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Age Old Organics! Is this for real, awesome.

Discussion in 'Organics' started by dirt clean, Mar 18, 2009.

    Dr. Greenhorn

    Dr. Greenhorn Well-Known Member


    tkufoS Well-Known Member

    i think what he's getting at ..is that FDD should learn to "speek" more languages...then maybe he could grow some "reel" plants...bwahaha

    irishboy Well-Known Member

    i dont use age old but a buddy of mine dose and he grows some fat ass buds. thats shit works good.
    tea tree

    tea tree Well-Known Member

    I just thow a bunch or crap into my soil now. I only add water. I am organic, that is the limit I have on stuff I throw in there! My plants are rocking. !!! Dirt clean is astounded on how this thread keeps popping up. We agree that heavy amending of the soil is the best, like subcools super soil, only I use peat and add kelp too. :)

    SupraSPL Well-Known Member

    Dirt Clean, I did the same thing, scrapped the Age Old for Blue Mountain Organics. I had my suspicions that Age Old was not actually organic. Once I received the BMO stuff I noticed the difference in the bloom ferts. The Age Old stuff smells like strong ammonia or something and the BMO stuff smells only a little, like composted chicken manure or something. I had great results with Age Old but I am always willing to try to improve.

    When I read the instruction I was (and still am) unsure whether to use the dosage for vegetable or indoor/tropical plants. I decided to play it safe and went with about 1 ml/liter (1 tsp/gal) almost every watering. It worked well enough I have no complaints. I spose it matters what kind of light you are dealing with too. This girl yielded 22grams in a 1.5l pot. I did chop the top buds off first and let it stay under the light longer to get there. If I had pruned better early on that would have been so much easier to trim tho.

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