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Best Fan Ever. Extremely Quiet

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by nomaninsf, Jan 3, 2009.


    nomaninsf Well-Known Member

    I tried a new fan model today and it is so quiet that I have to start a thread to tell people about it. It moves the same amount of air as my other fans but the noise factor makes this fan a winner.

    First I started out with a 6" Vortex and put it on a dimmer at about 75%. It moved enough air but was loud.

    Next I tried a 4" Can Fan and ran it on 100%. The Can Fan was quieter than the Vortex and moved the same amount of air. It was still louder than I wanted though.

    Today I swapped out the Can Fan with a Panasonic Whisperline fan. It moves just as much air but the great part is that its SO QUIET. Shhhhh. I can't believe it. It's moving as much air as my Can Fan and it makes less noise than the oscillating fan I have in the grow room. Unfuckingbelieveable! I am so happy. It would take 5 or 6 of the Whisperlines to be as loud as my Can Fan.

    Here are links to the fans I used:
    Mr. Marley

    Mr. Marley Active Member

    Ive been looking for a fan, So i am going to give the Panasonic a try. Thanks for posting.
    The Spider Silva

    The Spider Silva Active Member

    Do you guys know if I can just use a couple box fans for circulation??

    skitzo Well-Known Member

    dude so can you post a pic of this whisperline fan you bought? im gonna be ordering one pretty soon just because you made this thread.

    just want to know if it puts out a lot of heat or something becuz the only con about the fan is that its kind of heavy, but that isnt and issue for me.

    just heat issues and noise

    demonic1 Well-Known Member

    How much was it and where did u get it? Will they mail 0rder?

    wowtestdrive Member

    There is a pic in the link he gives. Also inline fans cool themselves - heat wont be an issue
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    kingdiamond Active Member

    I use one and it works fine just dont blow it directly on your plants all the time i bounce mine off a wall into my grow box .:mrgreen:

    gozania Member

    Has anyone ever used these to cool down a light and as a scrubber in one? Or do you think I would be better off running a can fan for that application.
    Frisky Dingo

    Frisky Dingo Member

    Thanks for the post, I just started fan shopping. Really glad i saw this.

    tophy Active Member

    This whisperline fan by Panasonic looks good but I'm in the UK and it doesn't seem to be available to UK people. Can anyone suggest an alternative that's as good. eBay wanted about £60 just for delivery from the states!

    tet1953 Well-Known Member

    kingdiamond, I am fairly new at growing, so you can take this with a grain of salt. I have had some success, however. I disagree with you about having fans directly on plants. You can overdo it of course, but from what I have read and my own experience, it is better to have a gentle breeze going across the plants. I use a 16" ocillating one, set at an appropriate distance away so as not to put a lot of stress on the plants.

    The reason for this is that it is right at the surface of the leaves where you need to change out the air. Makes sense. The toxins are expelled by the leaves and carried away, and new CO2 is made available to the surface of the leaves constantly. You could change out virtually all the air in the room every 3 minutes, but if it isn't moving across the leaves you aren't getting optimal results. The air is moving fairly constantly in nature.

    Just my 2 cents, others may disagree.
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    FropHead Active Member

    Nice gonna give one a shot on the new setup. When I bought my 6" valueline inline I knew it would be loud but...damn! If these are as quiet as you say I am sold...

    newworldicon Well-Known Member

    Whats the model number? Maybe a few people looking might find it?

    ValleGrown Well-Known Member

    Check this fan out efficient little fuckers gonna buy another when I get 39.99

    ValleGrown Well-Known Member


    Shtebaz Member

    I bought one of these, I am satisfied. (panasonic whisper 240)

    It's quiet, but not whisper quiet. I'm pulling cool winter air from the room above my growroom ( I open the window slightly), going to my aircooled lamp (heats up the air a bit), then goes in by growbox, then to the fan then to the scrubber. Good formula, i get about 75f-50%RH. depending if it's raining or not. I just close the window when the light is off.

    It moves a good amount of air, with not too much noise. The manual recommends having 8' of insulated duct to remove noise. Mine is bolted to the exterior wall of my growbox, pushing into the carbon scrubber, .

    My next growbox will be a bit bigger, to allow the fan (which is fairly big and heavy) and scrubber to be inside the grow box. This should make it close to dead quiet when box is closed, except for the exhaust hole, which I might extend with 8' insulated duct. I'll be pulling thru the scrubber this time around, to avoid debris and dust to enter the fan (which has no filter whatsover, but it's serviceable.)

    This is my first grow, so the box is an ongoing prototype. But now I got this shit down, so Version 1.0 should be a real stealthy bee-ute :) Come on ladies, I need you outta there so i can start this new box! (going scrog btw)

    Shtebaz Member


    mr.smileyface Well-Known Member

    Yo i use a 12inch can fan on a rheostat. You can barley hear it.

    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    Sunleaves Wind Tunnel fans are silent also. Great fans that move lots of air without any fan noise.
    mr. green thumb 01

    mr. green thumb 01 New Member

    i use stanley utility blower fans they have a 6 inch intake hole on one side and a couple vents on the other side and can move over 2000cfm on high setting. i just put some duct tape on the one side with the vents and dust tape a 6 inch air duct to the intake on the fan and the mother fucker might as well be a vacuum! The best part is they are only $50-$60 also

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