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    You say you use Fox Farm in your aero system and have had no problems at all with clogging? because I was also thinking at first that the particles & sediment in organic nutes would clog the sprayers...I want to use organic in my setup as well, but don't want to have to deal with clogging.

    Do you filter all your Fox Farm nutes before adding, or just the Big Bloom? I've used FF for soil in the past and liked it.....I was also considering General Hydro's BioThrive. has anyone used that in an aeroponic setup?

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    I've used GH before in my system.. Worked well. But now im onto supernatural brand nutes, they run super clean in my system, no problems with clogging, and the results are amazing. I use the gro aqua and bloom aqua. They are pH buffered, which keeps the pH super stable. I highly suggest checking them out for aeroponics... I've read on old forums that they use to actually have a Gro Aero and Bloom Aero. But they have the Aqua series now... Not many fertlizer companies have actually created a formula for Aeroponics, but these guys have done a good job with it.
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    nice, I'm gonna stick with the GH for now, since thats what came with my Aeroflo....though thanks for the tip, projectmayhem. may have to give those a try in the future!

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    The best place i have found hands down is they have the best deals anywhere i have found! and when they ship, it comes quick! i live in FL and it got to me in 3 days!!! and if you find a cheeper price they will match or beat it!!! thery cool!!!

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    jacks 20-10-20 peat lite. same results as all the expensive shit...10% of the price. idiot proof with no clogs ever in 40 psi misters. spend your dimes on odor filtration instead.

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    botanicare works well

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    quick question wtf are you guys using for a filter i got 100 micron one and it works great with very small orifice misters

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    in my opinion i am funny about nutes, their is a low pressure aeroponics or should i say nute spray technique website from an older woman in the upper peninsula of michigan. i live around here and she was doing lp aero with tubs and buckets outside with a miracle grow powdered form mixed with tap water and she had pretty good looking results that kind of thing makes me thing maybe some of us are over thinking some problems and maybe and overlooking the more important aspects, lol she was doing great and no root issues that im aware of, i really do think nutes are nutes to a point as long as they have what is necessary for the chemistry of the biological processes involved i have trouble seeing why most nutes aren't pretty much the same, im sure i just pissed off a whole bunch of people with that being said lol, but my old man been growing for 40 years and i mean ganja! he was never hip on tomatoes lol but anyways he always told me nutes are nutes to a point and he is a retired Electronics Engineer and he had always done very well nice clean high quality dirt grown and hyrdo dwc. ive always had a personal belief that no light in reservoir! right humidity for roots and root zone temp and temp of reservoir are very important aspects and as for light for foliage it's always never enough,lol i have studied botony and microbiology in my spare time for years trying to understand the vital processes that allow such a beautiful and wonderful amazing plant to make us that ever so loved natural thc, so beautiful we could never hope to even come close to the efficiency of the plant and it's ability to synthesize it's wonderful compounds. to me that is just absolutely magical...
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    I agree, nutes are nutes, as long as u adjust ppm etc, although floranova does gunk up the works a little. I would still use it, u just have to clean pump impeller more often?

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    I am just gearing up for my first full scale hydro grow and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the best nutes for a LED+RAIL+TENT setup. Anybody have experience with this combinations and have a nutrient suggestion? I am a definite believer in LED and am wondering if this plays any part in choosing a nutrient line for a hydro/aero setup? Most of what I have came across information wise suggests either General Hydroponics or Advanced Nutrients. I am willing to pay more for nutes if they offer better performance. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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