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best way to ship??

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by hawaiinsolja, Dec 31, 2008.

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    hawaiinsolja Well-Known Member

    whats the best way to ship like an ounce or two in the usa from state to state?

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    don't use UPS. thieving bastards. :cuss:

    UmF Active Member

    i wouldnt ship state to state period. its just a bad idea. anything that is shipped across state lines is usually checked thoroughly. THE BEST idea would be to take it yourself and hope they dont randomly search your car. my friends uncle who owns a dispensary in cali wont ship it he will only bring it if hes coming down to visit.
    Bubba Kushman

    Bubba Kushman Well-Known Member

    However you decide to send it make sure its in a very dark colored sealed container. My bud sends stuff in the mail with a dark glass jar packed in a box when he does it.

    Hank Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't do it period.


    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Yea you do that across state lines and you are looking at seriously hard federal prison time.

    IF you gotta do it.. IF... You take it with you on a greyhound bus.

    You need to cover the smell so that everyone else smells like they have more weed than you do.

    But even then you can get stopped and the whole bus can be searched in some areas. (I've heard of this happening but it never happened to me)

    UPS/Fedex/USPS are all scanning packages more than they ever used to because of the terrorist threat bullshit and every package goes through too many hands and too many inspection points and scanners etc or whatever the hell they are using. (Much of what they are doing is actually unknown but they are doing a lot of things they never used to in the past.)

    Either way you are asking for a shitload of trouble.

    (unless this post was just a thinly vailed attempt to sell, then nevermind.)

    UmF Active Member

    i dont know about greyhound buses but like i said my friends uncles brings down some weed every few months or so and all he does is drive it himself.

    hawaiinsolja Well-Known Member

    you think the train would be a good idea? i just took one recently like 2 days ago and there was no security at all i mean i prolly coulda brung 20 pounds if i wanted to lol
    Stoney Jake

    Stoney Jake Well-Known Member

    I asked a buddy that works for UPS about this to see if they scan their smaller packages for drugs/illegal things and he said they dont. He also said that he has heard of people smelling the pot and calling the cops though.
    Its a risk I wouldnt take

    NoSaint Well-Known Member

    We used to have pounds shipped right to our doorstep from the southwest to the north east. Usually 5lbs at a time.Seal it up good and put it in something else. Send it overnight mail either DHL, Fed ex etc and use a different name. When you send it make sure that you require NO signature. That way if they show up with it asking for a signature you can be pretty sure they know what it is and deny the package since it isn't in your name.

    We've done this with weed, coke and crystal. Much, much more weight than an oz worth.
    The faster its shipped through the less they check packages. My brother has worked for both fed ex and Dhl for many years. They dont check shit for packages really, easpecially if its overnight shipping. The only time it usually gets checked is if the cops already know its coming.

    justatoker New Member


    Thats just plain stupid.. PERIOD

    Acidburn999819 Well-Known Member

    UPS and FEDEX don't do shit for searching for drugs. I have a buddy that works for them....half the employees smoke. They are not calling the cops....they are running a biz...who turns in there customers? Your package may get there a couple grams light. But if you pack it well....like pack it in a stiff cardboard box....ducktape the whole thing 10X and all that you'll be fine... just ship it next day air or two day air....less hands will touch it and it will move faster.
    buggs bunny

    buggs bunny Well-Known Member

    Put your seasled bag of dope in a big plastic jar of peanut butter

    you just take out most of the pb to save on shipping

    or put your bag of dope in the middle of some good ground up coffe in a box

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member


    hawaiinsolja Well-Known Member

    hmmmm good thinking guys some of these ideas are creative and well seems like itll work so lets try it out ill let u guys know if the people down south get my package wish me luck

    mexsinsemilla Well-Known Member

    you can ship! its done everyday, overnight brother!!!!!!

    ViRedd New Member

    Damn, there is a lot of misinformation in this thread.


    mexsinsemilla Well-Known Member

    You will only know if u do it yourself , like i did! Now dont go ship a fucking pound bro! Keep it under an oz

    tilemaster Well-Known Member

    theres actually a bit of mis information here. do the research first:

    ups, fedex, dhl, etc (Private Companies):
    they infact do search packages, an employee can rip in2 your for any number of reasons. spilled liquid or smell being the top. also private companies as listed have known to don their uniforms for local police and fed for "controlled deliveries"

    The best way to go for shipping illegal items IS USPS. not that i recommend any of this. USPS would have to get a warrent to search your package. If you know its late as fuck, dont recieve it. As mentioned by somebody in this thread, Never have signiture confirmation associated w/ dirty packages! if they did find it, and wanna fuck u, they need ur signature, ie Controlled Delivery!

    also as a rule of thumb USPS descrimintates against Express (overnight), and Priority Mail, as far as screening them harder for contraband. Do not use these services, although i have had express to my door with elbs , no problem. But if u read up on there policies, you will find they know that drugs are being sent more often in these overnight and next day services, so they screen them harder. Also they look for fradulant return addresses, dont make up some random stupid shit. Also they look for signs of packaging tape, being used on all seams! My advice, frezzer seal, then use double layer turkey bags. dont use as much tape on outside of box as you might wanna 2. Shit that about covers it.


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    WhistlingBeaver Active Member

    I have to agree with tilemaster... If you gotta do it, go through USPS.

    I believe you gotta look at the fact the USPS workers really don't like their jobs overall... just go to the post office and you will see yourself. FedEx and UPS pay better and have better benefits so their employees may take their jobs a little more serious. so, the only real chance you have loosing your ackage from USPS is from someone smelling it and taking it for themselves.

    My buddy had a package delivered that smelled halfway down the street (no exaggeration!). I couldn't believe how strong the smell was and that the package was actually delivered! the mail truck must have been stinking for days!
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