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Anyone know where I can get TGA's THC content value info?

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by danbridge, Sep 2, 2013.


    danbridge Well-Known Member

    Sorry for starting a new thread, but the other threads that I wanted to post on, were closed :( Anyway, I would like to get TGA lab test results for THC content. I was trying to view it on TWN youtube vid, but he turned pages too fast and camera was not focused. Is this info published anywhere on the net? I think I saw JTR at 26% and that was the highest but i'm not sure. Thanks in advance for your replies :)

    Shawns Active Member

    On the TGA website pick the strain and at the bottom some say download lab test and others only tell you thc, cbd,cbn and some nothing but all the new strain have complete lab test and a few others

    danbridge Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks! :)
    Stu Toned

    Stu Toned Well-Known Member

    At the high times SF cup this year,I met Dirt Diggler. He had a binder full of test results. I'm not sure if he comes here or not.
    It was one hell of a binder.

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