep as i can and making a massive rootball, that is the key. Short stuff Auto's are all bushy and yield quality bud, some strains are finicky and can herm but the buds at top quality.

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    Why would anyone switch their lighting schedule to 12/12 for an Autoflower??? That's ridiculous. It's an autoflower, hello!? In my experience with several different autoflower strains, a lighting schedule of 20/4 is what autoflower responds best to.

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    All plants grow best on 20/4, but people are still fighting the whole 18/6 & 24/7 thing.
    I'll be checking these out, thanks guys, gotta get autoflowers for the next outdoor grow, would be awesome to get 1-2 maybe even 3 harvests in one year.. if im lucky.

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    I've grown Dr. Greenthumb's Iranian Indica (short season but not true auto). This strain will continue to grow in veg under 24/0. I have started indoors in March and cloned the Mom. Even the clones were very high yielders, 8-12 z per plant. Planted outside in early June, harvested late August. Big buds, average potency.

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