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advanced nutrients schedule

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by danne, Dec 30, 2010.


    danne Member

    soil 10L

    top dawg
    superlemon haze

    1L Sensi Grow
    1L Sensi Bloom

    50g Piranha
    1L B 52
    1L Big Bud
    1L Overdrive
    + 1L Bud candy

    is this a good nutepackage?? also, does advancednutrients's schedule at their webpage really work? seem to be a whole load of nutrients for my babies :D anyway im abit of a newbie so if someone could explain how i use my nutes the best way possible i would really appreaciate dat!


    jrinlv Well-Known Member

    That's a good one, how much did you pay?

    Go to their website and they have a great calculator that is all custom to what you are doin, or thinking of doing.

    just cut that amount in half and follow the same schedule, that might be still too much but it will be close..Enjoy....JR

    Edit: Look around there are some grow shops that have posted "their" way to use Advanced nutes, pretty much like AN says to use them but in less amounts

    asdfkry Active Member

    read over this information a few times i found it more helpful then the nute calc on their site.

    Bigger Yields Flowering System

    i got this in an email from AN, it explains things much more clearly.

    ...hope this helps
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    Tyrannabudz Well-Known Member

    Try getting a response like that from any other nutrient company. Yeah right. The products you have chosen will work out great.

    danne Member

    thanks to ya all :)

    decrimCA Active Member

    I really like this setup:

    Sensi A&B Grow
    Sensi A&B Bloom

    Voodoo Juice
    Big Bud
    Bud Candy

    In my opinion, it's the best you can buy at the basic level. Sure, you have to spend more and get more when you're a Master Grower, but I still consider myself a hobbyist anyway. I don't need to go crazy.

    Just make sure that you use about 25% of what the grow schedule says. It's not that the schedule is wrong, but that it's a little too strong for a lot of plants.

    Ease into adding AN and your grow will thank you. Trust me.

    danne Member

    thanks man that helps me alot, so basicly i can just make my own schedule at AN's site and use 25% the whole lifecycle of the plants? also im going autoflowering, was just about to write a new thread and look for help :) can i give my AF's the same Nuteschedule and whats best to flower the af's in? 20/5? 18/6? figured with the photoplants that perhaps when they grow older i could increase to about 40-45% of what AN's schedule says, would that work or am i just thinking rubbish? :D

    victor420 Member

    thats a lot of money for nutes. i hope someone answers the AF question. im going to start some autos but all im going to use is flora nova veg and bloom and koolbloom. it may not be the best but its what i got on hand.

    DwayneMendoza Member

    A couple things I have found in my experience with using AN 1st If I use a Grow nute I end up getting a bit of nute burn BUT that is NOT AN's fault as I use FF Ocean Forest Soil, "a consideration to make when you are buying soil". 2nd in the beginning of the flowering phase I ease the bloom and the Big Bud slowly just to see how the different strains will react.

    Here is my tea
    Connie A&B
    Iguana Juice Bloom
    Dr Horn'a Big Bud Liquid
    and 1 drop of Superthrive per gallon
    It is a chunk of $ to drop on nutes but when you figure that you are talking about feeding at an average of 52 ML per week per plant (total for all of the above) each container goes a long way.

    based on a 11 (the 12th is flush) I use a total of about 550ML which $ for $ is less than 30$ per plant for nutes. Now if you ask me it is more than worth it if my yield and quality go up. :)

    On another note I've found some cheaper prices on Amazon as well as Discount AN

    Sensibowl Active Member

    Hmm, not sure about the answer to your question. Since the other guy got such a great response from AN, it seems like just calling up the company or emailing them might get you the attention you deserve.

    I thought that the AN calculator had all of the different kinds of grows covered, but I haven't run the AF routine in a while, so I'm a little rusty.

    Good luck!

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