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50 Watts of LED?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by XSiL3nTX, Apr 7, 2008.


    XSiL3nTX Well-Known Member


    I was thinking of buying a 50 watt LED light panel with mixed red and blue bulbs for a full spectrum LED grow light. Will this be able to veg and flower a Lowryder? I am looking to grow like 4 plants max for my own personal purposes.

    XSiL3nTX Well-Known Member

    Any replies? I need to know asap so I can start buying the equipment. I plan to go with a 4 plant hydroponic system and use the 50 watt LED full spectrum pannel to grow and bud 4 plants.

    felthustler Active Member

    seems crazy why not just normal cfls

    Budsworth Well-Known Member

    I doubt it. There are lots of other viable options.

    bigd921 Well-Known Member

    there are a couple of journals going with LED's the plants are growing, but like the previous poster i recomend cfls

    cheetah2007 Well-Known Member

    i recomend HID lights, but cfls should do the job too

    XSiL3nTX Well-Known Member


    so you guys don't think it would work? I'm not too fond of the CFL results. Low yield. I would like to try LED.
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    The LED grows I have seen look like pretty small yields. the plants look healthy yet extremely stretched out...

    CFLs can get you some pretty darn good results on a few plants..


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    XSiL3nTX Well-Known Member

    How small yields are we talking about? I know that Lowryders only give you like an ounce at most per plant. So if I were to use LED's would it be less than half O per plant?
    would the 50 watt LED pannel even bud a plant? 50 watts of LED is ALOT of led power. Most LED grow lights are only 6w at most and thats per bulb.

    Budsworth Well-Known Member

    The buds will never fill out the way they should. Choose diff lighting.

    Runagi Well-Known Member

    Definitely wouldn't recommend it; as an indoor grower, your mission is to provide your plants with light that simulates the sun as best it can (i.e. a full spectrun of color, in all wavelengths). Using only red and blue led's will omit out the other spectrums, which will hinder plant growth.

    Just stick with a CFL if space is an issue.:mrgreen:

    XSiL3nTX Well-Known Member

    True that Runagi. Alright, well I'll give it a go with CFL bulbs. How many watts would I need of CFL for 2-4 plants? I am talking about using 105 watt full spectrum CFL bulbs. How many would I need to flower and bud the plants?


    ColaFarmer Well-Known Member

    LEDs are good to maintain consistant growth. they do not inhibit or promote growth. They are really cool, but for what you're looking for there are many other better choices.

    XSiL3nTX Well-Known Member

    so would 1 full spectrum 105 watt be enough to flower and bud 2-4 plants?

    XSiL3nTX Well-Known Member

    what if I were to use 1, 105 watt full spectrum CFL and 1, 50 watt full spectrum LED. Can that flower 3 plants?

    Runagi Well-Known Member

    guess that depends on your grow space, but maybe there's a reference out there as to how many watts per plant you should have? i have 11 under 80W fluor's right now but in the next two weeks i'm getting a 400w HPS

    XSiL3nTX Well-Known Member

    I'm not too fond of having a 400 watt HPS in my closet or anywhere near my home hahah. My biggest fear would be for the HPS to cause a fire and I don't want to risk it. that's why I want to try something like CFL or LED because they don't get as hot and they waste ALOT less electricity.

    greatwhitehunter Active Member

    be sure if you decide to go with cfl's to get 5600k for flowering and 2700k for budding/ or even better a good mix of both.. But for the size you are talkin you should really just get a 250 or 400 wattt HPS , they come pre wired and there is no fire risk if used right. And a 250 w only will run you about 8 dollars a month. A 400 about 30 . (these are at 24 hrs a day). your yeild will be way worth the extra dollars. But cfl's do seem to work well for some people as you can have the light very near to your plants. So light does not dissapate as it would at a distance. good luck either way

    soulflyx2k Well-Known Member

    ya cfl will do you great(since HID is not a option),

    but I do think the right LEDs can produce some good stuff... can you pls post the LED you are thinking of. Im starting to get really interested in LED growing also.

    specialkayme Well-Known Member

    I agree with soulfly. I don't think they are quite there yet, but getting there. LEDs alone arn't the answer just yet, but I think are a viable answer for suplemental lighting. My two cents though. 50 watts of LEDs are alot though, and gets kinda pricey, what kind were you talking about? Link?

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