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Auto-Flowering plants

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by LonStrgTrp, Feb 23, 2009.


    juicyjayz New Member

    is using tap water fine for my young seedlings??i know for a fact m,y tap water SUXXX...cus the ph is above 8.5!!!! also i live in a major coastal city,so the ppm must be CRAZYY high...so should i lay off the tap water for my seedlings..and just use r/o or distilled?? or can i still use it if i aply those anti chlorine drops for fish tanks??? it says it removes ammonia,chlorine,chlroinates,and nitrates....with only 2 drops pewr gallon?? so shopuld i just use this?? or is this bad??.......

    uptosumpn Well-Known Member

    seems like you know a lil about these, espcially concerning light amount, (which is a curcial part of the entire set-up) so here is my question, my grow space is 56" x 56" x 78.5" and I plan on growing 20 of these Autos in 3gal, (6.5" x 7" x 13") grow bags...do you think I can achieve 2oz, "dry" per plant in soil, (Fox Farm Oceans Forest with a 25% perlite mixed in) Fox Farms nutrients, Fox Farms 3-part soulibles, Superthrive, Advance nutrients root builder/enhancer, (Voodo Juice, Tarantula, Phirana) Black strap Molasses, Bonniticare's Clearex and Cal-Mag, two 6" rotating fans, (for air circulation) four 2' argo sun floro's, (1 in each corner) a 409cfm windtunnel exhaust fan with a Can-66 carbon filter, a 293/218cfm, (high/low) in-line fan, (for cooling light via Hydro-farm Radiant 6 reflector) with a 600HPS and 600MH,<for 2wk veg< Hortilux bulbs????:confused: WHATTA YA THINK?:twisted::joint:


    Grim768 Member

    I got auto - AK 47 x white widow lowryder #2, 2 packs of 10 seeds for ...( u.k ) £22.50 a pack!! Cheap as anything. out of 20 seeds 18 have sprouted in germination!

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