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Autoflower Thread & Resource Guide

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by KolorBlind, Jun 1, 2009.


    KolorBlind Well-Known Member

    This thread is dedicated to any and all information about autoflowering cannabis strains. I am new to AF strains myself but I found it difficult to scrounge up a whole lot of information about them. Basically its a cross between a ruderalis (hemp) plant and either an indica or sativa strain. When they were first introduced they were significantly lower in THC % than most common non AF strains. These days they have come a long way. I have seen strains for sale with claims of +20% THC. The Diesel Ryder I am currently growing is said to be 17-20% THC.

    OK I will attempt a small little FAQ here for some of the simple questions usually asked based on what Ive read. Please correct me if anything is inaccurate.

    What does "autoflower" mean? It means that the plant will show sex and start to flower at around 3 weeks with any light regiment between 12/12 and 24/0.

    What is the best light cycle to use? This, as with any strain, will always be a debatable topic. I find that most people in the forums Ive read use a 20/4 or 24/0 cycle. But they will grow under practically any light regiment.

    How long from seed to harvest? Most autoflower strains are ready to harvest 8-10 weeks from seed.

    How tall do AF plants get? With no training and enough room, AF plants range on average from 12-20" tall at harvest.

    Can you clone an AF strain? AF strains CAN be cloned. However, the clone will be the same "age" as the plant the clone was taken from and finish at the same time. This can be done with success but keeping an AF strain in veg to use as a mother plant is not possible. Typically, most will pollinate their ladies to keep a seed stock going instead of cloning.


    Autoflower discussion here at RIU ---- And another
    "Show off your AF pics" Thread
    Autoflower Social Group
    Cannabisculture.com article about AFs & Ruderalis

    Well that's all I have for now. As stated earlier please let me know if any information is inaccurate. My intent is not to misinform, I just want to save people some time. I have 6 more Diesel Ryder seeds I just planted tonight, so Ill keep everyone updated with any new info, problems, etc. that I come across. So feel free to post ANY information you have on AF strains, whether it be links, pictures, or personal experiences. I hope everyone likes the idea of this thread and starts to contribute, if so it could end up becoming very useful. Till next time here are a couple pics of my pregnant ladies Carmen & Regina, they are 45 days old & about 2-3 weeks from harvest.



    goten Well-Known Member

    bro i dont think your supost to give links to other marijuana forums! its cool if you want to try to start a thread on a.f but get members from RIU to hook up with!

    KolorBlind Well-Known Member

    Oh I see, I didnt realize that was frowned upon. In all the searching I did (and believe me I searched RIU first and longest) that was just all the useful info I came across. If having the links from other forums is a party foul Ill remove them, I dont want to offend anyone. Should I just take the forum nam eout of the link or delete the links themselves?

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    goten Well-Known Member

    no worry`s :peace: not my call its up to one of the elite members

    BooRadley Well-Known Member

    Subscribed. :)

    I have some LR#2 x Auto ak47s going right now. One of them is now 26" tall. Freeky!

    I doubt anyone will care about the links to other forums. I've seen several such links on RIU before, and no one seemed to care, so hopefully no one will be upset.

    KolorBlind Well-Known Member

    Well Im glad to see some interest has been taken in this thread. Feel free to post links to your grows, post pictures, anything that will help people learn more about AF strains.

    Smoke reports and yields are always a plus too. The 2 Diesel Ryders I have going will definitely not yield that much, especially since they are pollinated. I would be happy with 7-10 grams dry per plant after picking out seeds. They lived in a 16oz cup for a little over 4 weeks so they got a little root bound & stunted. I dont expect them to grow much taller. I should have a smoke report in a few weeks.

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    toocoolo Well-Known Member

    Hey Everybody!

    Finally a good AF thread! yay! See, I have both a funny story and some issues...

    My girl and I got this pack of 5 feminized Lowryder2 seeds from our local grow shop. We pick those based on a few good reviews I've read on AFs, and the plan was to have a *quick* plant ready to smoke in a short period of time while the other ladies live their longer lifes. All our plants are in pots and soil in the outdoors, with natural sunlight. Oh yeah!

    So we germinated 2 seeds at the same time to see how different they would be: one of Lowryder2 (LR2 from now on) and another generic sativa (non Auto Flowering). This was around early March, first week, I think. As soon as they both popped out of the seed, we celebrated with a nice fat blunt from our previous stash and put the unused feminized seeds away, somewhere in the house. You know, in a "safe place". The plan was to wait a month or so, and then plant another LR2, that way we would be able to harvest 1 LR2 each month! Our backs covered until harvesting time in Fall!

    Its been almost 3 moths now. Both the LR2 and the generic sativa are big and pretty, around 30 cm (1ft) tall or so. (will post pics tomorrow) Not much flowering on the LR2 though; it barely started poping out the little white hairs. But that's our que to try and start germinating the next LR2 seed... except.... we can't find the damn package anywhere in the house.

    I putted away in a "safe place". We live alone, no one's been here. So its obviously here somewhere. No doubt. But where? And why did I kept it in such a safe place if we don't really have the need to hide anything?!!

    Anyway, Im a little surprised that its been around 3 months already, and the AF doesn't seems to behave in any abnormal way, compared to the generic sativa. They're both the same size and age and all. I've been giving them both Bio-Grow once in a while (once or twice per week) and pure water when needed. I'm wondering if I should start feeding them Bio-Bloom, or if I should feed them at all... the AFs, I mean. They guy from the store said that it wouldn't be necessary, since they would be ready so fast, that there wouldn't be enough time for me to feed them and wash the nutes away on the last 2 weeks of life.

    I'll post picks of my 3 month old LR2 and the other girl tomorrow for you to see. Any imput will be much apretiated.

    Thanks for readyng my story, sorry it got a lil long. You know how it is ;)

    Happy tokes!

    KolorBlind Well-Known Member

    Hi Toocool, thanks for stoppin by!!
    It seems odd to me that after 3 months you havent harvested your AFs. As far as Ive read the longer life cycle AF strains are only grown for 10 MAYBE 11 weeks but by then they should be fat & sticky with buds. Mine are like 1.5 months old and if I wanted to I could harvest today lol. Of course, the buds will be much bigger given another couple of weeks, plus I need all the seeds to fully develop.

    I dont know if maybe you were given a non AF strain by mistake or if that is just some ridiculously long life cycle strain. If I read correctly, youre saying that even after 3 months one plant is just barely showing signs of sex?? Thats crazy if so, it should happen around week 3.


    thegreymirror Active Member

    Does any one have a recommended feeding Schedar for AFs?

    toocoolo Well-Known Member

    Hey guys!

    I'm very sure they gave me the right AF Lowryder2 seeds, since they where in an all fancy printed cardboard package. I would tell you the brand and all, but I still can't find the thing...

    Here's some pics of my AF Lowryder2, to the right of the generic Sativa, planted the same day, back in March. They're bigger than what I thought, around maybe 50 cm or even larger. There's also a closeup of the first sex signs on it.

    So yeah, does anybody knows how should we feed this girls? should I start feeding flowering thingy on her? should I just leave her alone?


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    b00linib Active Member


    KolorBlind Well-Known Member

    OK so I did a little research and from what others have said, treat an AF strain much like you would a regular one. The only difference is that AF strains flower earlier and for a shorter amount of time so start bloom nutes as soon as they show sex. I havent seen anyone that recommends feeding more often than every other watering.

    Most people were using FF nutes and said to stay away from Tiger. Also, keep in mind that the flower cycle is only about 5-7 weeks, so make sure that after about week 4 you are using only water no nutes.

    A few have recommended sulfur (bone meal) in slightly higher amounts than a regular strain, like 2tbsp per gallon, or mix some into the soil. That should only be done after they show sex though.

    As far as a "schedule" goes, it seems that very rarely can you define a set schedule for feeding plants. You want to just water when it looks like they need it, not when you think its time. And never use any more than the bottle calls for on any nute, most of the time start with about 1/2 the amount suggested and work your way up as with anything.

    So in short, any nutes high in nitrogen & maybe some superthrive every other watering until they flower. After flowering go straight to bloom nutes every other watering. I have seen so many plants turn out amazing with few to no nutes at all, or even cheapo walmart stuff. Its always better to give them less than more, if they need more they will let you know. Remember just give your plant what it wants, not necessarily what you think it needs.

    Hope that helps. If I find anymore good info Ill post away!

    doktordoris Active Member


    Im growing AFs indoors.

    I haven't got any recent pics. but look at my albums.


    strangerdude562 Well-Known Member

    wow, how loyal. Who gives a crap, info is info, it doesn't matter where it comes from.
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    KolorBlind Well-Known Member

    Man thats just crazy! Definitely the largest AF Ive seen, and the fact that it is just now flowering is NUTS! Later tonight Ill take a pic of my AFs next to my "normal" strains that are gorwing in my full sized fridge. The AFs are only 3 days older than the others and they have been flowering for over 3 weeks now whereas my others are on week 2 of flowering and just sprouting their first hairs. Ill try to remember to take a pic when I get home.


    sxf0516 Active Member

    subscribed, i think the idea of autoflowering plants is crazy. i want some seeds very badly, it sucks theyre more expensive than normal seeds. as soon as i have a bit of extra cash im going to order some diesel ryder seeds.

    KolorBlind Well-Known Member

    OK so I actually measure my Diesel Ryders and I couldn't stop laughing for 20minutes. I knew they were short but DAMN.....The shortest (Carmen) is 5.5" and her sister Regina is a mere 6.75" HAHA!!

    Here are some pictures of the two of them with my 2 bagseed girls. The Diesel Ryders are 3 days older :P


    And a bit of a top view

    Mmmmm cant wait to harvest. The AFs spent a month in 16oz dixie cups is the reason they're so small. But its pretty awesome that they will grow that small, & bud like crazy!


    Greenstuff Well-Known Member

    Can one keep the same temperature and humidity from start to finish with AF's? or is it the same as a normal grow? and as anyone used the AutoFem seed bank?

    sxf0516 Active Member

    i was trying to buy some seeds from attitude soon, and i was gonna go with joint doctors diesel ryder but theyre sold out now when they had them just a few days ago. are those just milk gallon containers u have them in? ive never grown an autoflowering plant. i really want the diesel ryder. and i wanted to let a male pollinate one of the females so i could get more seeds for free. is it true that they one take 1.5 months? and how long are you letting those plants go to make the seeds mature? ive always picked the males out as soon as i noticed them. and out of those 2 females u have, how many did u try growing and how many males did u have. thanks in advance.

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    Depends on your point of view.

    Since you can't take clones, and roll basically forever, they are pricey. Unless you wanna basically sacrifice a single grow for seed production.
    And the ration of M vs F on 10 seeds can weigh in kinda heavy.

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