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anyone know how to make cannabis infused soda?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by greenghost420, Mar 27, 2013.


    VladFromOG Active Member

    Canabineer, most of your questions seem to come from a lack of careful reading. Normally, I'd be happy to spend all day enlightening you, but since youve taken an antagonistic tone, I'll just give you one response right now to this one post, and I would encourage you to reread with more care, and the understanding that I didnt use superfluous words.

    No, I mean flash point - "The flash point of a volatile material is the lowest temperature at which it can vaporize to form an ignitable mixture in air" - wiki. flash point is important to consider when adding a solvent into a hot mix, if it reaches its flash point, it will evap off before getting mixed in, all in a poof. Which is why you cant cook as easily with a limonene tincture.

    They are hardly tiny, benzene is a basic carbon compound and most of whats generated is carbon soot, of which benzene is a large component. And as I stated, once or twice likely wouldnt hurt you, but repeated exposure to soot (like in those who grill meat for every meal or in chimney sweeps) has been proven to cause carcinomas.

    That temp was given by the bic website as the average temp of their lighters flame. But lets say you're right and the way too low 1000 degree is the right temp (heres a hint as to why thats low: a flame is plasma, which means the temp has to be high enough to ionize the air and form a plasma jet for you to have a visible flame, and air ionizes at above 1000 degrees), in any event 1000 degrees is far beyong the temp of combustion for the cannabinoids, which is the point I was making

    I did specify - things exposed to heats higher than their combustion temp break down into non psychoactive substances as well as carbon soot, including benzene (and carbon monoxide, and a whole spectrum of others)

    You should, that was just a rough estimate, based on the amount of benzene in soot avg, and the amount of cannabinoid oils Ive been able to recover from my experiments with resin. I absolutely encourage you to find more specific values, and I will replace them. I know a cheap lab if you want to have your resin tested for the cause of furthering science.

    Carbon is absolutely soluble in water, it is highly soluble in fact. Which is why I said itd migrate to the water in a xylene/water purification, leaving the cannabinoids in the xylene.

    lol I've never been accused of being chemophobic before. What part of my detailed explanations about isomerizations, isolations, and novel chemistry fun gave that impression? :wink: Sigh personal attacks - the resort of those who dont have a leg to argue on. Well, lets say I used too much hyperbole, and that you are correct, its only in the middle of carcinogenesis - why the problem? All I did was say it was fine exposing yourself once or twice, but that repeated prolonged exposure would increase the rate of carcinomas... something that is correct in either case.

    Yes, grilled meat has nitrosamines, form from the nitrogen compounds. But that doesnt mean its the only chemicals present. In fact there is an elevated amount of benzene, bc thats just whats formed when you burn carbonaceous compounds, which is why that comparison is relevant - long term exposure to elevated levels of benzene elevates the incidence of cancer. Which is the point I was trying to make, and I must confess confusion as to why you would try so hard to repudiate it

    Yes, it is. Which why I said it dissolves in butane and more poorly in xylene. It dissolves more efficiently in water than in xylene, and less efficiently than cannabinoids do in xylene, which is why if you to the xylene/water purification, after a lot of work (too much work to be worth it), eventually the benzene will migrate completely out. Which I already explained - again, read more carefully, make sure you understand the concepts involved, and then decide if its wrong or not, not the other way round lol.

    You say its not correctly presented, well, you are more than welcome to do a "correct presentation" writeup and post it. I would love to see someone who has more time write up these concepts in their absolute minutia. However, based on your questions, its not so much that I got the chemistry wrong, its just that you didnt read or comprehend all the chemistry.

    So yeah, since you clearly didnt bother reading this carefully, as most of your questions are based on either skipping portions or not understanding them, and since you've already decided Im wrong and will likely just keep arguing, trying to take down my logic with semantics, all without offering any actual data which might counter my claims, I'm afraid this is the last time I will be responding to you in this thread. If you have some non antagonistic questions and are just trying to learn, I will be happy to help if I can in another thread, but if insist upon continuing the internet style of arguing ("No, youre wrong! I only skimmed what you wrote, have neither data nor logic to back up my claims, but have decided you're wrong either way!), I'll just block you so I wont be bothered with it. I am, after all, only here to share to neat tricks I've learned. I don't care enough to push them upon people who don't want to listen.

    Speaking of which, for everyone else: I'm compilling my medible recipes, and some other neat tricks not seen anywhere else. I think you'll like them; Ill start a new thread when I do.

    Thanks for all the rep everyone, I really appreciate it. If you've liked my posts you should check out the thread in my sig. Its a long read, but is well organized and in chapters, so you can skip to the parts that interest you; its an overview of concentrates and all the major vaping options on the market, as well as plenty of tricks and tips, all presented in the same, methodical style. Give it a look, it dispells a lot of the myths around concentrates and their tools, and will give you a clear understanding of the concepts as a whole.

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    thanks for the posts and i cant wait to skim that thread in your sig not to mention future threads. thanks! do you go into that gravity bong vap hit you did? lol i need 90% efficiency...pufffff pass....

    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    I actually did read your post word by word, and I maintain that it is filled with misinformation (outright disinformation now that you've declared your unwillingness to accept dissent). Thus I asked for how you used "combustion point" which is not a recognized item of chemists' or engineers' terminology. "Flash point" is not related to a substance's temperature of decomposition. Consider methane: flash point is minus188 degrees C ... autoignition temperature 595 degrees C ... decomposition temp reported as "above 700 degrees C". If you cannot be enticed away from using ambiguous, imprecise terms, accuracy will necessarily elude you.
    I must mildly observe that if carbon were indeed soluble in water, charcoal would run in the rain, and activated carbon filtration of water would not be the important technology that it is.
    I could say more about your other faux pas, but cui bono?

    ceterum censeo If you wish to arrogate unto yourself the title of teacher, you have a basic duty to have your facts right. cn

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    hey , im not sure but i think badkat or akgrown would be good candidates to talk to about this, while it isnt exactly cooking you could check our forum here http://www.rollitup.org/cooking-cannabis/ and contact those two as they are highly knowledgeable in the subject

    VladFromOG Active Member

    I agree, canna, flash point doesnt have to have anything to do with decomposition, and I never said limonene tincture would decompose at the flash point, I stated that it would evap away before you could get it into solution if said solution was above the flash point. Seriously, why are you talking about decomposition - no one mentioned it. I said that limonene tincture would evap away before you could stir it into whatever it was you were cooking, not that it would decompose....
    Free carbon, the type that is a combustion byproduct, is water soluble. Activated/fixed carbon, the type used in carbon filters and in organic compounds, is not necesarrily so (and indeed rarely is so)
    I never said that I dont tolerate dissent, merely that I dont tolerate personal attacks and trolling.
    Really, go through it again, and read very slowly and carefully, bc what you're mind is interpreting my sentences as meaning is clearly only inspired by what I wrote, and not verbatim. You're accusing me of making correlations I did not make, and of saying things I did not say, things one has little defense against as they do not pertain to oneself, and that is something only a troll who is needlessly trying to argue does; it is a clearly flawed form of debate.
    That's a shame, but it makes sense, in a sad sort of way. It is no wonder that the whole scene has fallen into such a state of mystical misinformed profiteering stagnation - I only come to share, I invite new data and collaboration, and instead I get a troll mod picking fights over semantics in sentences he misread, not because the concepts are bad or the data is wrong, but because when someone comes along and shares new concepts that are new and widely unthought of, theres always some netizen who feels that this threatens their perceived rank and has to kill it anyway they can, so they remain king of their little virtual mountain.
    And that is just fine, doesnt really matter to me - I still have my knowledge and tricks, so I still get to play with my neat toys that no one else has - the only thing you can accomplish is to get me to stop sharing, and that harms me not at all :D
    I'm going to ignore you manually, or maybe just run a greasemonkey script to block you, because I have no wish to continue arguing with you. I wish you would focus your efforts on generating data or something useful, but I wont let myself get dragged into some icky vibes bc you want to argue about how I'm wrong about things I didnt say or you misinterpreted. Have a pleasant day.

    cannabineer Ursus marijanus

    I have looked through the post in question with greatest care and cannot find the words "limonene" or "tincture". I did find those words in earlier posts, but I restricted my critique and questions to the one in question.

    It is neither my duty nor my pleasure to proofread the others.

    Believe me when i say that my objective is to be useful. I saw inaccuracies and just plain incorrectness portrayed as fact in the post in question. I offered challenge, and you are running the loser's gambit: excoriate my tone while ignoring the questions of fact.
    I have never heard of a water-soluble form of elemental, non-compounded carbon. The closest would be fullerene, which will dissolve to a useful extent in e.g. toluene but not water. Can you provide a link to put me into my place in re "free carbon", its definition, properties and reactions?

    I am also curious why you claim I have misinterpreted the post in question. (That is an invitation to show me where/how, with specifics.) i reproduced it verbatim, annotated. I addressed my concerns point by point. You didn't and don't need to personalize that. We can restrict our debate to points of fact, and i was frankly amazed to see my reservations and offered corrections interpreted as an attack. I do wonder why you're visibly assailing my character and not my questions about matters of fact. Let's steer the debate back onto legitimate matters of chemistry and engineering. cn

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    i love how this has gone from soda to some serious chemistry.im totally fascinated! teach me more mr wizards...roll it up, pass it round.

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