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    flo power

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    hello to aeroponics user,s, what nutrients do you use from start to finish, and what do you keep ur ph at,?

    northerntights Well-Known Member

    I haven't used aero for a while but General Hydroponics 3-part line is very reliable and doesn't react with H202 (if you ever needed it). It's been a standard for a long while and is cost effective. I would stay away from one-part nutrients, they never gave me good results. Other then that just keep it synthetic and liquid form and you should be fine.
    flo power

    flo power Active Member

    hi would leave the pump running 24x7 as in feeding them, or feed them for 15 min then take a break for 45 min then back to feeding.

    reeffermadness Well-Known Member

    not quite sure what you meant...but I believe in a aeroponic system you just have the nozzles on a feeding sched not on 24/7

    vbp6us Active Member

    Anyone? I would like to know this as well.

    Earl Well-Known Member

    I have tried two different nutrient systems
    in my aero space shuttle.

    Advanced Nutrient Sensi Grow 2 part for veg,
    and AN Connoisseur two part for flower,
    are my choice, for high yield, lower cost, and simplicity.


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    look into house and gardens line, they got some dope shit. they got an a+ line up. i like them better than the gen hydro nutes, more expensive though and can be hard to find at some hydro stores.

    vbp6us Active Member

    I use House and Garden. I like it but I want to see what else others are using.

    Up4anything Active Member

    that stuff is junk. it's made by the owners of "family Hydroponics" which has a bunch of franchise stores. they push it heavily because htey make it and there is an assload of markup on it. It is mediocre at best. You will get results with it, but it is way more expensive than it should be for what you get.

    They lied to me and told me it was like CANNA and that all the european growers were using it. B.S.

    There are other products that do better and cost less than the Van de Shite does.

    I stopped buying from them because they would only recomend the stuff they make the most money on. When I seek advice, I want honest answers. If anyone knows of a good place to get stuff, let me know. I'm tired of feeling like I'm on a used car lot when I go to a hydro store.:roll:

    gvega187 Well-Known Member

    lol, check out my thread with almost the exactly same title just below this one. It has some good input from some other users as well. I have had clogging problems with nutes like floranova and now use GH 3 part.

    cman86 Active Member

    just because something is owned by a large corp doesnt mean it is bad, that is a horrible way of thinking. big corp have large budgets for research and development. You may not like the prices, but im sure plenty of research and development went into their products. look in some european forums, you may find some better info on the products.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    I reccomend Fox Farm 3 part nutes which are Grow Big,Tiger Bloom and Big Bloom. Follow the chart and your good. Run the misters 24 hours a day and keep the ph bewtween 5.5 and 5.8.Additives I like to add are Grotek super H202 and bontincare sweet and I like he berry better then the citrus flavor.Also Humbodlt counties gravity is a nice addition

    Up4anything Active Member

    I didn't say that was the reason I didn't like it.

    I don't like it because they are trying to pass something offas somethign it is not. A buddy of mine is studying agronomy (I think that's what he calls it) at CalPoly and did a bunch of testing on several nutes. I sent him some thinking it was good shit and it turned out to be, in his words, "mediocre, at best".

    Furthermore, the guys at Fmaily Hydro are not a giant corp with huge R&D budgets. The main guy (or guys if you count the other partner) are just a couple of douches that will push whatever makes them the most money. they also go around trying to cause trouble for independent stores. They get suppliers not to deal with new stores by threatening to stop ordering from them. This kind of action does nothing but keep prices artificially inflated by limitting competition. If that's who you want to do biz with, then be my guest.

    Up4anything Active Member

    I love Fox farm and have used them quite a bit. I also really dig humboldt nutrients (not to be confused with Humboldt Wholesale, which is another "family Hydro" front company.

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    cman86 Active Member

    earls got it

    haha cal poly, up4anything? I got kicked outta poly a few years ago.

    Up4anything Active Member

    LOL. Many do. My sis graduates from there in a semester or two (hopefully) :D

    cman86 Active Member

    i was wondering if you had him test any other nutes, its hard to compare with the results of just one.

    OldYeller Active Member

    Pure Blend Pro Bloom formula
    Liquid Karma
    Cal-Mag Plus

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