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Best soil choice from Lowes or Home Depot?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by osujudoman, Jul 19, 2009.


    osujudoman Active Member

    Hey guys, I can't afford to do my entire grow with the expensive soil mixes like from Fox Farms, etc.

    What I'd like to do is make my own soil mix, in bulk, from components I can get cheap locally.

    I can get 4cu ft of perlite for about $12 and a bushel of peat moss for about the same.

    However, when I got to Lowes or HD there are a bunch of different options and I'm not sure what would be best. A lot of them are 'pre-fertilized' claiming their soil mix will feed for months.

    I'm pretty sure I should stay away from the 'pre-fertilized' mixes since I'm going to be adding my own nutrients. The same with the mixes that already have perlite added.

    So once again, what soil do you guys recommend that is carred at either Lowes or Home Depot?

    genisis Well-Known Member

    I have used earth grow potting soil from Home depot a couple of times. It is very cheap - about $4 for 2 CF. It is just potting soil with some chips in it (bark?) same as most, but the PH is around 7. It seems to work fine but dries out rather quickly.

    bigtomatofarmer Well-Known Member

    Different strains will react differently depending on the brand of soil.
    For instance, Blueberry (indica) is a strain that does not require alot of nutrients, so nuteburn will be easier than a 100% sativa, like durban poison.
    Therefore, someone who grew a sativa with miracle grow, may have success, while Blueberry will not.

    In my experience, I have tried many many soils from Homedepot. I dont like any of them.
    I grew Early Misty in Scotts premium soil and it turned out ok.
    Miracle Grow Organic (and it must be the organic, not time release or moisture control) is the best in my awesome opinion. No big chunks, slightly acidic ph, and low content of nutrients.

    That was a long time ago though... Now I am a big supporter of Fox Farm. I know its expensive, but trust me, its worth it. Check the link in my sig for the journal. I grow in Fox Farm Oceans Forrest and I couldnt be happier.

    Good Luck :peace:

    bigtomatofarmer Well-Known Member

    soil that has those large chunks (bark) is really not any good. It can cause the bonsai effect and stunt your growth at an early age.

    the medium you choose for your plants is one of the most important decisions you can make when growing.

    spend the money, it will be worth it

    fish601 Active Member

    I use a Premium Potting Soil bought at homedepot it has slow release fertilizers for 6 months so all i have to do is add water i use this for my indoor and outdoor grow it works well... i think the reason noone likes slow release is the final product doesnt taste as good but i am not trying to win an award
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    satch Well-Known Member

    Not to derail your thread, but what kind of tomatoes are those? The only store bought potting soil I had any success with was the Miracle Grow Organic but I'm a big advocate of homemade compost. If you're doing an outdoor grow, vermiculite is better for you than perlite because it holds water and weighs your peat down, yet gets about as much oxygen into the medium as perlite.
    jeff f

    jeff f New Member

    everybody seems to knock miracle grow potting soil but i get very good results with it and have used it for about 3 years. tried several other brands in the begining(dont remember names) and always came back to mg
    Old Fat Hippy

    Old Fat Hippy Member

    I was in the same position a year ago...thinking about growing and feeling despair looking around for affordable GOOD soil. Miracle Grow AINT it, LOL...I know, cuz I TRIED it. Then I made my oin mix out of peat, mushroom comost and a little perlite.
    Then I read some post about this thing called a "Hempy Bucket". "What? Growing MJ in JUST perlite mixed with vermiculite?" I kept reading...and decided I HAD to try a Hempy. Best decision I ever made.

    I urge you to do a google of "Hempy Bucket" and read for yourself!
    Basically, you get a BIG bag of perlite, which is cheap and a smaller bag of vermiculite, which is also cheap...rinse hell out of the perlite, because it is dusty...then get a container---can be a 3 gal bicket, or a plastic one gal tea pitcher like I use, from Walmart! You drill a half inch hole two inches above the bottom for a "resevoir". Mix three parts perlit with one part verm. Fill your container and poke in your clone or seedling.
    Water daily for a week or two until the root has had time to grow enough to reach the 2" res at the bottom. Then. begin watering with nutes. You will be amazed---CHEAP, plus you can re-use the perlite/verm, grow after grow. Just soak in a weak bleach solution, theh rinse the hell out of it and let it dry to evaporate off any bleach that might be left.

    The Hempy is the most simple and basic hydro, really. The perlite suspends the plant and the roots reach down to the two inches of nutes always at the bottom. The verm helps to hold some moisture in the perlite, so the young roots can stay moist even before they reach the res.
    I'll hunt for a pic of my "Hempy Pitchers" and post it after this post, if you want to see what they look like. Im pretty sure I have a pic...just gotta look form it, LOL.

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    Lifted1 Active Member

    The only medium i would get at lowes is the perlite and vermiculite.

    personally i like to mix 75% perlite, 25% vermiculite in 5 gal hempy buckets.

    i use lucas formula. big plants with 0 hassle.

    yeah i know......its to simple.

    greenfirekilla420 Well-Known Member

    Jungle Growth Soil is pretty decent no burns Lowes carries it. Like 11.99 for a HUGE BAG of it. Its decently light (got a lot of peat moss in it) but not very airy needs a bit more perlite. Just dont use any nutrients for the first month or so and your golden.

    Old Fat Hippy

    Old Fat Hippy Member

    Here's my Hempy Pitchers, if you're interested. These are White Widow in third week of 12/12

    ChronicOrchid Member

    I just started growing two baby outdoor plants that sprouted about 3 weeks ago, but i need help on what i can get to Fertilize the plants and what nutrients i need in the begining and towards harvest end. Also it there any thing to make them grow faster. These are my first plants i've tried to grow on my own and are looking good for now but i'm guessing on everything here on out. Please tell me what i need to do. I water them everyday / every other day, so what else do i do?


    chitownsmoking Guest

    just use regular potting soil, and mix in one fourth perlite. then get some good nutes. stay away from mg soil. you will run into problems with sproutings, and later on in bloom

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    I look at fox farm OF a little differently. No need for nuts in veg saving money and problems. buy the perlite in bulk and I'd still go that route but we all try to cut corners usually costing bud in the end. gl...

    Ezz1r4u2c Member

    I have used perlite in the past and "it works" depending on the amount of puppies you will be feeding. I bought 2 bags of perlite @ HD cheap and was able to raise 23 fully grown mature healthy puppies............ Bugs maybe an issue if your humidity is not correct....

    fish601 Active Member

    check this link out

    Ronjohn7779 Well-Known Member

    Sounds kind of like a dutch pot/bato bucket setup. Those work lovely so I imagine that hempy bucket would too.

    growone Well-Known Member

    I'll just 'vote' for what a few growers have mentioned, MG Organic
    Actually, there are 2 kinds og MG Organic - Organic Potting soil and Organic Garden soil
    Lowes has the MG Oragnic Garden for about $4 a cubic foot - it's treated me well - especially after I fried a plant in MG Moisture Control

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Anything works, I've used mg before just fine even the chemical nute ball stuff you just have to feed and water appropriately for the mix you use.

    Having said that, the best thing lowes or home depot has is lava rock. Screw using cheap dirt and dealing with gnats etc and try any of the simplest hydro setups even if it's just hand watering drain to waste or the simplest ebb and flow which both cost no more than using soil and are no more difficult.

    mp377t Well-Known Member

    I didn't feel like reading all the replies to see if anyone said this already, but Home Depot carries a miracle grow seed starting soil which is very light and fluffy with perilite in it and it has VERY low additives in it. I'm currently using it with my auto with fox farms nutrients and its doing good.

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