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24 Hour darkness question

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Space Man Spliff, Apr 15, 2010.

    Space Man Spliff

    Space Man Spliff Member

    Ok so I thought I had heard somewhere, someone, once said, "turn the light off for like a day." And behold, I find all kinds of info on just that, yay.

    However, I entered my flowering stage about 6 or 7 days ago now and I went straight from all light to my 12/12.

    Can I still do a 24 to 36 hour dark period to speed up the flowering? Or would that destabilize things?

    And if I still can do a long dark period, can I actually do that say. . .once a week? or every other week to really speed things up? Or what about periods like 18 dark and 6 light?

    I know they still need light to preform photo synthesis and all but lots of good stuff happens in the dark during flowering I'm told, and I would love to capitalize on that.


    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    no, the whole 24 hr dark begins flowering faster is bs, its needs consecutive days of a in a row to trigger flowering. the levels gotta build up over time and once they reach the level that triggers flowering it doesnt matter if you add more. it wont make it flower faster.
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    royboy12 Well-Known Member

    but i heard if you give it 24hours of dark before you harvest it will make your bud better...:bigjoint:
    Big C

    Big C Member

    Excellent results are done with one 36 hour dark period then lights on for 12 then off a second time for 36. Each time giving the plant enough water to end up close to dry by harvest day. Works beautiful.
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    le' rukkus

    le' rukkus Well-Known Member

    negative. you can go ahead and test the theory of it yourself but my opinion is that it will throw the plant off and if anything it will SLOW down flowering rather than speed it up.

    gameover Member

    dont try that if anything ur gonna end up w/ a hermie or youre gonna put them back into veggn. Either way the only time you should do this when plants are going from veg to flowering...

    probo24 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the hormones trigger at around 12hrs of dark.
    So 24hrs of dark to start the 12/12 cycle never made sense to me.
    I say 24-48hrs dark before a harvest whatever it may do, is a good idea,
    or at least can't hurt.

    palehawaiian Active Member

    le' rukkus

    le' rukkus Well-Known Member

    ima check that forum link after dinn but everyone think about this first... other than places like alaska... does nature ever have 24-36 hours of darkness? no... it doesnt so why would plants be drawn to more darkness? especially if the sun or photons is their source of energy
    Cali chronic

    Cali chronic Well-Known Member

    36 hour prior to insure or set flowering. Source Med Grwer bible J. Cervantes. Stop posting shit if you do not know the true answer. You can write I guess or not sure if you want to chime in----People come here for answers not stoned speculations.
    Thank you in advance for understanding and respecting. Now here is what I think may be a myth due to I have yet to get a firm fact outta of a read But it is stated that a 24 hour period the day before harvest will plump your tri or glands up/
    I am not sure because the Glands do their thing in the morning looking for pollen---Why would an extra 12 hour night effect her glands ---Unless the theory of last chance for survival is the case but I am not sure if it is the glands she exerts for this reasoning or is just a way to make her think about stress before harvest? i clip in the morn aft light are on a couple of hours. Pretty good stuff ---check it.

    palehawaiian Active Member

    I totally agree with this statement, as you will see if you follow that link, I made the same comment. Nature does just fine why fuck with it.

    Lets ask what the trichomes are for, if you get at it that way you figure out thats they act as a way for the female plant to capture pollen from the male plant. They have another purpose to and thats to protect the plant from harmful UV rays. No if you grow under a HPS your not exposing your plant to much in the way of UV rays. So if you want to make your plants more potent and have it produce more trichs the why not expose it to UV? Try getting a tanning light into your grow room. That would theoretically, if you worked exposure levels up slowly, produce tones of trichs and resin.

    As for this comment what makes you think that J. Cervantes was not "Stoned and speculating" when he wrote that. Are you a scientist? Were you there? Did he tell you about his numerous hours of intense lab testing to prove that this works?
    No? So then essentially you are assuming that what you have read is right and what others have read is wrong. There by "posting shit you do not know the true answer to". Seems to me that people are always struggling to make it just a little better. I see nothing wrong with that practice, and I encourage people to study and experiment with there stuff. Come up with something that works and pass it along. This forum is all about learning and helping people along. Just cause you read it somewhere does not make it right.

    As I said in response to le' rukkus, the trichomes are there to collect pollen and to act as a sunblock to the host plant. Therefor cutting out hours of light no matter how much UV the light puts out would seem to me to go against "proven scientific data". Now my botany professor could have just been a crazy guy off the streets that wandered into class on an acid trip and started teaching, but I would think that to be highly unlikely.
    Big C

    Big C Member

    I admit I know very little about growing. The dark period was taught to me by a well respected well known grower.Thanks

    Megalith Well-Known Member

    the whole pupose of using a dark period like 36 hrs of darkness to transition from veg to bloom is to ensure the plants know its time to flower. plants dont measure light time only darkness. some say it doesnt work I say bs. as far as the other things u mentioned about the light times i'llsay this much. there are different advanced light techniques where u can say choose week 5 of flowereing. u can leave the lights on say 24 hrs and then do a 12 hr dark and repeat it for a week. u can also switch to veg light cycles in flowereing to try and get buds bigger. I woukdnt recommend it, but I know they work. The important thing to remember is they measure darkness not light. that is what makes these techniques possible. I would suggest u research this things before u attmpt them.
    Space Man Spliff

    Space Man Spliff Member

    Wow some of you guys are like totally raged over people manipulating light and dark, sorry. And of course no one has really answered my question. Well the closest was the post just above by Megalith.

    So let me see if I can get rid of you nay sayers and just talk to the people who do this. Please, this is a question ONLY for people who believe in at least the two dark periods and use them or have used them.

    First of all I have done lots of reading up on this and to turn the lights off to switch from veg and before a harvest makes total sense. I am too lazy to go and pull up all my reference material right now cus I know you angry people out there will insist on seeing it, but too bad, I didn't come here for an argument. I am curious though someone mentioned that adding too much darkness will cause hermaphrodites, that to me doesn't makes sense, I thought hermaphrodites were more a result of unstable systems, like poor PH control and poor nutrient control, things that can consistently shock the plants root system causing it to resort to drastic survival methods. I suppose I could be wrong but I would be surprised to find that out. And someone actually said that adding more darkness will cause them to go back into vegetative growth, that sounds just silly.

    So Megalith my new question to you is that what you are suggesting seem backwards especially since you note that they (and I think you mean the plants by they) measure darkness. So why would you add more light making for more vegetative growth? Although I guess I can see use like that changing the bud density, though that's just in my mind I don't know for certain about that statement. Basically please tell me more about that.

    Anyway apparently my original question also still stands.

    So, aside from the switch to flowering and before a harvest, is there benefit to adding more periods of 24 to 36 hours of darkness during the flowering period, especially since I didn't get to when I first made my switch to flowering.

    And for the record it was my belief that as a whole we ALL are manipulating our personal ecosystems to do lots of things that don't naturally occur in nature so that we can control what our plant does to suit our needs. Just because it doesn't happen in nature doesn't mean there is no benefit to it, if we wanted to rest simply on mother nature we would all grow outdoors right?

    I hope I'm not coming off as stand offish, I'm not trying to make people mad or start fights, but sometimes I read things and say to myself "come on, really?" So if I made anyone mad sorry, not my intention.

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    I want to see someone with a controlled experiment w/details prove that it works, does your reference material include that? I dont mean to be stand-offish either but......prove it and i'll believe you. I dont care what some grow bible says, half those books contradict each other.
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    CyberSecks Active Member

    dude if the 24 hour darkness works well wouldnt we all be doing it??
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    palehawaiian Active Member

    My man. I like this.

    Everyone has read something different, and everything you read about growing pot is that authors opinions.

    Hell if I was to write and publish a book called "secrects to growing super buds" and in it i told you that if you take a shit in your soil before you plant, and that the best way to trim and top your plant was with a weed eater, there is always gonna be someone who takes it as gospel.

    None of this has been proven, what has been proven is that the sun comes up and it goes down, that the light/ dark hours change through the growing season. The sun and the earth rotate at a constant. Nobody is sitting there ass next to the sun with a light timer going "wonder what the fuck this will do?".

    Do what you like with your shit, all I am saying is I will stick with the old school shit that has worked for years. Without fail.

    Tell you what, one of you guys go take two clones off the same mother and plant them in the same conditions. Record when you switch to 12/12 and put one into 12/12 like normal with no weird shit and do the 24 or 36 hours dark for the other. Make sure when you notice that it did nothing that you post up in here and tell everyone.

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