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Amber Glass BHO

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by Bublonichronic, Nov 14, 2011.


    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    figured i post my concentrate vids:leaf:
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    aesan Active Member

    Very nice! Where can I find the Vector butane? Anxious to try this again with butter butane.

    Also, did you put the pxrex into hot water to burn off the excess butane? Hard to tell from the video.

    husalife ~ Out-Dawrz ~ Moderator ~

    Looks like his Pyrex is on a hot plate of some sort. Anything to just heat it a little above room temp will work fine!

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    i got my vector butane on amazon, like 40$ for 6 cans
    EDIT: also, i was using a skillet to heat, but i think 300 is a little high, imma try a lower heat next time to try and get a more clear amber color
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    High heat really brings out the shatter texture, but it also changes the properties of the cannabinoids and terpenoids. I prefer room temp and whipped, or if needed, a warm water bath.

    I also have to add that the extraction step really needs to be done outside. There were two bho explosions in my county this week, one was 5 blocks from my house. Folks had their faces and hands melted off because they were blasting inside.

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    i did have the window open with the fan blowing, but your right, it should be done outside..altho, lookin at your cold water hash is makin me rethink if i need to use the solvents, respect

    ddimebag Active Member

    great vid! How about filling that pyrex dish half way with warm water? The butane boils away faster, and you can easily skim the oil off the surface of the water (it floats) with a razor, knife, credit card, whatever...much easier and more efficient than scraping it. Once you got your oil out, put it on some foil and dry it as much as you want...

    chiefpuffaloe Active Member

    if done right you can get amber glass with low temps without altering the terpenes and cannabanoids like matt rize said but high heat will alter the affect of the oil.

    also to reiterate to anyone trying to make bho

    always always always outside. Overall i feel your life is not a game and its not hard to go outside. Really why risk ? plus you make the rest of us look bad when you blow yourself up.

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    i understand the risk involved in making BHO, and IMO, it not a big one... be smart, have good ventilation/air flow, and dont spark anything up while extracting and you should be straight, simple simple....i would imagine the poeple "blowing themselves up" are the kind of growers who do BHO runs daily, and eventually get careless (or drunk) and try to light a cig (or spliff) while runin the butane, ahha
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    There were two BHO explosions in my county just this week, one kid is still in the burn unit. People are dying from bho explosions, is that serious enough? One of my friends has been hospitalized for two months.

    Here's just a few of the actual recent BHO explosions:










    Russ Bellville addresses the issue as well

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    im not sayin accidents dont happen, but im not gonna make BHO next to my water heater...seems like most of these cases were ppl doin this in a garage, or in a small enclosed room (bathroom), where a unknown "spark" caused the initial fire, ill put money 90% of the time that spark is somone trying to smoke somthing....

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    also, i am curious how this works? my amber glass got me high as iv ever been, im talkin middle school again, ahha, so any change wasnt super noticeable, other than the extreme concentration...i tryd lookin at wikipedia, but didnt really find much on the change heat brings to the cannabanoids molecularly.. maybe you can hook me up with some literature on this?

    chiefpuffaloe Active Member

    if high heat is used you can decarboxilate your oil and loose your terpenes.

    THC-A is what is found in bho pre heat and THC is found after it has been heated. This process is decarboxylation. I am not sure about this brings any changes in affect but i believe it does. The decarboxilation must happen for us to feel the affect but when it happens at the point of vaporization in stead heat treating a whole batch.

    Also with high enough heat you release all your terpenes which are thought to have many beneficial affects and give strains some of their characteristics

    Ive had pan fires out side from static electricty from my stainless steel baster, if i was inside in a bare room with no source of electricity, not smokeing and i would have still blown myself up. Now i use rubber mats to set all my gear on and de charge my self.

    People need to stop thinking this is a joke butane is super volitaile. I get worried about all these people spraying bho and thinking there too "smart" to blow themselves up.

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    believe me, i respected the butane,:wall: im just saying altho doing it outside may be ideal, if its super windy outside and you live in a area with lots of dirt....its not gona work out so well...

    EDIT: if your gonna use this many cans, you should prolly be ooutside!! ahha, i only used 1 tho:-(
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    Okay, this guy kinda knows whats going on.

    The natural form of THC is THC-A. Heat decarboxylates THC-A to delta-9-THC, the main psychoactive form of the THC molecule. THC-A does not get you high, delta-9-THC does. None of this really matters here but I wanted to make it clear.

    Terpenes (I'm using that term broadly to include several groups of molecules including: terpenoids, flavonoid, esters ect) are what gives plants their smell, these terpenes modulate the affects of delta-9-THC. The terpenes are very important for medicine, and because they make the high more interesting (this is some cannasseur life shit here, most people have no clue what I'm talking about). These terpenes are responsible for the many affects of cannabis. Basically any heat, which is applied to a solution of cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, and plant concretes (thats what BHO is), will drive off some terpenes aka volatile terpenoids and flavonoids. These terpenoids and flavonoids are highly volatile, with lower boiling points than the cannabinoids. But its not even loosing terpenes via boiling points that is the issue because we only use warm water. Terpenes just evaporate because that is what terpenes are designed to do (I can go farther on this idea if the cannanerds want). A solution (a solvent extract) does not protect the terpenoids the way they are protected in kif and ice water hash.

    This is why many choose to cold vac purge instead of warm water bath. Any ?s please ask, that was little nerdy.

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    im interested in anything els your willing to type one the subjectbongsmilie
    Kaptain Kron

    Kaptain Kron Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't mind a little elaboration I'm about to switch to vac purging all my oils. I was looking into glass and how it's made but can't find anything definitive at the moment as I haven't been searching too long. I just want the cleanest product possible while making sure I get ALL the trichs possible.

    When I vac purge should I just let the butane evaporate off on its own outside or should I put a Pyrex dish in some warm water from the tap. It will probably take like thirty minutes to burn off and evaporate but it will I suppose. Then I would purge after scraping correct? I saw a video on concentrates some place is selling lol what a joke they want 250 bucks for it lol.

    Thanks for the help matt


    chiefpuffaloe Active Member

    Thanks for the clarification matt! Glad to hear my thoughts were somewhat right with the terps. I'd love to hear more aswell

    Also matt is your ice wax the same as nikka t's solventless? Tried some and it's amazing. Also had some other solventless wax that was even more "oily" and melts just like oil that was amazing.
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    Thats great. Nikka is a friend, great guy, and an inspiration of mine. I invited him into my ice water lab when I ran some OG and Sour D.

    Here is a pic of that OG made my way:

    Here is the SourD made partially in Nikka's way:

    Yeah I can say our ice water extracts are similar. All Ice Water :) rizeup!

    mindphuk Well-Known Member

    What's the difference in your techniques?

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