are autoflowers less potent than photoperiod plants?

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    In a word: yes
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    technically yes, the strongest auto can put out probably 22-23%(afghan kush ryder can put out 20% effortlessly) THC but there are photo periods that can hit 25-28%. Non autos dominate autos, but some people prefer autos for certain reasons.

    This is just the beginning of autos though. For all we know in 5 years there might be an auto than dominates all photo period plants. Say you could have a plant that can get 5 feet tall by 5 feet wide and bud in a matter of 70-80 days, with 27% thc, well shit I would buy it. People might say, well thats impossible! hahaha not at all, there are species of bamboo that grow at the speed of 35 inches per day. They hold the guiness world record for fastest growing plant. If that plant can do it, any plant should be able to be genetically engineered to do similar. We just have to wait for the day the government legalizes marijuana and allow full spectrum tests on it.

    Could you imagine a cannabis plant that grew 35 inches per day. :idea: bongsmiliebongsmiliebongsmilie:idea:
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    If you understood why autos are autos, you would realize that most of your statement is complete foolishness.

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    I choose 3 bubblicious auto, and 1 northernlightsxblueberry auto for my first attitude order, I had pondered the same question before ordering and did as much googling around as I could, the smaller plant sizes compared to photoperiod were quite a plus for me considering its my first grow, and I want to keep things on a small scale for trial and error purposes. I was considering a photoperiod for dutch haze but just figured id keep the 8~ week flowering autos for now, I never really actually pondered how potent the THC would be compared to photoperiod, I figure I've probably smoked autoflowering nugs before and not known it, probably still got high. Lol =p

    Its nice that you don't have to worry about the light as much too, although I don't think I was too worried about the schedule and lack of light when deciding auto vs photoperiod, but I'm sure if I was not on such a small scale and first time grow it would have played a bigger factor along with the THC %.
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    " WHY SO SERIOUS! " :D :D bongsmiliebongsmiliebongsmiliebongsmilie
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    I would concour with the rest. You luck out here and there with auto's. Dina fem has solid automatic's. By this I mean rezin content. I see most auto s are hemp like in appearance. I bred a resinous normal photo period male with dina fem critical auto that looked sticky too. Let's see the outdoor results later... when this one is done I will show. Mwha ha ha ha ha. And I did the breeding with free stock .
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    But in general don't spend money on automatics!! The only one I would possibly without a doubt use is from $imon @ $erious $33ds if I spend on autos. The reason I choose this breeder in this field... is because he breeds stability!
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    Simply trying to combat your spread of misinformation is all.

    Hint: learn about Ruderalis.
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    This would be insane 35 inches per day. Dr. Frankenstein entered the building!!! Phuck that bitch better be a sativa not hemp!
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    hahahahahaha, funny stuff man. Lets review the post real quick. The first two sentences are TRUE, go on weedmaps and you can see some lab tested cannabis that is 27% (or very close too it). The thing I said about bamboo of the 47th type being able to grow 35 inches per day, ALSO TRUE... Go look up the Guinness Book of World Records then look up fastest growing plant, or better yet just Google fastest growing plant... Everything else I said was pure high guy humor and was not meant to be taken seriously. So once again, as the late great joker would say, "WHHHYYY SOOO SERRIIOUUSS!"

    So please tell me now, how are you stopping my giving of misinformation? When there was not any wrong information given. If there is something wrong with I posted (besides the stuff I clearly stated was humor) please clearly say what it is, then add what you believe it is. After, provide at least 1 reference from a book or 4 references from the internet that point to your side of the argument. Once you have given forth all of this information I will then agree with you, as long as the evidence provided was from a creditable source.

    Thank you. :) bongsmiliebongsmiliebongsmilie

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    Dinafem White Widow Auto = very good. 48" high, 52" wide in a 5 gallon DWC. Yield 2.15 ounces dried and cured plus all the smaller buds we made hash with.

    Paradise Vertigo = Uh uh.

    Both from experience. I can recommend WWA. No one hitter quitter by any means but tasty and a fun high that goes on.
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    Hotrodharley is right, idk how big the W.W auto gets but his was rather large. he inspired me into getting one, and I dont regret it. It grows 1-2 inches per day maybe more... crazy growth, check my 800 watt grow link in my signature. Fastest growing auto out of all the autos I am running.
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    Paradise Vertigo = Uh uh

    You too eh... I thought it was just me. First time I bought autos this was vertigo out of 6 beans only 2 produced decently.

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    All 6 grew in DWC. Very sparse flowering, skimpy yield for sure. The smoke was OK what there was of it. Then I planted the remaining 4 seeds I had in soil. Even less. Autos are a must here in AK for outdoor grows. No way will you harvest a guerrilla grow of photos. But Vertigo is not the choice. Neither are ANY of Sweet Seedss offering. I tried 2 each of Fast Bud, Speed Devil and Big Devil. Don't waste your time. This season looks to be the one for White Widow Autos here when the freezes are past.

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    i was really pleased with my afghan kush ryder, and got lots of compliments from friends, and they don't jus bullshit, it really did taste nice n packed a punch, deff worth investing if you grow outdoors during summer, can get two harvest in that time, best under greenhouse but mate, they r wicked lil plants
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    and they need not be less potent if the genetics allow, thats what good breeding is all about, you find a good match of mum and dad that allows the offspring to exhibit the auto flower trait, plus his THC trait, and traits of specific THC gland contents like CBD etc. There are alot of not so strong strains because theres alot of money to be made with the auto trait, but some breeders have deff got lucky with their auto breeding and bred some good plants
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    No thanks. I'll just let you live in your dream world. Doesn't affect me in the slightest.
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    bow down to the presence of ALAH! ahahah submitting that easy man? I thought this was going to be an RIU brawl. hahah.

    The reason you say "no thanks" is because there is nothing for you to disprove. Everything I have said in that statement about that certain type of bamboo and the first two sentences is flawless. FLAWLESS!!!!!!!! I TELL YOU!!!! hah

    Just admit you were trying to pick a fight about a silly little statement that was NOT supposed to be taken literally. The first two sentences and the statement about the bamboo that grows 35 inches per day was me being serious. Everything else was pure sarcasm.

    I am sure you probably went into your little search bar and couldn't find diddly squat! If you would like to debate about who knows more in the field of growing, maybe you should trying attacking a post that was not 75% sarcasm... And also maybe you should brush up on your genetic cloning, in the world we live in it is possible to cross any two species. Sure you might end up with all mutants but it is still possible. Have you ever heard of BT, it kills caterpillars and is a bacteria. Scientists made a strain of cotton called BT cotton, by infusing the genes of the bacteria with a certain part of the plant, the plant now grows the bt inside of it. Killing every Caterpillar that eats it. So please tell me, if they can genetically engineer bacteria with a fucking plant, why wouldnt they be able to cross two totally different species. BT Corn, blueberry x strawberry, the lists goes on man. So please tell my why they couldnt cross a cannabis plant with the fastest growing bamboo plant by mixing genes? hmmmmm I believe you just got owned my friend.

    Now once again. If you cannot disprove any of the stuff I have said, then please do not ever reply to something I say unless you hold creditable evidence that disproves what I have stated in the past/present.

    Good bye and have a nice day!

    Also I would like to say thank you to hotrodharley for the rep. :) much appreciated man!

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