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advice for extension wires

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Ardiorewotum, Jan 1, 2013.


    Ardiorewotum Member

    Hey guys,

    I'm growing outdoors, but I'm thinking of doing a grow in with lights in a greenhouse this winter. I would be routing some extension wires via some drainage pipes along me house in order to give my lights a source of electricity. Any comments on the safety/do-ability of routing extension cords through water drainages would appreciated. I just want to know how the extension cords will hold up in the presence of water.

    Best, Ardiorewotum, bongsmiliebongsmilie:blsmoke:

    shagalicious Active Member

    they've got conduit made for outdoor use
    if you use the proper conduit with the proper fittings and an extension cord rated for the proper amperage...
    it should work
    it'd cost the same to run a line though, so...

    i'd just run a line

    bwest Well-Known Member

    Not a good idea. Extension cords are not watertight. I cant believe you had to ask this question.

    smokalottapotomous Member

    Extension cords are a bad idea, especially outdoors. you have to consider that if you are using HID lights that the ballast can arc, thus overloading the cables. you are going to need to hardwire directly to the power supply. and make sure to have each connection fused in case the amperage overloads. otherwise you will be dealing with a fire. the extension cords will overheat as you turn the lights on and off, creating an expansion in the insulated wiring, meaning more chance of condensation of liquids on the inside of the expanded wire from the morning dew.

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