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Anyone Flower under T5's?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Salamandastron!, Jul 11, 2007.


    Salamandastron! Well-Known Member

    I want to hear from anyone who's flowered under T5's. I know that the HPS is "better" but how are the results with the T5?

    trapper Well-Known Member

    i posted on that the other day check back a few days and you could read the results.

    joefaulk Active Member

    i am in flowering stage now and its my first time growing, but i do think for my flowering teenagers that they are doing well.and for my newbies that i got including 4 white widow and 4 white rhino they are doing extremely well

    erbium Well-Known Member

    They are great for small sea of green plants. I have some full size plants under some now and while they are doing well I have supplemental CFL lights on the sides from the tops to the bottom.

    Small area - great. Small plants - maybe the best. Shelf clone gardens - can't be beat.If heat is a problem- T5's are not that much cooler if you have supplemental CFL's. Full size plants in a large room - not ideal.

    I will be using it to veg after or maybe even on a wall as side lighting here soon. I can only grow 6 total plants at a time according to the medical laws for my state . The T5's just can't perform for the way a 600w HPS can perform for larger plants but they do do well.

    Look for yourself. I will be adding new pictures in a few days for the weekly update. They are a good bit bigger than in these pics.


    bmarley043 Well-Known Member

    im using a t5 for my veg flowers and they are beastie. works well, then ive got a 400w hps for flowering.

    shp Active Member

    Look, Iv'e been using t5s from start to finish and I was totally impressed. What people have to understand, is that its all about the lumens. 40000 lumens 2 inches away from the plant. think about it!

    Klo$etBreeder Well-Known Member


    Acidburn999819 Well-Known Member

    you can flower and get decent bud...no complaints....but the buds can be on the "fluffy" side mine were...i was using two 2ft four bulbs fixtures on two 2 foot plants it was a decent smoke.....no complaints. Although i now have a hps....i'm happier

    Klo$etBreeder Well-Known Member

    yup very true hps would be your best bet but... if your growing in a confined area or dont have proper ventilation, you can grow decent buds yoiu best bet is to flower early. if your using good genetics you'll want to flower a few weeks into veg depending on your strain. bag seed maybe a bit longer. I personally use a 4 foot 4 tube t5 with a set of blue for veg/red for flower. and during flowering I add a couple of 42 watt CFL's and have recently added another 4 foot 4 tube t12 (regular size) flouros and depending on my size, strain, i flower 4-8 plants in a 2x4x8 closet with a box fan on top on low all day to keep th temp around 75-80 and a small 4 inch circular fan hung on one side of the flouros just to blow the heat around under the lights so there isn't a hot spot. my set up is very basic any novice grower can come out with 3-4 oz on 4 plants their first time gaurenteed if not more (depending on genetics). any questions you may have feel free to ask i have a great knowladge base on very ceahp ways to grow w/ flouro set up/ soil or hydro.

    akinaspeedstars1 Well-Known Member

    i had done this a while back, ur buds will be fluffy theirs no way around it and yield will be lower then if u were using hps...i recommend a HPS of at least 150watt and then u can use the t5s for additonally lighting or in ur veg area

    doniawon Well-Known Member

    ive always used 1000 and 430 hps.. but i recently got a t5 4 foot 8 bulb and pulled 4.5 oz dried and cured.. a skunk variety but not elite or heavy yeilding pheno.. just a nirvana single femed seed off the web buds were beautiful and good buzz

    akinaspeedstars1 Well-Known Member

    well on a 4foot 8 bulp expensive setup i could see it

    doniawon Well-Known Member

    www.TekSupply.com 130.00 for a t-5 4 foot 6 bulb.. you could get the same result i got with this and a good strain and proper care .. maybe more..
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    akinaspeedstars1 Well-Known Member

    and u would get twice as better with a HPS i don't get the point and it has 2 FOUR FOOT bulbs less then urs that's a significant less

    akinaspeedstars1 Well-Known Member

    i mean there great for vegging dont get me wrong but grow buds all the way threw with that would not be ideal

    doniawon Well-Known Member

    the point.. more than one point .. t5's are better than hps in tight areas.. little closets grow box's small tents.. when you cant use hps because of heat t5's are GREAT.. thats the only argument here.. its obvious you get higher yeilds with hps but they put off heat and too much heat stops growth and creates a shit load of problems.. and yes they are great for vegging.. and they are great for flowering.. unlike leds.. its a power consumption, heat issue .. t5's are superior. in both catagories..but if you have the space and fans ac dehumidifer etc.. go with the hps
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    akinaspeedstars1 Well-Known Member

    how would u fit 6 4foot lights in a little closet? u sure could fit a 150 HPS or even a 400 with circualtion like there should be in a any grow room anyways. and it would cost the same. t5s arent as a cheap like t8s and t12s
    i suggest the TSer download a movie on torent called jorge cervantes ultimate grow 1

    doniawon Well-Known Member

    exactly with circulation...t5 are better than t8 etc .. so why not go with the t8's or t 12's.. jorge cervantes is a growing genius i refer to his cannabis bible all the time.. fav book of mine.. if your closet is 4 foot by 4 or larger with no vents or circulation i thnk they are ideal.. especially with a sog

    akinaspeedstars1 Well-Known Member

    dood if u read jorge u know even a tiny closet must have circulation for proper yields....theres alot of reasons u see shitty grows on RIU....and Jorge would never flower with fluros as i wouldnt eether now that ive had HPS and one of my grows was in a closet and i ran 4ft T8s with HPS way more of yield then with just the I think 8 4fters of them i ran with suplement CFLs on the side in the beginng

    doniawon Well-Known Member

    all im sayin.. i grew in a 8x5 closet with no vents 8 ft ceiling used a t5 8 buld and got 5 oz's.. and the 400 was too hot.. i got more from a t5 and one big plant than a 400 hps with 5 plants

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