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Best yielding Autoflower strain?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by newyorker, Oct 15, 2009.


    newyorker Active Member

    Hey guys..my next order i would like to order some autoflower seeds. they seem great for a new grower like myself. i just wanted to know about some strains. i want to know how the high is? how big was the yield? how was the taste? and your overall oppinion on the end product...does it compare to other great strains? please list the name of the strain and were you ordered it from..thanks fellas i read allot on autoflower seeds just wanted some more personall grow opinions.

    cammelspit Member

    Ah, the auto flowers...;-) They are very inconsistent in yield but if you breed for a few gens you can really increase the yield. The biggest thing is the no need for a strict lighting schedule so a first time grower might benefit from these little ladies.:leaf: The AK autos and the Hindu Kush autos seem to still be the better producers of the autos that I've seen/tried. The high is good though :!:"MAY":!: be slightly lower then the full strains seeing as they do have Cannabis Ruderalis genes in them to capture the auto flowering traits. flavor and aroma should be pretty much solid as the full strains if they were bred properly at the seed bank.:lol: Do NOT get fem autos because you can't clone off these so seeding them out even manually or partially will be a necessity to keep them going.:-P WWW.DOPE-SEEDS.COM http://dope-seeds.com/low_life_seeds.htm

    I Hope this helps man! Good Luck and happy smoking!!!:bigjoint:

    newyorker Active Member

    thanks man..worth a try next time around

    OGMan Well-Known Member

    The Iranian Short Season outyields all the other autos by at least 4-1 and the potency is out of this world.

    newyorker Active Member

    im gonna have 2 look into that ..any one know a breeder who carrys these iranian short season??

    cammelspit Member

    Dunno I get the Hindu to get over 4 feet and yield nearly as much as a full strain. Though I do put em' under 1000 watt HPS lights and have been breeding them for yield and potency, 3-4 generations.

    diddydady Active Member

    Hey I grew some low ryder strains. What I got out of it was this strain did not like hydro. So i did not get them as big as they could have. I think that the bud was bomb. But I dont think you should think quantity at all with low ryders. My suggestion would be, get a lot of clones, let them get rooted (takes a week or so) ( then get them to a small hight like 12-20 inches), dont top them just grow a whole bunch (toping them will slow them down, and do the same thing as growing a whole bunch of clones or seeds), so flower at desired height (switch light to 12-12), Keep plants small. Keep in mind that you plants will grow 30- 50% larger during flower maybe more.

    If you are looking for a supper fast stain try this one. Fast Blast by Afropips you can find it at the trusted Attitude Seed Bank.

    GHOPZZ Well-Known Member

    dr. greenthumb does the iranian short season

    loulou1 Member

    has anyone grown that strain indoors?

    ConnManyThings Well-Known Member

    Delicious La Diva is a good auto... great auto. Good 2 Great yield with a superb aroma and taste.....Growing my second batch now alongside others... a week from harvest.
    i heartmj

    i heartmj Active Member

    can you post pics of your La Diva? I have never seen them in any grow journals.

    ConnManyThings Well-Known Member

    Check my sig. I will be posting harvest pics in about a week.

    ganjhound Member

    Anyone know what ones are best to grow in an aerogarden? Onyx from dope-seeds look good plus 2 free feminized seeds and between 25-50g on the yeild? From what I've read it's pretty potent and yealds more than you would expect.

    Xcaliber Active Member

    auto flowerings feminized cant be cloned? why is that?

    cee1230 Well-Known Member

    because by the time u cut the clone the plant is already flowering the clone will put all its enegy into making that 1 little bud and will not grow any bigger. u can do it but theres no point

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    [​IMG]i have heard some amazing things about the sagarmatha stuporsonic, actually grows out some big juicy nugs for an autoflower.

    rugz31 Active Member

    hey connmany things im also groing some la diva and i was wondering wat was your last yeild?

    CONEBEAST187 Member

    iranian short season isnt a true auto anyway .... its also terrible when grow indoors
    an its ridiculously priced (to pay for the high times article/advertisement dont be fooled)

    why people bother with auto's for anything other then some easy bud to use up wasted room in a mother an clone tent ill never no , proves marketing works i guess

    growing a high yeilding strain 12/12 from seed is far better for novices it will yeild easily double any of the high yeilding auto's , it will put up with novice mistakes an alot of nute abuse compared to sensative auto's and be alot more potent smoke

    it doesnt get said alot but as far as the stealth of auto's go for alot o younger growers if you need to be hiding a grow from family or housemates etc then you shouldnt be growing at all fullstop because eventualy things will end bad

    rockbud Active Member

    deielryder is very good!!but easyrider(auto akxlr2)is a better yeilder!

    lightworker25 Member

    I heard that the grassomatic max gom a (critical mass auto x ak 47 auto) is a massive yielder and the same i heard about the big devil #2 but i have not tested either of thedm yet, but as i have grown two types of auto ak 47 hybrids i think the ak can make alot of auto`s better in both yield and effect, as long as the grower/breeder has chosen pheno with good consideration or alot of trying and failing.. i think the grassomatic max gom is a good auto as i know the critical mass is a very good yielder as a regular + same with the ak 47 but who knows before its done :) i just sprouted a greenhouse green o matic. two kannabia automatica white domina, a grassomatic max gom fem, and some regular photoperiodic and feminised strains like Th seeds buku (burmese kush) and dna genetics connie chung + th seeds SAGE and a good old dinafem white widow so i got some huge plants to transplant when the autos are done :) I`ll keep u posted and please feel free to let me know about cold resistant outdoors strains and high yielding autos or best of all if there is any autos out there that can have 2 months veg and then go directly to bloom automatic??? that would be perfect here up in the north of norway since i have no chance of having regular strains outdoors and the most of the autos only root for about 2,5 to 4 weeks in veg before they autobloom-- and no i can not make shade for them every night.. but autos should be possible to genetic clock them to veg for a longer time before they autoflower, aint that possible with some generations of inbreeding the various outdoors strains i end up with and let mother earth take care of the natural selection..

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