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Anyone else here try 25i-nbome?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Ing0dwemistrust, Nov 22, 2012.


    Ing0dwemistrust Member

    I tried it for the first time the other week and it was absolutely amazing. Everything was an exciting color or a beautiful pattern. Whats your feedback on it?Also, whats it compared to LSD? Correct me if im wrong but i was told Nbomes werent actually LSD, though I haven't been able to try Acid yet.

    ironcross360 Active Member

    where can I get it?

    testtime Active Member

    PLEASE be careful. 25i, along with many of the other more recently available RC chemical can KILL you on bad dosing. Not common, but happens enough that you need to be able to recognize the pattern.

    LSD is pretty much HARMLESS (at least at the physical body level, what it does to your head is up to you). There is no LD-50 (dose where more than 50% of people who take it die).


    The LD-50 for 25i is not known, but enough people have died on it that it seems to be about 5-10, which is INCREDIBLY dangerous in TINY amounts, so the person who sets up the blotter or whatever other carrier has to get it PERFECT.

    Also, while your visuals were probably incredible (not denigrating your time, really), it seems 25i is visual heavy and feeling light. So the internal deep, holy shit, internal, what the fuck, "was that the touch of god!!??" moments you get on LSD (and shrooms) seems to be lacking.

    Kind of like going on a rollercoaster ride through a local carnival, with lots of fun blinky lights, but when you are done, you know it was just a carnival. Not a TRIP to somewhere far away.

    Also, the RCs are often sold as LSD since they can be packaged the same way.

    LSD tastes a sweet metallic, and you will start feeling it in about 45 min to an hour. If someone does not feel it at that point, they might feel it is a low dose and take SEVERAL more. This is not a bad thing for real LSD, it allows a "safe" (mentally) low dose for those that can't handle more, while allowing the more experienced trippers a next level to get to by eating more at the hour mark.

    Bitter slow (90+ minutes) come up means an RC that can kill you. Do NOT add to you dose in under 2 hours, you might barely have started the trip, and you could end up in the hospital if you gobble some more at that point.

    If someone offers you Bromo-DragonFly (same family of chemicals), do NOT FUCKING TAKE IT. 6 hours come up, then up to 2 weeks of insanity in the hospital lock down. If someone is given that and doesn't know it, and triple doses at the 2 hour mark because they feel nothing, all bets are off. Body temperature skyrocketing and seizures are probably on the way.

    You want fun? You want safe? Stick with LSD, DMT, and psilocibin. Make your own DMT (google it), grow your own shrooms (google it), and use that experience as part of your quest to find someone who makes LSD, or at least has access to pure sources. Then trade your shrooms for some.

    But don't go wandering outside that unless you are prepared for death. I am, many are, and now you get to make that choice.
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    glShemp Active Member


    skuba Well-Known Member

    To testtime, I've had RCs that kicked in in about 30 minutes, and i've had good clean L that took over an hour to kick it. also was under the impression L was tasteless.

    testtime Active Member

    I'm sure the RCs vary all over the place. After all, they are being created all the time. But the ones that are both dangerous and fool you into ODing take longer, so I focused on them for my rant.

    As far as tasteless, it is more of a generated AFTER you eat it taste that lingers, and affects other tastes (the slightly sweet metallic edge). So I assume it it is part of the overall mental effect, rather than something that is hitting your tastebuds directly. The RCs I've had (and heard about) all have a bitter in the mouth from the paper taste. LSD never has that.

    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    Your not gonna die if you know what your doing.. Theres been what? 2 deaths?

    Honestly though, I almost died from it. I'm surprised I didn't. My reasoning was because I took 3-6mg and then smoke synthetic weed and had a seizure. It was beautifully terrifying.
    I bought 25c, and ended up taking roughly 6mg with a tolerance, and it kicked in within 10 minutes to where the walls were melting.

    If I were you, I'd buy blotters of it off peeople, find them online.. Or just buy it in Hcl form offline. There are methods to soluting it on bluelight and such.

    Take care, it is a fun chemical. Though I prefer LSD to it. Taking too much RC's gives ya a little nausea at first.

    testtime Active Member

    Pick one. Either he stands a chance to die worth thinking about, and needs to possibly adjust his dosing method as compared to LSD (the standard trip and methods), or he doesn't. You can mix and match most other drugs while on LSD. You can't when doing RCs, or at least it is VERY stupid.

    For some reason, you think you stand a higher chance of dying than him here, and your advice is for him to not worry about it.

    If he knows what he is doing.

    And then you give him a variety of methods of acquisition, some of which requires him to place total trust for his life in the hands of unknown strangers.

    And you say you know what you are doing.


    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    Hey man.. Making solutions isn't exactly rocket science. I'm just saying don't take a chunk of it and see what happens. A lot of the research chemicals are very fun, but should be respected since you can actually over dose.

    Don't gotta be a Dick about it

    Derple Well-Known Member

    Had my hands on some a few times, never really felt tempted to try it though, seeing all the negative stigma attached to it.

    testtime Active Member

    How is pointing out (gently (trust me, when I go into DICK mode, you'd FEEL it)) such an obvious contradiction being a dick? This is like my daughter whining: "You're sooooo mean to me." when I tell her she can't do something exceptionally stupid. Happens often.

    The guy is brand new, and is screwing around with stuff that can kill him, in quantities LESS than he can see ("don't take a chunk"?) (how's your respirator gear?), and he doesn't have any face to face people to help him with the decision. If you don't have all the info, you can't make an informed decision.

    I tried to give it to him.

    Did I say ANYTHING incorrect? Did I miss ANYTHING you feel would be helpful?

    Are you recommending he buys the powder himself and makes the solution?

    Don't forget, I have NOTHING against doing ANYTHING anyone chooses. There is no judgement on what people are trying to achieve here, at least in the case of personal freedom. On the other hand, I have a REAL issue with people making money by haphazardly selling shit to other people that can kill them.

    Also, I have 6 hits in the fridge that is an unknown RC. I DID enjoy the 1st dose, but it certainly was NO LSD. I will probably eat the remaining. I will be making the same decision, fully informed (or as fully as I can get). And I still would not recommend it to someone else without them having the same level of knowledge.

    On the other hand, I'd pass LSD out like candy for the subgroup that would enjoy it, without fear of killing anyone (at least not directly).

    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    Well first off, sorry for taking you the wrong way. Your right about telling him what it really can do, but I felt like you were trying to scare him out of it or something.even so, some people probably should be scared about it.I personally think rcs are nifty because instead of looking for LSD or growing mushrooms I can just have them shipped to my doorstep. But I do have a background where i'm comfortable of not dying from it.I understand new people probably don't.

    Ing0dwemistrust Member

    I understand the dangers and I appreciate the warnings, thank you :).
    im just experimenting. Id probably never more then 2 tabs of this stuff, but the chances of me finding real LSD around here are slim to none. Theres a lot of shady crappy people around here who dont know what their doing, So im growing my own mushrooms.
    I wish I could get my hands on some real Acid or E though. Not complaining about this RC though, It was beautiful !

    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    It comes around, just stock up. Growing mushrooms is probably your best route, just make sure to post here or like shroomery so that you can be sure theres no tricky contaminations happening.

    Props! Just be careful with the rcs, and don't ever smoke synthetic weed on them!!!

    glShemp Active Member

    You guys chill, please. Mr. high is a long time poster here and I like the dude but I honestly think after reading his posts for a couple of years he's lucky to be alive. He's a YOLO kind of a guy but I've never sensed a mean bone in him.
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    testtime Active Member

    You are in the NE US based on profile info.

    Pay attention to this page:

    They only have a few dates in there, on the west coast for now.
    When they come within driving distance to you, you WILL find something worthwhile.
    The local hippies will swarm, and you can make a bunch of connections for later.

    Make friends, talk to the kids in the parking lot, bring pot to share, expect to spend some time, hang with the old men with the braids in their hair selling the shrooms. They don't smell as bad as they look, and they like to hug. Hug back. Those guys will have access to the best LSD.

    This is how, as an old man after a 27 year BREAK (yeah, I did more than you could imagine, did nothing for longer than you are alive (assumed based on writing style, not known), and then again did more than you can imagine) was able to pop right back into the game.

    high|hgih: Never assume. Read me for what I write, I'm pretty damn explicit. You are forgiven. Try not to kill the nubies, it's really easy. Humans are very fragile. And I apologize for my harshness. Keep in mind I was about 5% dick mode there. I try not to get too riled, bad for my cortisol levels. I just kinda freak on possibly deadly advice, no matter how well intentioned. I also once forgot to breath for a few minutes at a Pink Floyd concert. I had to make a conscious decision to start breathing again as I was losing consciousness. Very very close call. Fragile.

    high|hgih Well-Known Member

    Haha thanks Gl :D, to be honest I'm surprised I'm not dead also. But after the last time.. I just can't do it anymore. Since then, which was about a year ago.. I haven't been anything but comfortable with the dosages and combinations I've done(Except the past month I did LSD TONS, and it was not very pleseant). Before, I'd just see how far I could go... It was stupid. But luckily I learned my lesson over the years.. Right now I've been not doing anything because I thought I was starting to go crazy. And its better, I actually have spare money, and I don't have to awkwardly be fucked out of my mind in front of everyone. I'm completely done for a couple months, its been about a week and a half. But I honestly think I will never use drugs in the same manner I have been for all this time, again..

    Its alright man, hopefully no noobies blood will be spilt.

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