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Anybody flower w/ Agrosun Gold MH??? Success??? Or waste of time? + Rep+

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Trailer Park Boy, May 30, 2010.

    Trailer Park Boy

    Trailer Park Boy Member

    Hi, all. I'm interested in knowing if anyone out there has tried flowering w/ the Agrosun Gold MH bulbs, and what kind of success they have had...Yes, I know that the 'RULES' are to Veg. w/ MH and flower w/ HPS; but as the Agrosun Gold MH is a red-spectral MH bulb ( Hydrofarms claims):
    So they are claiming better performance in flowering than standard HPS- in a Geranium test? Geraniums are not weed, yes, HOWEVER I am wondering...

    I have been searching all over the web (including here) and all I can find is a lot of yada yada about this bulb but nobody posting concrete results of their experiences flowering WEED w/ these bulbs... It just so happens I came across a 1000 watt Agrosun Gold bulb, and at this point in time I have been vegging w/ it 12 plants in my med grow. It's working great, for that...Now I have fixtures with HPS I can use for flowering, but I am considering using this Agrosun Gold MH for flowering as it provides UV (increased THC, the scientists say) that HPS does not...Also nice not to have to fuck w changing out the ballast and bulb, yes.

    Just curious, before I venture to try out this little fucking experiment, Has ANYBODY out there??? Tried this already? Results???

    I will be happy to give + rep for any reviews of this bulb being used for flowering!!!

    Thanx in advance; J.D. :blsmoke:
    Trailer Park Boy

    Trailer Park Boy Member


    ckckck Active Member

    stick with the hps mate me and my friend are growing the same nirvana ice we are both at 7 week flower im using 600w hps hes using 600w mh my buds are double some triple the size
    Trailer Park Boy

    Trailer Park Boy Member

    But is he using an Agrosun Gold MH? - it is basically a MH conversion bulb that is supposed to put out more red spectrum than a standard hps. However, I have never had any issues flowering under Eye Hortilux super HPS. Always nice, tight dense buds w/ the Hortilux Super HPS. I notice the Agrosun Gold seems a lot hotter than a HPS- It seems to kick off a lot more hot yellow light than an HPS does, which visually has a lot more of a red look to the light compared to this Agrosun. I am growing in a sealed 8x10 room w/ CO2, and heat is always an issue as the AC sucks power...Power=$$$. I am thinking about going w/ my traditional Eye Hortilux HPS setup for flowering again perhaps just because of this issue- I usually veg. w/ one 1000 watt MH and then switch over to two 1000 watt HPS's for flowering in this room...

    doublejj Well-Known Member

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    Trailer Park Boy

    Trailer Park Boy Member

    Dude, those look really nice! +1 for you.

    Werry420 Active Member

    doublejj those do look nice for MH man props on that bro........ i have used a MH for flower and an HPS for flower (did this for a comparision) with the same strain and kept them the same size, same number of plants and were both 400Watt, and had way better luck with the HPS my dry yeild for the MH was 37.7 Grams and my dry yeild with the HPS was 77.6grams so i would say use an HPS in my opinion
    Trailer Park Boy

    Trailer Park Boy Member

    But was the MH an Agrosun Gold? Agrosun Gold (like I pointed out earlier) is not a standard MH, it is a conversion type bulb...From what Agrosun says it produces better tomato and geranium yields than standard HPS- however, I dont believe Agrosun has tested it out on WEED. That's why I am looking for test results of this specific bulb w/ weed.
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    Nice shots JJ. I am currently using a Agrosun gold and an HPS in my flowering room.

    doublejj Well-Known Member

    AgroSun Gold bulbs are all I've used for about the last 5 years. Excellent producer. These average 8oz per, in organic soil. Did you read the 3000w tree grow I posted above? I wouldn't use anything else.


    Trailer Park Boy

    Trailer Park Boy Member

    Half a pound per. plant, that's pretty good. Definitely not your average MH bulb.
    This is also pretty interesting, a 145,000 Lumen HPS w/ blue light & UV added using a special filament:
    They are only $75.00 w/ free shipping, @ Gold Coast Hydro, here:

    lostNug Well-Known Member

    Sweet. This thread was all I needed to confirm which I bulb im gonna get. Def goin with the agrosun. I was planning on running CMH but no body has em in sctock and I need the bulb today. Local hydro shops got one ffor 70 bucks so gonna go pick it up right now.

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