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Any ideas what strain this could be?

Discussion in 'Breeders Paradise' started by OldAK-MTF907, Nov 15, 2017.


    OldAK-MTF907 Member

    1102172306~2.jpg 1116170005b~2.jpg Hey there people, I've been working with this more or less "random bag seed" type for over a year now. I originally got the seeds from a friend who visited a few different dispensaries in CO in 2015 & supposedly he found the seeds in one of the buds he purchased...! Sounds like pretty sloppy work to me but whatever...if a "canna-business" kept such a loose leash on their strains someone deserves to do them home justice and keep the good ones goin'! Well, I have been. So about a year ago I got one solid healthy girl from 3 germinated beans. It turned into a fairly obvious indica type, grew pretty dense & tightly noded right out the gate, once in bud it took no time (maybe 2-3 weeks) with primarily Microbe Life's "photo-plus/fruit enhancer" organic pre-bottled ferts to get pretty serious size and girth results and began to put out a very sweet/spicy smell and once dried & cured the taste matches the smell exactly & the buds quickly went from a healthy usual green color to a deep golden/almost in places brown-ish golden color! Not like a "bad/ditch weed type" brown either...more like an old school alcapulco gold-ish color.

    Which leads me to wondering if any of you have possibly had the pleasure of working with this strain, & also might have the actual name for it? I have some pics for reference...it would be cool to hear from someone else who had had it or at least something similar! It ran the gamut in something like 65-70 days, seems to be a fair yielder too, grew to approx.2 feet and nice & wide previous to topping & LST in around a month & a 1/2 - 2 months and pulled 2 & a 1/2 ounces dry.

    Thanks in advance for any useful input!
    Jeremy Pivens

    Jeremy Pivens Well-Known Member

    Looks just like "white gold" from sensi seeds, white widow x Himalayan gold. Normally takes 65 days to finish but I guess 70 isn't too big of a stretch. The pics you posted look very similar to the advertisement on sensi seeds website. I would have to smoke a few grams to give you a real answer, so let me know when you need my address :D lol just kidding. Looks tasty though. This strain is popular in Colorado too, so I think its very possible.
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    OldAK-MTF907 Member

    Wow! Uh yeah! I think you are spot on with that guess mang! I also took a look at the sensi seeds white gold & that main title pic (big, kinda premie lookin' bud full of white hairs but tons of crystals) looks exactly like this very main cola bud did about 3 or 4 weeks ago! And alot of the pics growers have added under that name/strain do definitely look a helluva lot like the 2 nugs pic I posted, not to mention their run down of the growth, smell, taste & high are right on the $! Well, I didn't expect the very 1st persons reply to be so close but THANKS MANG! I'm prettt sure you pegged it! Now I can stop calling it either "Mr.random gold" or "24 karat kush" as I have been...lol! ...OH...& yeah bud absolutely, shoot me ur address, a private jet & a tank full enough to get to you & back & we got a deal! Haha! Thanks again, peace!

    corners Well-Known Member

    Looks almost like Hash Plant or LSD.

    Metasynth Well-Known Member

    Lol, I don’t mean to be a fly in the pudding, but no one can identify the strain by pics. Sorry mate.

    If they say they can, they’re lying.

    Yes, it might LOOK like a bunch of strains, but A LOT of weed looks similar. It’s all cannabis after all.

    Not trying to be rude. If you wanna call it white gold, you go right ahead. I ain’t trying to be an asshole.
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    xtsho Well-Known Member

    Nobody can tell you what strain that is from a picture. Just call it Good Bud.
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    corners Well-Known Member

    Or just make a name up like everybody else does. Some of the Chem and Og stories could be just that, a story to give bagseed a name.

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