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Acapulco Gold, Colombian Gold or Panama Red?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by philli007, Jan 14, 2008.


    philli007 Active Member

    When was the last time you smoked or heard of Acapulco Gold, Colombian Gold or Panama Red?

    In my search for some of the illustrious Bubba Kush seeds, I happened upon some Colombian Gold seeds and it really made my mouth water for some of the exotics. Like some really "Knock your socks off" killer weed, can you dig it?

    I have grown seeds from bags of really good weed, some LowRyder (remember that song by the group WAR?), White Widow, AK-47 and a medicinal strain that a friend from Toronto gave me some seeds of a few years ago (don’t know what it is, but a few tokes and you're in La La Land for the night!...lol)

    But I would really like to get a hold of some Acapulco Gold and Panama Red seeds too.

    If anyone knows of any, hook a grower up!

    Here’s the info on Colombian Gold from cannabiseye:

    Colombian Gold
    Breeders Choice
    Price: 30.00 Euros ($44.44 US)

    • Pure Sativa Heirloom Colombian Gold genetics
    • Gorgeous pure equatorial plants
    • Authentic Colombian Gold High, extremely potent
    • 10 Seeds Per Pack


    This is a heirloom line of pure Colombian 'gold' genetics. A pure Sativa F1 cross of the highest quality, comprised of two 'gold' lines from the Highlands of Colombia. Both lines are pure equatorial Sativas and this is a long flowering line for those seeking absolute quality.

    The combination of the two highly selected 'golds' produces progeny that meet with the legends of old. This is a line of dreamy, wide psycoactive highs with very deep effects.

    • Sativa/Indica: Pure Sativa
    • Indoor/Greenhouse: 16-22 Weeks
    • Outdoor finish: Late December/January, 30 degrees latitude and South.
    • Odor level: Low
    • Mite resistance: High
    • Mould Resistance: High
    • Stretch: 4x and greater
    • Yield: High

    1. Seed Lot: Created 01/05
    2. Breeding History: Generation #1
    3. Germination Tested: 01/07 - 90/100
    4. Flowering Time: 18 - 20 + weeks approximate flowering time

    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    have a look at skunk#11 dutch passion seeds.

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    OMG! WHy Hermie seed from DP?
    Can get alcupolco gold from world of seeds. they even have hermie version to for exstra few $.
    Panama reeferman as in some of his strains think he as a ibl aswell.

    See thing is the older strains aint about so much as they have been out dated buy stronger more faster growing hybrids, sure people allways compare the good old days in 60's to 80's but in all honesty they never hit over thc% we have now.

    panama red from RMS

    Panama red old school red hair from panama this is the pure strain very similar to the modern punta rojo from colombia but much stronger smoke very nice pure breeding strain that has been proven a good breeder in my panama red skunk and a few others . 10-13 weeks flowering time $75 - 12 seed

    Columbian gold from wos

    Interesting crossback 25/75 indica/sativa landrace from colombia., giving as a result a mixture of pure lines come from santamarta zone. The history dates tell us that this variety was used by Simon Bolivar in his trips around amazonas, in which he interchanges spices and medicinal plants with natives during his conquests. High, vigorous and branched, its smell is sweet and intense, stands out for its flavour and powerfull psicodelic effects.

    If you realy wont to find these genetics its not that hard.But personaly would say grow out todays skunks for beter results and faster growing time
    the widowman

    the widowman Well-Known Member

    hey man theres not anything wrong with DPs seeds man thats just some growers that stressed the shit out of some grows and then blamed the seedbanks. skunk#11 is a cross of panama and columbian and skunk#1 i think. i found a seedbank a while back with all those strains but i can't find it at the mo but when i do il let you know. :joint::mrgreen:

    philli007 Active Member

    Widowman - Thanks for heading me in the right direction. Tell me, how's the smoke? The site says it's THC is only 8.1%. And I'll really appreciate taking a look at the other seedbank when you find it.

    philli007 Active Member

    Canna 420 - you are so right on new strains and the grow time! The sites that I've found with old time classic weed seeds all have a flowering time in excess of 12 weeks. That's insane!!!

    jamiemichelle Well-Known Member

    Im actually growing dutch passion blueberry now which came with a colombian red haze so I planted that too... the blueberry is feminized and half of the plants ARE mutated and weird looking. All of the colombian red haze plants are good though. I've done a lot of research since then and dp often has mutated plants compared to other seed banks from what Ive seen.
    Chronic Connoisseur

    Chronic Connoisseur Well-Known Member

    sounds like big sativa plants grown in massive quanity.

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    Seedsman sells columbian red haze!
    TBH. He as skunk aswell well that isnt femed.
    SkunkII is femed version of skunk#1.

    But as you have found for yourself newer hybrids path the way!
    Nirvana have good reviews here. myself never ad problems with them. Their NL is 1 of the best NL strains ive grown,
    For another oldschool classic why not look to MNS for his Nevils haze or Super silver haze. they still have longer flower times from the more sativa influeance but are worth waiting on.
    I understand people trying to chace a buzz but when we have stronger hybrids that grow faster I see no real point in growing them out. Hybrids sutch as the famous white widow, Skunk#1 and NLhaze are stable enought and releible with sativa in them!
    Or more sativa variety's like Original haze, Skunkhaze, Jack herer/jock horor are far superior than stuff smoked 20 years ago.

    As i mentioned above NL x haze is a great hybrid with a distinctive oldskool oura.
    With growing times sativas will allways want the longest time to mature but early pheno's can be found in s ome varietys of new age hybrids.

    The main problem with sativa varietys is the exsperience is needed to grow these to full matureaty and carry abundant harvest's. They take alot of care and atention compared to skunk and indica/sativa hybrids.

    philli007 Active Member

    Sorry to hear about your mutated blueberry, hadn't heard anything about DP often having mutated plants. Got pix on your colombian red?


    philli007 Active Member

    Hey Canna420,
    I already grow White Widow, Skunk and a few others. I'm just wanting some exotics to throw into the mix. You know "the more the merrier"

    I know that some of the 'Old School' strains aren't as strong as what's out today, but I also believe that is a good thing. I don't want to get to the point where the strong stuff feels blasay or just so/so

    I'll be starting up some Kush this next crop too and probably this time will go into a perpetual grow; since I will be up to like 8 strains once my new seeds arrive. It will be great to have a large variety of cured smoke for the choosing.

    Maybe somewhere down the road I'll start creating some genetics of my own. It helps to have some pure breeds to do that.

    jamiemichelle Well-Known Member

    I do have pics but only when I was first starting to grow them so they are in the veg state. I just started flowering them on Monday so I will take pics very soon! Im really excited to see how they turn out.
    As far as the dp blueberry goes... ya Ive read on atleast 5 dif websites that they have mutant plants! Outta all the seeds I pick I had to chose the mutated one! Oh well Ill just have to wait and see the final outcome!
    Space Cowboy

    Space Cowboy New Member


    jamiemichelle Well-Known Member

    So here's the pic of the colombian red that I took on my blackberry... The quality isn't that good but I'll take some more in a few days.

    Attached Files:


    philli007 Active Member

    good looking out Space Cowboy!

    I know that I have checked that site but did not notice those seeds!!! I also think it will be interesting having a kick ass strain like WW crossed with those blasts from the past.

    Thanks dude! You the man!!!

    philli007 Active Member

    Hey JamieMichelle,
    Your Colombian Red looks like it's gonna be killer. bongsmilie
    Thanks for the pix and look forward to more.

    jamiemichelle Well-Known Member

    Thanks Im actually really excited! I will def post more soon. I have a few others that look pretty nuts from tyin them down.
    That one I actually never tied at all. I just trimmed her up a lil bit. Then let her go.

    "SICC" Well-Known Member

    :hump:Acapulco Gold, is bomb:hump:

    philli007 Active Member

    Hey JM,
    It sure looks like you know what you're doing there, that's for sure! What else are you growing now?

    philli007 Active Member

    [quote="SICC";508331]:hump:Acapulco Gold, is bomb:hump: [/quote]

    It's been awhile, but that's how I remember it!... lol :joint:

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