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Autoflowering problem!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by brownhornet685, Dec 16, 2009.


    brownhornet685 Active Member

    In the last 6 months has anyone had dwarfs from the (tude) by( jointDR) die after reaching 2-4 inches? I have had about four do this out of different packages. All feminized and different strains. It is very strange.They take off great then all of a sudden they quit growing and just die. What is weird is every one that has done this starts to have pistols shoot out of the top like it is a miniture complete plant. I think their is some defect in the breeding. Peace

    nanskies Active Member

    what is your setup...light fans room temp nutes could be a lot of little things that made it die

    iloveit Well-Known Member

    Is there anything different that needs to be done when growing an autoflowering plant?

    Waynes Active Member

    Hey hornet,

    I bought some auto LR2xAK-47 Femmed seeds from Joint Doc's about 3 months ago. I've only sprouted one, and it did really well, up until now that is ...day 53. I've seen other journals with guys growing them as well recently, and they seem fine. It could be that everyone who has had problems early on have no reason to start a grow journal though? Contact the Attitude about your problem, they seem like a really good vendor and doubt they'd be pleased to know they've been selling bad seeds, and they might help you out just for bringing the problem to their attention.

    brownhornet685 Active Member

    I did contact the tude and No help. I had change nothing about my setup when this happened and I always get 2-3 and sometimes 4oz off each one. I have mastered the autoflower. I just wondered had anyone else had this happen. Merry xmas

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