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2 weeks flowering NO trichomes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Tamzi, Oct 30, 2008.


    Tamzi Well-Known Member

    hi everyone.

    my bagseed has been in flower for the past nearly two weeks. temps are at 85f on / 69f off. she is soil based grow feeding every 4-5 days. and feeding on molasses/bonemeal, she gets 60w CFL 2700k for 12/12 ( three CFL 20w'ers)

    side shoots are very short stocky and full of hairs (i cut a couple of the long stretching sideshoots off). no smell at all from plant and no trichomes are showing this is worrying me, i see grows at two weeks flowering and they have trichomes. my plant just looks like a wooly rug

    how long into flowering is it before a plant starts too produce trichomes. is there a way too kickstart trichome production ?

    do all cannabis strains produce trichomes and do they produce at different stages into flowering.

    any help/advice would be fantastic and put my mind at rest knowing this is not a big problem.


    cheetah2007 Well-Known Member

    dude, trichs apear after the 3-rd week sometimes.... give her some time

    calical209 Active Member

    I had a problem like that as well. Mine took a hair bit longer to produce Trichomes. MY opinion is it depends on the atmospher the plant is being developed in...it may be all right...give it about another week and see what happens!

    Tamzi Well-Known Member

    thanks guys, have put my mind at rest. its good seeing alotta hairs but was worried when no trichomes had not been seen.

    thanks again


    Tamzi Well-Known Member

    ok been nearly a month now into flowering, i have no clue what strain plant is. realy in life it looked like indica, now it looks more satvia.

    close look at leaves on bud points i can see very fine hairs, leaf is smooth when rubbed one direction and in other direction feels like sand paper. not much smell either. very close (eye straining) look i can see small shine balls, looks like sweat beads.

    im feeding 1-17-0 bonemeal crushed in water. having lots of side growth and still no trichomes. plant is nearly 2 months old from seed.

    any ideas why im not seeing trichlomes forming and have just hairy leaves ?


    NotMine Well-Known Member

    some strains don't produce them till late in flowering mainly sativas

    moon47usaco Well-Known Member

    Try squeezing the bud... If your fingers feel even a little sticky you have trichs... =]

    I have two plants that have been floering for about three weeks and they just started to get sticky to the touch... And under a mag glass you can now see trichs around the , ahh i forget what its called, green part that the hairs stick out of... The buds basically...

    EDIT>>> They are called Pistillate or Calyx... =]

    Its not allot but they are there and i can SMELL it as well... It took awhile and i was worried too... Give it time and if you do not have a good spying glass or mini microscope get one... =]

    I have a 30x Jewelers Loupe and a 60-100x mini microscope and use them both often...

    The 30x is good for overall inspection and the 60-100x (i only use it at 60x) is for closer trichome color inspection...

    brasmith Well-Known Member

    One thing i noticed was the npk of the bonemeal 1-17-0, this is probably the problem. During flowering the plants still need a full feeding system. The npk should look more like this 4-8-7. The numbers can be higher (like 10-15-12) but the ratio must be lower nitrogen-higher phopherous-lower potasium. A full feeding system will also provide other micro/macro nutrients like calcium, magnesium, iron, potash, manganese, zinc etc.

    Currently i have several unknowns going and one of them was slow to show trichomes, took about 3+ weeks. I have recently tried each strain and all are ready (flushing now) except the one that was slower at showing trichomes. She tasted bad with no high. This slower one will remain in the grow room for a couple weeks longer than the others, some strain are just this way.

    So, with your plant it could be related to strain, but doubtful because of the nutrient tea they eat. Can you post a pic? a look at it may help us help you decide what type of action to take, if any action is needed. :peace:

    jj7645 Active Member

    Dude, I've the same issue!! I'm glad I'm not alone. I was getting worried I screwed up. I'm 18 days into flowering and I dont see any yummy frosting - yet!!

    My plant is a bag seed lady (baglady!! :o ) and I *think* its mostly sativa based on the leaves being skinny and the plant was tall and skinny, but I'm a rookie and I'm just guessing. Anyways, everything I read leans toward sativas taking longer to flower :weed:

    My bottom fan leaves are turning really yellow. Are yours?

    Tamzi Well-Known Member

    nope no yellow leaves

    here is what she gets food wise exactly

    3/4 litre : 4 drops babybio, 1/2 teaspoon molasses,bonemeal (every other feed) is placed in with water mix and given a real good shake/mix up i try get only the fine dust from bottom of box so it disolves slightly betetr than larger chunks. if i put bonemeal in soil i find mould growing within a day or so.

    this is given every 3-5 days. and she gets full 12/12. aint gotta clue how many lumens per foot. box is 19 deep 15 wide 15 length. i have 3x 20w 2700k 1200lumen CFL's, box is small and i cant fit any more bulbs in without loosing much needed space, plant has been LST as low as possible in a planter box.
    uk WeeD

    uk WeeD Well-Known Member

    you need to feed it nutes specifically for flowering, baby bio's high in N (NPK of 10.6/4.4/1.7 to be precise)

    you need a feed with more P+K and less N

    Aethersaegis Well-Known Member

    relax its bagseed so it wasnt grown for the epic high its a yeild strain so u wont see as many trics also let her dry out really good i mean really good then water her. it makes the plant think that there is a drought and when u water her again she will pack on more resin and trics since it helps keep water in the leaves.also get a magnyfying glass with x30 zoom
    jj7645 likes this.

    Bamstone Well-Known Member

    Are you looking through a magnifying loop?

    jj7645 Active Member

    Oh shit, I didn't know that. :wall:
    Thanks Bro

    Tamzi Well-Known Member

    i dont have much cash too spend on microscopes etc etc. i pulled apart an old dvd-rom driver and use the optical lense from that.

    i dont know the x magnification from lense but i can see clearly lots of little fine hairs all over the leaves and micro dots of what looks like water

    Tamzi Well-Known Member

    10.6/4.4/1.7 yes from babybio but you did not factor in the 17% P from the bonemeal. i dont live near fancy hydroshops, i have a basic hardware store with basic products, so i have too make do with whats on offer. i maybe am giving it to much N. is there a way too purge N content from fertilizer ?


    Aethersaegis Well-Known Member

    those tiny hairs are what the trics form on and those tiny drops of water are trics :blsmoke: what lighting setup do u have

    Tamzi Well-Known Member

    erm how would one describe worse than ghetto lol

    my lighting is as:

    3x 20watt compact fluors, they give off 1200lumens each and are in the 2700k wavelength. they sit around 2 inch above plant and i have another 5-6 inches above lights so i can move them higher as needed. i am maxed out on space for extra lighting.

    i cannot swap too a 70w sodium (i would love one) as i cannot remove the heat it will produce and the space so plants dont get burnt.

    Aethersaegis Well-Known Member

    with that little of light i wouldnt get my hopes up on you u might get 8 grams total if ur lucky i got a cfl grow atm with 4x23 watts and a 24'' double bulb shop light for the top i wanted to see what i could grow with only using a 100$ budget and that includes soil veg/flower nutes it was kinda a challenge/pet project they are about 12 days from harvest :blsmoke:

    Tamzi Well-Known Member

    my total grow cost in ukp

    3x light fitments = £9

    1 meter cable = £1

    soil/pots came free from garden and compost heap

    babybio / bonemeal £5

    3x lights £5

    all in it cost me around £20 english pounds, and is more like a third world grow than a ghetto grow

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