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Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice user's discussion.... Need some details...

Discussion in 'Organics' started by motokid, Apr 25, 2010.


    corykindbud Well-Known Member

    i use iguana juice grow and bloom, for hydro and soil. just make sure you shake it lots and ph after mixing. i dont like it for really young veging plants but once they grow vigorously they look really healthy.

    DjAeroFluxxx Active Member

    i agree with brasmith, practice makes perfect, i think the hardest part of growing is knowing how to react to your plants throughout the growing process, being able to idenify & correct deficiencies and changes earlier on will result in a better fnisihed product, if you can learn from your mistakes you'll kickin ass in no time.

    decrimCA Active Member

    Iguana Juice really works well. Good to see that others are having a good time. I've been doing the organic thing a bit more lately since taking a little break. It can be a bit challenging, can't it?

    I think so long as you're watching the plant's health and making adjustments as the plant changes, then you're going to be all set. I mean, the plant knows more than any of us what it wants and what it needs. All we need to do is listen.

    God, I sound like a hippie. I mean, sort of, yeah, but I'm not going to meditate on my plants or anything. Unless someone has found that works....LOL


    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    I used the Iguana stuff a while back...constent over/under nuting and dieing leaves in flower many very early....That should not be the case....The plants should carry most all leaves till harvest fully green....period. If your plant is dieing something is wrong. Turned to sunleaves seabird guano 10-10-10 and it now looks like the lowes garden center greenhouse till flush....Try it...you wont look back....These nut. companies are mostly money hungery all the crap the want you to buy.....Like a golf club that every freakin year they say "gets you 10 more yards...BS" they want more sales.....lesson learned

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    Oh, $15 in nuts for seabird guano vs. AD. Nuts...what $100 for all the crap they want to sell you.....not I..and I did a side by side test on clones..
    Single White Pistol

    Single White Pistol Well-Known Member

    Hey Bra,

    What ratio of dolomite lime do you put to your soil?

    johnnycash Active Member

    Are you using tap water?
    Single White Pistol

    Single White Pistol Well-Known Member

    I am, my plants went yellow. Moved into new apt.

    Old apt. water = 5.8.
    New apt. water = 7!

    I think this is the problem. My plants started to yellow from the top down. I'm assuming there were some elements they just could absorb right?

    johnnycash Active Member

    A 7 ph will disallow certain this from being absorbed. Get it back down to 5.7 range and check the distance of your light from the top of your plant

    finch123 Member

    Wetdog Smell my balls. Who gives a fuck about smell? Grow a set of balls and suck it up pussy

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    I love the stuff, just bumpd my girls to 2tsp, there growing crazy fast...the stuff does smell like fish guts , worth it for the results tho

    dcnjrz Active Member

    My AN organics regiment...
    i do not adjust the levels of each nutrient as the plant grows, only the things i give it.

    Iguana Grow 12ml per gal
    M.E.S.T. 6ml per gal
    SensiCal Grow 6ml per gal
    Organic B1 8ml per gal
    Liquid Carboload 8ml per gal
    H2 or Ancient Earth 8ml per gal
    Rhino Skin 8ml per gal
    Organic Wet Betty 6ml per gal
    Canna's Bio Rhizotonic 8ml per gal
    Orca Benificials 1ml per gal
    Sensizym 8ml per gal

    everything in every feeding. always feed, feed, water and repeat

    Iguana Bloom 12ml per gal
    M.E.S.T. Bloom 6ml per gal
    SensiCal Bloom 6ml per gal
    Organic B1 8ml per gal
    Liquid Carboload 8ml per gal, double for week 7 then stop
    H2 or Ancient Earth 8ml per gal
    Rhino Skin 8ml per gal weeks 1-6
    Organic Wet Betty 6ml per gal
    Orca Beneficials 1ml per gal
    Sensizym 8ml per gal
    Bud Candy 8ml per gallon weeks 1-6
    Bud Ignitor 8ml per gal weeks 1-2
    Big Bud 8ml per gal weeks 2-4
    Overdirve 8ml per gal weeks 5-6
    Nirvana weeks 3-6
    Hammerhead weeks 2-6

    remember to always feed, feed, water and repeat

    Flush for 10-14 days
    King Cobra

    King Cobra Active Member

    Wow thats a lol of nutes.. Just seems like your giving them the same stuff over and over again.
    This feed feed water schec..!! Well plants need to be fed more at different stages of thier lives so
    maybe this feed feed water regime is a bit much unless your doing this at those different stages!!
    Are you sure you dont work for Advanced nutes!!lol
    Fevs likes this.

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    Now I pretty much just use iguana ,organic B vits, h-2, and sweet/flouranecter from botanicare and GH, and just great white, roots excel and hygrozyme for rizosphere, and cal/mg since i use RO, that's really all you need

    beuffer420 Well-Known Member

    Dcnjrz I saw what your using for veg and you can def back off a couple of those bottles if you want. Not telling you how to grow but in veg u don't need the carbo load rhino skin or the sensizyme it'll save a lot of money and plants will still do just like if you were using those additives.

    also in flower if you want you could lose the hammerhead run only big bud and overdrive or only run hammerhead. Kushykush and hammerhead are like replacements for the big bud or the overdrive if you were to use kushy kush in flower you wouldn't use the big bud or the over drive. Same as if you were to use hammer head you wouldn't use the overdrive or the big bud.

    advanced nutes web site has a calculator for the iguana line now and you'd be surprised at how little of the additives you need as its all in their base nutes.

    just food for thought buddy. if what your doing works then keep it up!

    budulyk Well-Known Member

    did anyone ever work out a good schedule to use here in soil as i got the iguana juice grow and bloom grandma enggys seaweed some ancient earth some bud blood and some plant magic pk along with calmag and silicon

    bullSnot Well-Known Member

    Odd that you put in dolomite lime and still have a cal/mag deficiency. Iguana Juice is good stuff and the Bloom has the least Heavy Metals of any Phosphorus heavy nutes I have seen.

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