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2010 Revised Super Soil Recipe

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Punky Weedster

    Punky Weedster Member

    Hey Subcool we are trying the super soil for the first time on our outdoor garden. I got a batch cooking for the next indoor cycle. The plants look beautiful I cant wait to taste. I do have a question. What do you use for your moms?

    stonedmetalhead1 Well-Known Member

    What types of bugs were you finding in the soil?

    subcool Well-Known Member

    Fungus Gnats even the OF rep acknowledged the problem in the PNW


    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    Your Well-x-trol is simply a pre-charged pressurized tank that allows you to have water pressure in your system even when your well pump is not running.

    stonedmetalhead1 Well-Known Member

    Right on, I have used FFOF for about 5 years and while I had the ocassional fungus gnat I've never really had an infestation. I only use it because it's either that or miracle grow unless I want to drive 3 hours for some Roots.

    headimonster Member

    i know that, ive beeen following subcool for over 5 years now, i was asking if i can get away with sooner in a hotter climate, (my time WAS of the essence and i wanted to try his method this year but my time was countin down) obviously i can do the math myself. (i must have been medicated)

    thanks for not helping in the least bit about JC2, i obviously can read on my own and find descriptions and also see what she likes, (probably easier doing tests myself than searching on these sites) i figured maybe suby could have added some personal exp. with her as he is the breeder, ....duuuuuuh- wouldnt u wanna ask the breeder what she likes most instead of asking some dude that just grows it????? (i.e. Rez explains he uses Lucas Formula for most, if not all of his strains) ....And yes, sub uses straight water, but does he fill his super soil 2/3 or 1/3 for the JC2....yield has nothing to do with nutrient uptake.

    and why do you feel its necessary to answer for sub, "subcool has stated above" seems you are completely in love with dude as you dont post anywhere else on this site but his forum,

    have a good day

    subcool Well-Known Member

    He just knows I'm busy and I can assure you attitudes dont fly here.
    I have documented the strain on so many forums so many times I simply cant keep repeating myself.

    He actually is a member of Breedbay a site thats not to kind to me these days.

    stonedmetalhead1 Well-Known Member

    hehe, I think your better off. Since you left Breedbay the site has gone way downhill as far as traffic goes and the amount of gear they have up for auction. I think you were the only breeder on the Bay that actually had consistant stock up for auction. The only other breeder who seems to have seeds most of the time was british hempire but I think it was due to no one buying the seeds. Right now they only have 9 auctions listed and a couple of them are TGA mouse pads.

    subcool Well-Known Member

    Karma truly is a Bitch :)


    R3DROCk9 Active Member

    I agree with headimonster


    headimonster Member

    hey sub i just dont think its right that you feel free to answer some of the dumbest questions on the forum, but when i ask what i thought to be was a good question i get shot down by some fanboy of yours, and than shot down by you as well saying Yes im a busy dude and look it up yourself, but i mean cmon youve answered some of the most basic illogical questions on this forum, just days ago....

    i.e. "seriously?
    Do I need to come make it for ya.
    Put in can water lightly leave the fuck alone!
    Stir after 30-45 days and use
    is it that hard??
    Unless its freezing ass cold in ya house in case turn on the heat to a normal temp."

    I mean, ur directions say exactly this, my question was can i "cheat" and do it quicker with close to same benefits and compost tea watering, and also i figured some insight from the guy that drops his beans and cuts off to Cooperatives in Cali would be helpful , since the guys behind the counter (at the clubs) really have no clue what they are talking about, nor do i know anyone who has flowered the JCII recently, searching online i am not going to find the answers i am looking for, i have only found very weak, or at best so-so grows of the JCII, maybe i dont know how to search,

    I just took you for a headier dude than "too busy to answer a basic food question", being that some of the egomaniacs (and i DONT mean SUB) in this game will still answer questions about their seedstock/clones regardless of how busy they are.

    Eh anyways, have a great 4th of july everybody, stay safe, and be cool! :)

    subcool Well-Known Member

    Take me how ya want Im have paid my dues and I continue to bust my ass to help as many people as I can. Some days I am in a good mood and some days I am not you caught me on a bad one.
    I have put down close to 100,000 words about my soil and its use and I have exhausted myself with it all.
    I dont drop cuts or seeds to anyone FYI..
    JC 2 is not my first choice as strain thats why its been removed from the main menu its brutally potent but takes a skilled eye to find the f1 dom female.

    I dont do quick and the fast way is always the wrong way I pour my heart into this plant and into this community and I do my best.

    I have documented JC11 myself in great detail so dont tell me the infos not out there cause it is you just havnt looked hard enough.

    PJ also did an amazing documentation on JC11 in 2008

    Petey Macenroe has also documented it in great detail and even has a post on RIU.

    I am sorry if I was short but I really am slammed and very soon I will leave the net for good just for my sanity.
    As Much as I hate to send anyone to Breedbay thats where you will find info on JC11 in my old forums under strains.
    1/2 the poeple who grow jc2 hate it the other 1/2 says its the best meds they have ever grown!!


    stonedmetalhead1 Well-Known Member

    That sucks your leaving bro! Just ignore all the asshats and do your thing. There is no other breeder out there that is as helpfull as you and has such great advice on growing. Most of the breeders out there could care less if you have information on their strains but if I need to know anything about your strains I know I can find rediculous amounts of information on them(except for maybe new strains just because they're not documented yet). Anyway, I hope you decide to continue helping people and have some patience with the inexperienced people and those who don't feel like doing some reading. I've been growing for years but I've done it all from reading books and trial and error. Since I've found you on the net I've gained priceless knowledge and improved my grows 1000%. Anyway, I'd hate to see you go. There aren't many people like you around and I think the cannabis community would suffer a big loss without you sharing your help and wisdom.

    hybridbuds Active Member

    I post here because I'm growing organically, growing TGA gear, and using this site for advise and information regarding those two. There is no need for me to post anywhere else as this is Subcool's Old School Organics. I dunno? Maybe you were offended by something I said? I really just suggested that you read. I'm glad you have been "following" for five years, these are amazing strains. I don't think you need to get all bent out of shape about it. There is too many rude people online using these forums. I stay in here because of less bullshit, but even here it seeps in. I responded to your post because that's generally what people do on here, offer advise. Sorry I haven't posted in enough places on a website to give any advise worth looking at. Peace

    subcool Well-Known Member

    Its not about asshats at all the cat in questions straight up dude just trying to get some info.
    You ever see DJ, or D & A or any other breeders online? It's because its so much work and were blowing up which means more work and I am publishing not 1 but 2 books with the new Dank 2.0 Revision with 6 new strains and my grow book I am just maxed out.
    I will never leave the net for good but even this msg is stalling me from getting Cheesequake's out and getting pics for the archives so I love all you guys I am just a hippy trying to maintain hehe

    Hotsause likes this.

    stonedmetalhead1 Well-Known Member

    I wasn't refering to headimonsters comment it just seemed like you were getting fed up with redundant posts and questions.

    No you don't. Thats why I don't have their entire line of strains but I have every strain I can get my hands on from TGA because you actually give a fuck and I'd rather support a stand up guy.

    Oh! Then why the hell are you replying to my post? Get to work I need more dank.:grin:

    Just go's to show you how good of a dude you are taking time to respond to your followers.
    Petey McEnroe

    Petey McEnroe Active Member

    hey headimonster im shootin ya a PM with links containing the information you seek.

    headimonster Member

    yeah, u caught me w/o my morning medication - i apoligize if i came off rude sounding, and i dont want you to think i dont think u havent paid your dues, cause you have, and it astonishes me that you ARE still on the internet with all the genetics and books and info you guys seems to spew (saying that in a great way with the utmost respect), its awesome-- i just picked up cheesequake and interested in trying that out for my girlfriend, she loves erkle and cheese - i appreciate you answering and i appreciate Petey's links via PM, ---

    thanks for helping the community and keep up what your doing brother....ive followed your work for years....

    subcool Well-Known Member

    I say all the time if I was face to face with ya and you was smoking my melty we'd already me homies :)


    ChuckFops Active Member

    Thank you for the input. Definetly food for thought. I have a few ideas I want to try out now. Just sucks that I won't know tomorrow. Such a slow process. heh

    Thank you for the reply as well. Your input helps put some of my thoughts to rest. I'm still going to follow your most recent recipe and go with the prilled next time. Just to be covered there. lol. Bump up the starting ppm's a bit with with the powdered Cal/Mag. Lightly! As well as a few other subtle changes, it's all about the fine tuning now.

    That is what I really love about your soil mix. The simplicity of it. And ya just can't beat the old school dirt flavor. It's exactly what me and the wife was looking for, and we thank you greatly for sharing it with us all.

    And as others have said, don't leave the interweb! At least not fully. You clearly like helping others, and even I can see how answering the same silly questions over and over could get old quick. Just ignore them. =P

    I heard Maui is nice this time of year.

    Thank you also for filling that in. I was just assuming that was part of the filter system. Pretty sure I recall the real estate agent mentioning a water filtration system when we bought the place. I just know nothing about well anything. Been a city boy for most of my younger years. I guess I was just curious for some input about 130ppm being a bit on the low side.

    I've been out to the other forums here at RIU, it's a scary place. hah.
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