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Anyone use the Earth Juice hi-brix molasses for plants?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by MEGAyielder420, Mar 14, 2011.


    MEGAyielder420 Active Member

    I am wondering when to introduce this product to my garden I am on week 2 of flowering and have read that some ppl start with this product as early as the first day of flowering. I am currently using GH line flora nova, floralicious plus, flora blend, liquid kool bloom and will later introduce the powdered kool bloom. I have used molasses for previous grows grandmas and black strap but only in the last weeks of flowering and for flushing. Any advice would be greatly apreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    MEGAyielder420 Active Member

    Anybody? Come on guys give a fellow grower some advice

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    Good stuff. Use like regular molasses, just a bit less of it. Start whenever you feel like. I use it the entire grow.


    MEGAyielder420 Active Member

    Thanks Wet! I was told the same thing from a buddy of mine. Im going to introduce now but next time I will begin using it from start. I am also mixing with the Great White good stuff. I will be starting a new thread, maybe journal soon with my vertical soil grow 2 x 1000 HPS in cool tubes / 6 Trees. Different strains Sour D, Bubbleberry, Ed Hardy, and G-zel (G-13 x Sour Diesel).

    jdizzle22 Well-Known Member

    I don't think they even have this stuff on their main website so I would just not bother, go with their catalyst or just use your own blackstrap UNSULPHURED molasses at about 1 tbsp per gallon (none with most hydro systems as it can clog shit)

    MEGAyielder420 Active Member

    Jdizzle I thought the same thing when I saw the website but on the bottle itself it gives me a different website. www.hydro-organics.com they are the distributors. Seems to be some good stuff I have gotten good feedback in different forums. I used the molasses befor and I did not like the finishing product too sweet. Thanks for taking your time to help me out with this one. Any suggestion or comment are welcome.

    MEGAyielder420 Active Member

    Bump it up

    greenlanter Well-Known Member

    catalyx is the way to go ,when it comes to earth juice , it gives your buds a sweet but not overpowering taste... and yes you could use it thru the whole grow, just start very slow and pump it as you go , you still need to flush tho...

    MEGAyielder420 Active Member

    thanks greenlater. Ive been hearing alot about this catalyst. I went with the hybrix because one of my buddies swears by this stuff but I may just go with the catalyst next time for now I am just gonna keep using it because I have already introduced it this round. Lets see I will let u know how it goes. I have another thread going where u guys can see more pics of the ladies and specs in the grow setup sec called vertical tree grow sorry I dont add the link Im not sure how to. Can anyone let me know how to put i in your sig?

    Merciless_One Well-Known Member

    I'm resurrecting this thread! I also recently started using Hi-Brix molasses with my GH Flora nutes in a hydro setup.

    I grow in the WaterFarm buckets, and they have a 2-gallon reservoir. I have a particular method that works very well....for my setup. Here's my schedule and how I'm using the Molasses during flowering.

    1. Day 1 of flowering , I change the res and add fresh nutes, I do not introduce the molasses at this time.
    2. Day 3 or 4 - the plant has drained about 1 gallon of water from the res. I now fill a 1 gallon jug of fresh plain water and apply 2ml ( or about 1/4 teaspoon ) of molasses and shake it up very well. This stuff becomes completely dissolved in the water once you shake it up a little..you cant' just let it sit on the bottom in a lump. I then dump the contents into my res and adjust the PH to 5.9 again if I need to.
    3. Day 4-7 - top off res with fresh plain water as the plant needs ( the waterfarm buckets have a white line indicating the "full" level ) . Adjust PH as necessary to 5.9
    4. Day 7 - fresh res change and start cycle over again...repeat until...
    5. 2 weeks before harvest - which is about when I start to see 10% red hairs ...I will start 'flushing' with 1/4 strength nutes and molasses mixed together at rest change and add the molasses/fresh water mixture to top off the res as needed.

    MEGAyielder420 Active Member

    Thanks for your input buddy. I have been using the hi-brix ever since and its been great. Glad to hear someone else is using this stuff when I first bought it, my buddy had recomended it to me but when I asked around it was as if people never heard of it. Thanks anyways!

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