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America's largest minority needs to take a cue from the Tea Party to rock the vote

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ernst, May 12, 2011.


    Ernst Well-Known Member

    Love me or Hate Me it doesn't matter. I post the news.

    Latinos need a Tequila Party to rock the vote


    While not an extremely new news I think we need to pay attention to the fastest rising voting demographic.
    If we wish to legalize cannabis we cannot ignore minority come majority cultures.

    If we are to find common ground for the success of legalization we cannot ignore the boarder and what effects the hearts of many Californians' ; The War of drugs.

    In the far Southern California the needs of the communities favor organized and controlled sales of Cannabis.
    Many see placing cannabis in supermarkets as a practical solution however, strangely, the commercial interests are against allowing local production.

    However, let us not discount the Tequila Party in it's ability to effect positive change and control of Cannabis from across the boarder if we allow our citizens horticulture rights.

    redivider Well-Known Member

    this is the worst idea i've ever heard.

    the Republcan party didn't do as good as it could've the last election because of the Tea Party.

    another party will just erode votes from democrats, giving repukes a fighting chance. no.

    we need them to cement themselves behind the democratic party and let themselves be felt in the voting booth by voting democratic.

    any additional candidates on that ballot under a Tequila Party will help Republicans, which ultimately hurts the country..... :)

    Ernst Well-Known Member

    It's an important voting block for California and important to the Legalization efforts.

    We have to address the needs and concerns of the Hispanic community if we are to legalize.

    redivider Well-Known Member

    but to be fair Latinos have not yet made themselves a force in the voting booth. it's disappointing..

    republicans are looking to keep it that way too. they're doing it via legislation that makes it more difficult for lower income folks to register to vote. we'll see what happens next election...

    Mindmelted Well-Known Member

    Yep it is difficult for me to vote because i am from a lower income..Can you say retarded!!!!!!

    Ernst Well-Known Member

    Well whatever we can settle on as a stance on Hispanic voting they are an upcoming and important group which the cannabis legalization effort cannot ignore.

    They are a majority religious group as I understand.

    redivider Well-Known Member

    actually, what they are doing is making it harder for people to be registered to vote. if you aren't registered, you can't vote.

    a lot of poor people relied on 'registration drives' because poor people are busy doing shit like cleaning your toilet all day, so getting to the county registration office is hard when your poor.

    so yes, they are making it harder to vote if you are poor.




    Mindmelted Well-Known Member

    Sorry smart ass nobody cleans my toliet but myself.
    You must be thinking of yourself then.And it was easy as pie to register!!Thanks for playing...

    mame Well-Known Member

    Voter suppression has been rampant in the U.S. our entire existence. Kind of sad really, I even read a report once that alleged that some voters in Florida in the Bush/Gore election were ineligible on the grounds that they were felons - and it turned out many of them weren't. Here's a bit from Wikipedia on it:
    Remember, the 2000 election was decided by what, ~500 votes?

    redivider Well-Known Member

    it's easy as pie if your white and have money.

    to the rest of the nation registering to vote is a lot harder.

    and it IS part of the republican strategy to make it institutionally harder for minorities/poor people to vote, since these demographics overwhelmingly support democrats.


    Mindmelted Well-Known Member

    What fucking part of poor are you having a hard time understanding?????

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    most hispanics i have known have been very conservative and religious and would probably vote for republicans if those republicans weren't so busy demonizing hispanics.

    redivider Well-Known Member

    it depends on what latin you are referring to.

    grouping all latinos under one umbrella is kind of stereotypical.

    there's a variety of latinos out there...

    there's naturalized citizens, there's illegal immigrants (these people's needs have to be taken into account, they don't vote, but htey're not animals.), there's puerto ricans, there's the first generation of immigrants, there's the latinos who's families have been in the US for 100 years......

    but yeah, i do think that latinos have the power to swing elections, and the republicans has actively tried to kept their vote quietly.

    Ernst Well-Known Member

    The poor people I live with are Portuguese, Hispanic, and various shades of White.
    Where I eat is in an Indian restaurant or Chinese who speak Cantonese and I am no way qualified to judge.

    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    there is a worm in my front yard, and it looks kind of blue, but not like most poor worms.
    i changed the hay in my chicken coop but it rained the next day and got wet anyway.

    beardo Well-Known Member

    This is total B.S. ,they sign up homeless to vote and it is free takes five minutes if your slow and can be done at the post office if no one aprotches you someplace more convient for you to ask you to register.

    redivider Well-Known Member

    total b.s.....

    Ernst Well-Known Member

    That you gain prestige from countering is akin to popularity by mockery.
    When you write the play, promote the players and do it all for free then you will be a real hero of the people until then you are but the fool.

    Good luck in the big time as someone who is afraid to show their true identity.

    Translation don't write checks you cannot honor. You draw on my account and don't put up equal risk. Hence an asshole who plays it safe all the time like a fucktard.
    Am I wrong? What is your real name and where do you live?

    Ernst Well-Known Member

    So lead us.. You whine and you offer no leadership ever.. What a lame noodle.

    Ernst Well-Known Member

    I have some latent hostility.

    I feel better now.. React if you all must.

    Ernst Berg Turlock Ca.

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