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Best strains around Washington.

Discussion in 'Washington Patients' started by iPushKush, Aug 18, 2010.


    iPushKush Active Member

    And when I say Washington, I don't mean Eastern WA (what a joke). Everyone knows that the west side (seattle/tacoma/bellingham/olympia) has the best fire around. I put this up so you guys could post some of your favorite strains that go around WA. I'll start out with some of mine.

    - Afgoo
    - White Widow
    - Blue Dream
    - Trainwreck
    - Blueberry

    Just starting off with some of my favorites, I tried to keep the list small! Peace!
    Howard Stern

    Howard Stern Well-Known Member

    Ha ha my brother lives in Spokane! I live up here by Seattle. I don't have a favorite yet, I just got my card and started growing. But since I am growing NL I would have to say Northern lights is my fav!
    Ghetto Grow

    Ghetto Grow Member

    Dutch Treat
    Sour Diesel

    iPushKush Active Member

    yes! the headband I had was a little leafy, but between all the leaves was like pure white crystals! it was damn good! and I've heard a lot about dutch treat, but never had it....

    fugit Member

    cherry pie
    betty boop

    Karmic420 Member

    All time favorites:
    Cultivator's Choice - 'the' SK1 x NL5 (circa 1989)
    Barney's Farm - LSD
    Purple Wreck x Jack Herer

    Looking forward to some others:
    Dinafem - Blue Widow
    Dinafem - Royal Haze
    DNA - RockLock
    Delicious - Critical Yumbolt
    White Widow x Big Bud
    iluv r3dtub3

    iluv r3dtub3 New Member

    the all time best straind i have had in washington is amsterdam fire.

    amsterdam fire
    great white
    northern lights
    very berry
    buba kush
    og kush
    a small list of many

    aDarkepiphany.. Well-Known Member

    uw hashplant
    red beard
    mostly everything provided by volunteers for us med patients is great, gets u all gacked up ha life is great

    sno1890 Member

    Gonna have to say the many different versions of G 13 that are floating around. The others are mango and legends ultimate.

    mrgreenlungz Active Member

    I've been in Wa (509) for a few years now and unless you really know someone, it is hard to find the stinky stinky. I have seen shit that would get someone killed where I'm from. I know a guy who never listens to me and gets raped on a regular basis from "his guy" - no shit, his last episode was hash that was in actuality nothing more than resin with maybe some keif kneaded into it, he paid 25 for a gram.

    Blue dream was amazing, we saw it last year. A favorite, if anyone knows where to get legit clones from, PM with a dispensary name please. White Russian was good too, found a seed and it's about 3FT tall in the garden. Have you had Oregon Kush? The taste was hit or miss at times but usually decent of not good and the high was amazing. Covered in sticky goodness. I believe that's the one that looked like a fresh rice crispy treat being pulled apart under the 100X when you gave the nug a squeeze. Had one called Black, taste and smell were great, but it was a weak high not much for pain and real stringy. Currently growing Kandy Kush (OG Kush X Trainwreck) outdoor along with some other ladies. Was thinking about having a dinner party for a few patients and serving some of the stuff from the Green Label edible place. Have any of you tried their food?

    bladesblazin Member

    I had some pretty good bubblegum a while back, and I am just starting a grow of it from seed.

    Bhanghead Member

    Im a short ferry ride from Seattle...as of lately ive been seeing more kushes...chocolate kush, lemon kush,etc. A couple years ago i was getting The cough outta bellingham. Blue Trinity out of seattle.. really good smoke and some of the best bag appeal ive seen. About a year ago I was getting alot of Original Diesel AKA Daywrecker Diesel out of Olympia. There is always Widow around.. a bit of trainwreck here and there... My area is flooded with different meds.. just gotta seek them out...

    Drivenmonster Member

    How About

    Chem Dawg #4
    Blue Pez
    Jack Herer
    God Bud
    The Real "18year old" UW
    Dj Short pre 99 blueberry, purple indica pheno

    Those Are my favorites for the last 6 months

    Honorable mentions:
    Chem #1 Chem #7
    Critical Plus
    Blue Widow
    Perma Frost

    Im the guy people wanna find lol

    growinman Well-Known Member

    ......wow, no mention of Pandora's Box(TGA) and it's been around in clones for quite sometime now.........and some of the best smoke I 've grown in years. Actually I got this gifted to me from someone who got it from a 'club' and it's the first clone I've mothered out that I didn't get from seed from the Nl.
    Also, a 3 years runner/keeper I run is G-13 Labs White Widow and is more potent than Serious's AK47(run that too). The funny thing is the g13 ww seed I got was a freebie from the attitude way back!

    Anybody remember the RKS we used to get from BC that had been bread at the u of w in or around '75?

    Fatty R Buckle

    Fatty R Buckle Active Member

    Last 9 months
    Subcool/jack the ripper
    Next generation/grape god , nyc purple diesel
    Resin seeds/sour p , LA ultra
    GHS/bubba kush

    Killface Well-Known Member

    Man you all need to try that strawberry kush or whatever they call it floating around. Ive had it once but no one can seem to find it anymore

    Ricky123 Member

    I have narrowed it down to: Fumar Con Dios, Jack La Mota, Barney's LSD, Trainwreck. But the big surprise with me and everyone at the dispensary is hands down Colombian Gold, superb balance, beautiful firm golden buds covered with crystal, a forgotten classic.

    hoagtech Well-Known Member

    I live outside of bellingham in a city called Lynden (Gods town haha). I Just cant vouch for the sour diesel or the dutch treat because its never as good as it should be. My faves:
    1. Tooti-Fruiti
    2. White Widow
    3. White Rhino
    4. G-13
    5. Super Silver
    6 ish. and Grandaddy Purple when my friends take cali roadtrips but I dont think that counts.

    @drivenmonster - Ive been calling it kim-dog for the longest time cus i lost the label hahaha. I even started grow thread recently called kim-dog/white widow in the grow journals. Im glad I saw that. I knew it wasnt right.

    MomaPug Active Member

    All time favorite from the Seattle Metro area....

    Albert Walker, followed closely by Pez

    The last few months;

    Sour Diesel
    Blueberry Diesel
    Blue Dream
    Matanuska Thunderfuck
    White Widow
    Train Wreck

    beeker Well-Known Member

    im kinda partial to my own cross WWXNL,been breeding and cloning it for several grows, very stable and predicitable.been sharin some out in T town area.

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